Sunday, September 7, 2008

As Usual, I Know Nothing About Football...and yet here is my Poll

A Lifetime Of Defeats Top 25 Week 2

1. USC
2. Florida
3. Georgia
4. Oklahoma
5. LSU
6. Ohio State
7. Missouri
8. Auburn
9. Texas
10. East Carolina (RAISE UP!)
11. Wisconsin
12. Texas Tech
13. Alabama
14. Penn State
15. Arizona State
16. Kansas
17. South Florida
18. Oregon
19. Wake Forest
20. BYU
21. Fresno State
22. Utah
23. Illinois
24. West Virginia
25. Georgia Tech

-Auburn got a passing if only our runningbacks can hold on to the ball.
-Ohio State is gonna get their ass so fucking drug by USC
-the shit talking is over, Georgia is sick, but i still think they'll have trouble stopping Florida if they can't shut out teams like Central Michigan
-East Carolina is obviously rated way higher than maybe they should, but who has a more impressive start to their season?
- Washington got robbed...i should just drop BYU out of this poll altogether, but a win is a win...even if it's total bullshit.
-Ole Miss still looks like a scary team coming out of the SEC, they choked away a win against Wake, but i fully expect 8 wins out of the Rebels
-West Virginia....WTF?!

1 comment:

caddy said...

if florida plays like they played the first half of that miami game, we've totally got them. at least that's what i'm going to keep telling myself ...