Friday, September 19, 2008

TV Party: Week 4, It's All SEC All The TIme, Baby

The Early Morning (Can Out Of Conference Teams Get Croomed?) Game
Mississippi State at Georgia Tech, 12pm on the CW

let's see Mississippi State has one of the worst offenses in all the land, but they are pretty good at stopping the run. Georgia Tech pretty much only runs the ball and also has a really good defense. i expect turnovers galore and sacks, sacks, sacks! and another puntfest 08. 10-7 Tech squeaks past the Crooms for a win.

The BAMA's Got a Boner Game
No. 9 Alabama at Arkansas, 12:30 PM on MYATL TV.

normally i'd look at this as a trap game for Bama who'll be looking ahead to Georgia, but Arkansas looks terrible. The Tide Rolls and the insane fan base begins national title talk...which promptly ends the next week in Athens.

The Fulmer Is One Step Closer To Being Fired Game
Florida at Tennessee, 3:30 PM on CBS

Tennessee really couldn't afford that early season loss to UCLA, not when they are likely to be 1-2 after Florida has their way with the Vols this weekend. then of course the Tennessee fans will be calling for the head of Phil Fulmer and he will in turn go out and beat Auburn, Georgia, and probably Alabama too before losing to Vanderbilt at the end of the season. Fulmer is a cockroach. he will always survive.

TIGER BRAWL 2008 (aka It'll All In In Tears)
LSU at Auburn, 7:45pm On ESPN

the college Game Day crew comes to town for the biggest game of Auburn's season. this is gonna be all about defense and shitty QB play. could this game be the mythical 2-0 score i predicted Michigan and Notre Dame of putting up last weekend? (let that be a lesson to you. when you shit talk other teams about their lousy offenses then you get a scoring orgy of 3 points from your team. karma is a sonofabitch.

The Go West Young Man Game
Georgia at Arizona State, 8 pm on ABC

have you ever noticed how Arizona's state flag looks like it should be a communist nation? Georgia better rip out the heart of Rudy Carpentar and eat it for dinner the same way they did Colt Brennan at the Sugar Bowl. i probably won't watch much of this game at all unless the Tiger Brawl is a blowout...and 6 points might be a blow out in that one.

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