Monday, September 22, 2008

Eazy E is not pleased with this bullshit

Eazy E wants to put a cap in the Thug Apologist's ass this week.

so my Fantasy Team turned into my Nightmare Team this Sunday. Right now we find ourselves down 81-28. at one point yesterday we were down 50-2. yeah, we suck.

sure we've still got Favre, Chris Chambers, and Antonio Gates on the bench...but yeah, it's fucking over. Thug Apologists are set to be 1-2 on the year. FUCK! is it possible to have a worse producing backfield then the one we are currently working with? my boy DMac, The Chosen One To Save My Beloved Raiders, stunk it up with just 4 damn fantasy points. and J. Lewis is proving to be the piece of trash i feared he'd turn into. Fuck the Browns. why didn't i just draft Michael Turner for godsake? The Patriots defense got brutally raped by Ronnie Brown and the Dolphins...but mostly Ronnie Brown and put a big fucking -7 on the scoreboard for The Thugs.

And don't even get me started on Romo. Where do you get only throwing to T.O. twice? T.O. needs his touches you fucking lucky douchebag. he made you! and this is how you repay him?! worst of all little Stevie Slaton and Fred Taylor blew up last sunday and we had them on the bench. goddamn it! i hate fantasy football.

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