Saturday, September 13, 2008


Auburn at Mississippi State 2008. setting the SEC back decades.

some quick thoughts

- Chris Todd is Brandon Cox with less of a clue.
- our Running Backs have obviously not grasped the whole running out of the shot gun thing. if these fumble problems aren't fixed we will get embarrassed against LSU.
- the defense is pretty good, but when we face an ACTUAL QB with a deep threat i'm willing to bet the secondary might get exposed.
- that being said, Walter McFadden is the man.

- Wes Byrum....what happened dude?
- where was Kodi? why isn't Mario Fannin being used in the backfield? i'm all for Auburn making this change to the spread but honestly it'd be a lot easier to stomach if we used our athletic QB back there who could make some plays when everything goes to shit like it did tonight.
- Tray Blackmon will fuck you up.
- Auburn is not a top 10 team. they shouldn't be the SEC west favorite.
- it could be worse, we could be Ohio State.

In all seriousness, i hope more than anything that Brad Lester is okay. he's been one of my favorite Auburn players since i first watched him play as a freshman. i'm not the religious type, but if you believe in prayers send a couple that kid's way.
(Update on Lester. he's apparently just got a neck sprain and will be okay). i'm willing to bet he's probably not gonna play next weekend vs. on that note may i make a suggestion. MARIO FANNIN AS A DAMN RUNNINGBACK!!!!! please?! thank you.


Hardin said...

everything you said about our defense was spot on. our D is nasty. look at this way...our D allowed 0 points while the offense was credited for -2. wtf? but when we face LSU, UT, WVU, UGA and UA it is ridiculous to rely on our defense to win the game for us. shoved the chop back down meyer's throat. last week you nailed a 52 yarder. tonight, what happened?

I don't even want to go into why CTF didn't play Kodi. maybe it was b/c he felt that he didn't want to break Todd's confidence. it dosen't matter. While Todd did have some moments of glory (a la B. Cox) why didn't Kodi see one snap?

Maybe it's b/c the coaches didn't want break Todd's confidence before going into the HUGE game next week. hopefully they are just trying to keep Kodi healthy so he can come in for the big play when needed against the Bengels. i don't know but the decision to keep Todd in was my biggest complaint.

ziemba better be running stadiums for next 48 hours straight

did you notice we ran the exact same play for 1st-10 every single time in the 2nd half? or how about giving it to ben tate 3 times in a row in desperation that he'll get 6 at the goal line. i felt at times that i could call better plays from my XBOX NCAA experience only.

Auburn penalities: 12-94yrds Legion of Croom: 116 yrds total

tonight was some of the worse play calling i have ever witnessed in my life. im a little whisky bent and shoudl probably stop while im ahead

Hardin said...

forgot to mention...

I'm glad Brad Lester is seemingly okay. I guess the final verdict was a neck sprain? I've heard he was spotted walking around after the game and although he seemed to be in pain (who wouldn't?) it looks like he should be back next week. Watching him get carted off the field was one of the lowest points of my college football viewing career.

rowland office said...

I like the blog -- lots of irreverent takes and cussin. Good stuff. I, too, wanted to reach into the TV and slap Franklin and/or Tommy upside the head for not playing Burns.

jrsuicide said...

it was one of those damn fool kind of moves that drives a simple thinking man insane.