Monday, September 8, 2008



BEST TEAM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!


okay, calm down.


alright, anyways The Falcons looked fucking good yesterday. i was just as surprised as anyone. only Griggs would have faith in a team like Atlanta coming into this year. but after yesterday i might want to retract my 1 win proclamation. the Falcons look like are totally a 7 or 8 win team this year...especially with a schedule that includes the AFC West. Michael Turner and Jerious Norword are as lethal a runningback duo in the NFL and suddenly the offensive line understands the concept of blocking. do you believe in miracles? YES!!! Turner and his huge legs will plow through defenders like paper and Norwood makes the most of all his touches with the homerun threat always there. and i think Mike Smith made it very clear that Atlanta is gonna be modeled after Jacksonville. this is gonna be a running team 1st and if the results are like they were on Sunday, expect Turner to be one of the league leaders this year.

Matt Ryan couldn't have started an NFL career any better. 1st pass, boom! 62 yards! touchdown! RETIRE HIS JERSEY! HALL OF FAME! MIKE WHO? ok okay...seriously dude, calm the fuck down. Ryan looked as good as a rookie QB could in his first ever start. going 9/13 for 161 yards and the 1 long TD. granted he made a couple of stupid passes in the 2nd half that hit Lions defenders in the hands and should've been picks, but still Ryan really just needs to be a game manager as long as the running game is working.

okay, i am a realist. i know that this game was at home, vs. the Lions...who obviously are gonna suck this year like all years. i was impressed that the Falcons midget corners were able to do as well as they did against Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams. the pass rush was excellent, if Abraham can stay healthy then maybe he can Defend the Dome all year. i still think this team is 3 players away from being solid on D. we need a run stuffing tackle, a dynamic playmaker in the secondary, and someone to replace Keith Brooking's old ass....hopefully Lofton can be that guy.

the offense is young and could be really explosive with Norwood and Turner smashing faces and Jenkins and White finally showing why they were high picks after all these years. Harry Douglas really gets me excited with his potential in the slot running reverses and making plays in open space. granted Ryan is gonna struggle, especially in games when the Falcons are behind more than a touchdown and he's forced to throw more than 13 times...but Fucknuts McWhitey might just be worth all that damn money after all...probably not though.

man, that was the best i've felt about a Falcons win since they waxed the Rams in the playoffs. now just 15 more weeks of disappointment to go.

here's Ryan's first TD pass. fucking awesome!

Not bad for a pair of shoes.

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