Monday, January 6, 2014

In The End, Auburn Ran Out Of Miracles

WELL FUCK! after maybe the most wonderful and exciting seasons I have ever experienced as an Auburn fan it sure sucks to get kicked in the balls like that.

and so the 2013 season ended the most heartbreaking way that it could possibly end. Auburn, a huge underdog, holding onto the slimmest of leads was unable to make 1 final stop when it was needed. the defense played their fucking ass off all night long, and i can't even begin to be angry with that effort, but that final drive was torture. and then Chris fucking Davis who made the greatest play in Auburn history also made the worst play of the season...although something tells me that Kick Bama Kick might hold up a little bit longer than that pass interference call.

Auburn's strength all year has been that blitzkrieg of a rushing attack but the fucking play calling with the big lead was just a little too fucking cute, tonight. and all those goddamned points left out on the field are the kind of thing that would be driving me completely fucking insane if i didn't stop and remember that this collection of players went 3 and fucking 9 last year and got absolutely destroyed by UGA and Alabama to close out the season. this same team with a cornerback who pretends to play QB and can not pass worth a shit beat the Tide and Dawgs in the 2 greatest goddamned wins of my lifetime. 2 wins that i would not trade for any victory ever, including this BCS title game tonight.

in the end these Tigers just ran out of miracles. i will always love this 2013 Auburn Tiger team, maybe even more than i love the 1989 Tigers that beat Alabama for the 1st time at Auburn, or the 2004 Tigers who in retrospect woulda kicked the shit outta USC if given the chance, or the 2010 Tigers and the mythical being known as Cam Newton, or the 1987 team that demolished Texas in my 1st ever game at Jordan-Hare, or those Bo Jackson teams that i just barely remember watching as a little boy. i do know that this squad has overtaken the 1991 Atlanta Braves team as the most wonderful surprise in my life of watching sports. thank you Nick Marshall, Tre Mason, Chris Davis, Greg Robinson, Dee Ford, and all the other players who gave me this wonderful gift of a season. it's gonna be a long long time before there will be a team that feels this special ever again.

on a personal note, i have missed this blog. i haven't had the time or the energy to write my silly profanity fueled, grammatically challenged nonsense the last couple of years, but a heartbreaking loss like this might be just the kinda thing to kick my ass back in gear.

just one win short. War Damn Eagle forever and ever.