Sunday, September 7, 2008

What Is This Passing Game You Speak Of?

so looks like Auburn has settled the "who the fuck is our QB?" question. Chris Todd went out yesterday and passed for 248 yards on 21/31 attempts. likely this means Kodi Burns is gonna be the back up who'll get in the game on goal line and obvious running situations. as much shit as i have talked about Todd, he looked impressive yesterday and overall moving the offense along a lot better than they did the previous week. still the Auburn receivers need to learn how to hold on to the fucking ball...

but not nearly as bad as the runningbacks. WHAT THE FUCK was up with all the fumbles. Brad Lester and Ben Tate both coughed up the rock in the redzone and Eric Smith lost one as well when Auburn was trying to kill clock at the end of the game. maybe Tristan Davis and Mario Fannin need to be in the backfield more. regardless i expect that to be corrected. Lester and Tate are veteran backs and neither of them has had a history of fumbling.

the defensive unit looked dominate again, although they seemed to fall asleep in the 4th quarter and gave up two bullshit TD's to Southern Miss's star Tight End, Shawn Nelson (how the fuck did that guy not end up at LSU or Ole' Miss?) to make the score closer than the game really was. i'm skeptical about Auburn being a top 10 team after the first two games of this season, but at the same time noone looks all that impressive to me other than Georgia, Florida, USC, and Oklahoma.

so far the real breakout of this season is Robert Dunn as a super returner. if not for a stupid blocking penalty nowhere near the play, then Dunn would of had his 2nd punt return touchdown in as many weeks. if only he could learn to catch, the guy has amazing moves in the open field, maybe the coaches need to start giving him the ball more on reverses or some direct snaps. he just made everyone look ridiculous on punt coverage. Augusta, GA represent.

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