Sunday, September 14, 2008

THE SKY IS FALLING (even though we are 3-0)

As an Auburn fan who suffered through that game last night i would like to see just 1 thing happen right now: Kodi Burns to be made the starter from here on out. sure the kid can't pass, did that ever stop Tommie Frazer?

the spread offense always works better when the QB poses a running threat, can you not tell me when our pathetic wideouts can't get open that Kodi couldn't just pull it in and run for about 5 yards on every play? granted teams like LSU have the speed up front to contain him, but we wouldn't be asking our defense to stay on the field all game and pitch a shut out if we had a mobile QB and a stable of running backs moving the ball down the Field and eating up the clock. besides, Kodi is Auburn's future. if you ever watched Dennis Dixon his first couple of years at Oregon he didn't look like he knew what the fuck was going on either, but by the end of his career he knew their spread offense inside out and was one of the best QBs in college football.

Chris Todd is a fairly average QB with no arm strength who follows the Brandon Cox method of passing which is to hold on to the damn ball for as long as possible and then wait for the pocket to collapse or the linemen to get holding penalties. if i have to watch that all fucking season i may shoot someone and that person may be myself. it's painfully obvious that any talk of SEC Titles or BCS Bowls must come to a quick and sudden end. this is a learning and rebuilding year for the let's just go with the kid and see what happens. our defense is good enough to keep us in most of the games we'll play and a year with Kodi is gonna make him a year smarter and more adjusted in this offense for NEXT season.

*it should be noted that i am both insane and negative by nature, also i am always quick to hit the panic button, and fell way too in love with the spread offense thanks to my years of whipping people's asses with teams running the spread on EA Sports' NCAA Football. do i really buy into the whole "The Spread can't work in the SEC myth? No. if that shit works in the Big 12, then why can't it work in the SEC? it's gonna take Auburn a year at least to figure out how to make it work, everyone was just jumping way too far ahead of themselves because of the Bowl Game and the fact that Troy put up a shit ton of points against SEC schools running this same system with lesser players.

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