Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Peace Out, Larry

THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE VOICE. Larry Munson called it a career yesterday and retired as the voice of the Georgia Bulldogs. it makes me sad that his last game was against Central Michigan, i know his health has been bad but it must be really bad not to have just done one last game. MB (aka Kenniebloggins) thinks this is all a ploy to get Georgia even more fired up for the Bama game and that there will be an announcement that Larry has decided to call one more game for the Dawgs. followed by Herschel Walker parachuting into the stadium with Uga on his back and he'll land on the field and start running over Bama players and chaos will reign. i think that would be kinda rad if it were true.

i have spent most of my life living in the state of Georgia surrounded by rival Dawgs fans. i have long hated the Bulldogs football team...even more so than Alabama or Florida (well no that i REALLY hated Florida when Spurrier was there). but there are 3 things about UGA footbal that i have long been envious of:
1. Uga, best damn mascot in college football.
2. The Uniforms, 2nd best unis in the SEC...sadly Bama is first.
3. Larry Munson, the greatest announcer in the history of college football.

960 The Ref was running Munson's greatest hits yesterday while i was trying to get gas (FOR A FUCKING HOUR AND A HALF, FUCK YOU IN YOUR GIANT SUV!!!) and i laughed my ass off and got chills at most of them. dude rules. here's a youtube "best of" tribute. enjoy.

my favorite call ever, When Herschel Walker scored his first touchdown as a freshman against Tennessee in 1980. "He’s running over people! He just ran right through two men...My God, a freshman."

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