Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thoughts About The State Of The NFL QB

so i was listening to ESPN radio on my lunch break and heard that the Vikings have benched Tarvaris Jackson in favor of Gus Frerotte, and for some reason this really bothered me. a lot. like it made me irrationally angry, and then i sat there and listened to the talking heads ramble on about how Jackson wasn't good enough to be a starter in the NFL and blah fucking blah. i was thinking to myself that he shouldn't have had to be an NFL starter yet. the guy was a 2nd round draft choice out on Alabama State, he had no business being forced to be a starter this early in his career. he should have been sitting on the bench behind a veteran, learning the offense and then becoming a starter in year 3 or 4. how can a guy be a bust when he's never been given a chance?

then this got me thinking about all the other young QBs in the league who were drafted in the last decade or so and how most of them are being forced to play too soon by their teams and not given much of a chance to succeed because the level of patience with QBs has become just as A.D.H.D. as everything else in our fucking culture. do you really in your heart think that Matt Lienart is gonna be a bust? the guy was one of the greatest college QBs ever (yes he played on a loaded team with the ultimate QB guru as his offensive coordinator...but still, dude was good). just look at what sitting and learning about an offense has done for Aaron Rogers. the guy looks like one of the top 15 QBs in the league, would he look that good if the 49ers had taken him over Alex Smith? and poor Alex Smith, he's had to learn a new offense every damn year he's been in the league and now his career looks like it's probably over because of a shoulder injury that ended his season and the likelihood that every NFL franchise will look at him as damaged goods. it's basically the same thing that happened to Tim Couch (who was never really that bad if he'd ever been aloud to be a starting QB for more than 4 weeks straight). guys like Ben Roethlisberger have totally tricked NFL teams into believing that they can win with rookies. i mean if you have a Super Bowl calliber team with an amazing defense and a great running game and veteran receivers then maybe you can win some games, but mostly you are gonna be stuck with situations where you are asking way too much from a kid and then it'll all end in tears.

maybe i was spoiled growing up in the 80s and 90s and seeing the greatest QBs of all time play, but it really just feels like the level of quality quarterbacks has completely dropped off in the NFL. there are 2 guys you can look at and say they are elite and that's Brady and Manning. after that there are maybe another dozen who are good, solid NFL starters. guys who can take your team the playoffs and can maybe help you win the Superbowl. after that you are left with a grab bag of aging veterans who refuse to retire and young dudes with no fucking clue what they are doing. and Dante Cullpeppper can't get a job in this league? are you kidding me?

i don't know. i'm not sure where i was actually going with this whole rant anyways other than to say coaches and organizations need to step back into reality and give these guys a little bit longer of a leash or they need to stop throwing these kids out onto the field to be torn to shreds by the pack of blood thirsty wolves that make up most NFL defenses. let's just have a little bit of sanity and rationality before we end up with a situation in a decade where there isn't a single team in the NFL who has a QB worth putting out onto the field and we are forced to build robots to lead our favorite franchises.

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