Monday, September 22, 2008

Black Out 2: Electric Boogaloo

Another blackout! Bama better run for the hills. better yet, don't even get off the bus. them Black Jersey's will get you.

will UGA play "Soulja Boy" all night as well?

okay yes i am bitter. i won't lie. i really wish Auburn would have crushed the Georgia forcing Richt to burn those damn black jerseys for their crimes against the Dawgs...but instead it seems to get the UGA players and fans pumped, so what do i care? maybe it's just the traditionalist in me. or maybe it's the fact the i think Georgia's red uniforms are awesome and that those black jerseys make them look like a highschool team. but whatever it's happening again. my only question is when is Richt gonna retire this before it becomes old hat? well regardless of what i think, Nike is happy as shit and selling the fuck out of those Black #24s.

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