Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Best Movie Of 2013 That Almost No One Saw and/or Liked: Only God Forgives

Hey girl, do you like violence?

2013 still has all the important fall months left for the Oscars to decide who they are gonna give a pointless trophy to but not a single one of those movies that gets nominated is going to be the masterpiece that Only God Forgives fucking is, truly the best David Lynch movie not made by David Lynch since David Lynch made Lost Highway. This is an utterly bizarre film that most people will hate, including seemingly every critic that exists.

It is brutally violent, completely weird and nonsensical, and pretentious as fuck...BUT i loved every goddamned arty oddball second of it. this is an all or nothing kinda experience and it will really depend on how you feel about mood vs. story telling. this movie is ALL mood and style not-unlike Drive but it doesn't have cool scorpion jackets or electro pop, instead it's just RED RED RED everywhere and dread, so much motherfucking dread.

Ryan Gosling is Julian, a heroin dealing member of a Bangkok crime family, all silent and brooding with major mommy issues thanks to Kristin Scott Thomas (the real star of the film) as the vengeful overbearing mob mother who is out for blood against Vithaya Pansringarm, the samurai-like sword wielding cop who delivers brutal Punisher style justice against the members of Julian's crime family when he's not out at the bar singing karaoke. Gosling's character is just doomed to be caught in the middle of these powerful forces of revenge.

it makes sense that Nicolas Refn Winding dedicated this movie to Alejandro Jodorowsky cuz it's got more in common with El Topo than it does with DriveOnly God Forgives makes Drive look like the Fast & Furious in comparison.

not for everyone, this is a love it or hate it film. and i FUCKING LOVED IT. destined to be a cult classic. 5 nihilistic stars.