Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chris Todd to start for Auburn vs. Southern Miss

hmmm...well Auburn's first live televised game that i'll be able to watch this year will feature Chris Todd as the starting QB. to say i am underwhelmed by Todd would be an extreme understatement. as has been discussed i prefer Kodi Burns as Auburn's starter for his obvious ability to make plays with his feet and because he has leadership qualities that matter more to a team's success than the fact Todd has played in Tony Franklin's offense since birth. unfortunately Kodi Burns might have to sit this week out with an injury to his shin, giving Todd a chance to play a whole game and impress Franklin and Tuberville. if Todd ends up taking over as the full time starter then i fully feel like Auburn's chances to win the SEC West or contend for the league title are greatly diminished. some fans think Todd is gonna be some gunslinger who can come in and shred SEC defenses and put up huge passing stats, but i just don't really see it happening. he's a junior college transfer who only had an offer from Troy before Franklin was hired as the new coordinator. i know he started his career at Texas Tech, but honestly how good are any of the those Red Raider QBs in reality? i know i tend to think in the most negative ways possible, but i can't imagine Todd being anymore than a caretaker for this team who will just run plays and stay out of the way.

i'm sure that Auburn might struggle more with Burns as the full time starter, but honestly if Kodi is gonna be the QB of the future for this team isn't it smarter to make him the starter now and let him get through his growing pains with a veteran backfield and a top rated defense protecting him? Todd would be a fine backup and i'm okay with him playing while Kodi is hurt, but this better not become a permanent thing for the rest of the year...unless Chris Todd goes out and passes for 400 yards a game and shatters all of Auburn's passing records...then you can just ignore all my constant shit talking and complaining.

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