Tuesday, June 30, 2009

so wait, did Michael Jackson die?

how sick am i of Micheal Jackson on the fucking news? well obviously not sick enough to keep me from listen to "Say Say Say" by Paul McCartney and the now dead King O' Pop this morning. Michael has the top 7 albums on Itunes right now. what the hell? he doesn't even have 7 good records....and who the fuck didn't already own Thriller and Off the Wall or a Jackson 5 Hits comp?

it was a busy last few weeks for me, but now Athfest is over and i'm healed up from Saturday night...thanks to anyone who came out to CINE' and watched me flail around and sweat my ass off. had a great time and got a nice review from the Flagpole. so yay to that. my profanity fueled sportsblogging will return in full now.

Monday, June 29, 2009


i'm not sure if i give this a FAIL or a FTW. either way i am glad to see the Snuggie is marketing itself to people with a wild side.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

CHOKE, American Style

Wow, the US had a 2-0 lead with about 45 mins to go and gave up 3 goals. I mean to be honest, they choked...which is kind of amazing that America would ever even be in any kind of position to choke in a world tournament final against a team like Brazil...but still a choke is a choke. What sucks even more is that it's pretty unlikely that they'll ever get an opportunity to do this again. i mean i know NEVER is a long time, but yeah it's just NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Not when our best athletes play football and basketball and the interest level for Soccer ranks behind pretty much every single other sport on television.

Its sad, this was Team USA's moment and they blew it. it reminded me of the Falcons getting into the Superbowl, you knew that when they lost it they were never ever going back.

Still I think people might actually pretend to give a shit when the World Cup rolls back around. Let's hope all these extremely lucky and flukish breaks mean something other than they got extremely lucky with some flukes.

Ok, back to not caring about soccer.

one random question for the universe: so when the US was up 2-0 were soccer fans all over the world rooting for America to pull off the upset against THE world power of soccer in the same way people would be rooting against Team USA in Olympic basketball? or is the world naturally just set on hating America and getting any kind of joy they can out of one of our failures? my guess is yes for option two.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009


So apparently those rumors about 4 Auburn players being kicked off the team were only slightly true. Cameron Henderson and Philip Pierre-Louis are both not in anyway off the team...BAD INFO! BAD INFO! BAD INFO! instead Christian Thompson, Jomarcus Savage, and Marcus Jemison are the ones who are no longer Auburn Tigers. so instead of losing two defensive linemen, we're losing two safeties instead...better/worse? it still sucks.

THE JCCW has a full breakdown and his thoughts...i don't really have anything to add other than i'm happy Frenchy is sticking around because he could end up being our little jitterbug of football trouble for opposing teams.

Positive Vibes Friday: I Want To Rock Yr Face Off!!!

...and so it has come to this. this weekend as my old band THE AGENDA! is about to play our first live show together in five years during the KINDERCORE records showcase (our old record label) on Saturday Night as part of Athfest 2009. we're the opening act of a 5 band bill...which is def for the best as the longer we waited to play the more wasted we'd all be. there are few things i have ever enjoyed more in my life than playing live music in front of humans and i fully intend to lose my fucking shit and possibly break a bone (i've got broken ribs from my old antics) or throw out my back (BEING OLD IS STUPID). and let's be honest, who doesn't like a little blood on the dancefloor at a rockshow? if you don't know, my band is pretty much just loud, energetic, ridiculous garage punk, heavily influenced by bands like The MC5, The Ramones, The Stooges, Mudhoney, and the Kinks all mashed into one big dumb ball of punk noise....but trying to describe it is kinda pointless when you can just listen for yourself.

for a visual representation of the typical Agenda show i give you this:

anyways if you are planning on attending Athfest this year and you're in the mood for some dumb as hell garage rock then come out to CINE' and see us play. we're scheduled to start at 10:15 and our set will be over in less than 30 minutes. and hey the FLAGPOLE has us listed as one of their bands "Not to Miss" during Athfest 09...and when has the Flagpole ever steered you wrong? but i must warn you, the link features a picture of a 24 year old JR Suicide with a terrible haircut that makes me look like the lost Hanson Brother.

once the Agenda has destroyed our equipment and left a trail of chaos in our wake you should stick around and catch a few of the other bands as well. Grape Soda will be playing their spacey dub-rock, The Young Sinclairs (who fucking rule) will become your new favorite band with their 60's/Byrds influenced pop, and then cartoon rockers the Buddy System will close out the night with their completely fun mix of animation and pop...

plus i'm performing a super-secret song with them at the end of the night that should turn Cine' into a riot. the words: Party, Hard, & Andrew WK are my hints for you.

so anyways Athens, GA...i wanna see you there on Saturday Night.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

there's something wrong with this picture


this is why i follow Shaq on twitter, because not only does he say funny ass shit all the time but he also points me in the direction of awesome youtube clips like this.

this guy has to be seriously the greatest HORSE player of ALL TIME.

Philip Pierre-Louis, we hardly knew ye

so word on the street is that would-be slot receiver, returner, playmaker, mini-me, french name haver...Philip Pierre-Louis and 3 other Auburn players (Cameron Henderson, Jomarcus Savage, and Christian Thompson) are all no longer member's of the Auburn Tigers. HUH??!?! apparenly Gene Chizik is on vacation so there's no official word on this yet. Rivals and Auburn Undercover are reporting that the players are gone but not giving reasons why. could be academics, could be injuries, could be that some of these kids decided to transfer. as far as Philip Pierre-Louis goes, i think most of us are sad because we saw this kid's youtube highlights and he looked like the kind of Trindon Holliday/Brandon James speedster who could be a lethal punt returner and slot guy...but he did fuck his knee up and he didn't practice during the spring (or not much) so there's a good chance he's just not able to play anymore.

Henderson and Savage both hurt because Auburn needs the defensive line depth...losing one guy is bad, but two! that's a nightmare. i won't be surprised if Gabe McKenzie gets moved from Tight End back to Defensive End to help with this new problem. Thompson is maybe the biggest loss of all because he apparently played extremely well during the Spring and was looked gave Auburn some depth at safety...something the team was lacking last year, with Savage lost for the year again (most likely) and now Thompson gone...well the secondary is probably gonna be relying on true freshmen to give the starters relief.

so yeah, i have only one way to react to all of this:


this is why i hate the offseason.

LSU wins another freaking championship in something

so yesterday while i was watching LSU pound the living shit out of Texas in the College World Series to claim their 6th National Title (SEC! SEC! SEC!) i saw that the star of LSU's team in none other than wide receiver Jared Mitchell.

Mitchell was named MVP of the tournament and seemingly destroyed Texas single handed, yesterday. Mitchell was also a member of the 2007 LSU Football team that won the BCS title...so that makes this kid a national champ in two different team sports. has that ever happened before? i mean i'm sure it has as there are often role players from the football team that play on college baseball teams, but i honestly can't think of anyone who comes to mind. oh yeah, Mitchell also was a 1st round draft pick by the Chicago White Sox....it's like Rod Stewart says, "Some guys have all the luck."

My Top 20 Favorite Punk Albums Of All Time

London Calling and Nevermind the Bollocks are both great, don't get me wrong, but for me...these are the true greatest punk albums of all time.

1. Black Flag- The First Four Years

this album is what it says...a collection of all Black Flag's singles/eps/etc. from their first four years as a band. all of it is pre-Henry Rollins. the band went through several different vocalists (their 1st one Keith Morris does a pretty fucking good Johnny Rotten impression). every song on this is a hardcore punk classic with "Nervous Breakdown", "Wasted", & "Six Pack" being some of my favorite songs ever written. this is the sound of Hardcore being born. nihilism, paranoia, depression, isolation, despair, the sound of the city of LA closing in around you. whenever i put this on i just wish i was a 15 year old skater who could go out and vandalize something.

2. The Stooges- Fun House

recorded in May of 1970, Fun House was the Stooges 2nd album. the band recorded everything live in the studio with no overdubs, so it's the closest thing to capturing their live fury of any of their other records. after their debut's basic garage/psych approach (if you could really call it basic) the band decided to indulge in their love of free jazz. most of the songs are basically just a riff with the rest of the band and Iggy just doing whatever they want. this is the sound of the apocalypse and next to the Velvet Underground's White Light/White Heat is one of the first truly punk records ever recorded. "Tv Eye", "Loose", & "1970" are the highlights...but honestly every fucking song on this album is a chaotic masterpiece.

3. Gang Of Four- Entertainment!

okay, so this is more of a post-punk record to be honest, but there's enough punk rock attitude on this album to let that slide. equal parts political manifesto and dance record, Gang of Four took the sound of 70s punk and mashed it together with funk to create a sound totally original. they influenced the likes of the Minutemen, REM, & Fugazi and basically spawned an entire genre of music (Dance Punk) that exists today. "Anthrax", "Damaged Goods", & "At Home He's a Tourist" are some of the highlights...but every song is memorable.

4. Suicide- Suicide

has there ever been an electronic record that sounded darker, scarier, and more punk rock? Ministry and Nine Inch Nails can go fuck themselves. Suicide pre-dated the New York Punk scene by a number of years and their live shows were the thing of legend. singer Alan Vega is like an Elvis on bad cocaine and Martin Rev just keeps the drone going. they influenced EVERYONE. the Jesus & Mary Chain, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, Cabaret Voltaire, Spacemen 3, Chrome, Big Black, The Screamers, Bruce Springsteen (yeah the Boss credits them for the inspiration to Nebraska), and every single band that ever decided to make music with just a singer and a drum machine. "Ghost Rider", "Rocket USA", and "Girl" are among the best tracks on this album and the 10 minute plus "Frankie Teardrop" is one of, if not THE, most fucking harrowing songs put to record.

5. Wire- Pink Flag

easily one of the most original bands of the UK punk explosion, Wire are part art project, part lesson in minimalism (in both sound and song length), and part fucking awesome. this record is the beginning of indie rock as it's pretty obvious that Pavement were fans of this. intelligent, strange, catchy, sometimes abrasive...a true classic. "three girl rhumba", "strange", and "ex lion tamer" are my favorite tracks...but honestly there isn't a single song of the 21 on here that aren't awesome.

6. The Clash- The Clash

the Clash's debut record combines the band's love of reggae, 50's rock and roll, and British pup-rock and delivers one of the greatest records of all time. London's Calling gets all the press, but THE CLASH is the album that defines who the band are and what they've got to say. both the US and UK versions of this album are both chock full of classic hits. the US version has a couple of UK singles added and a few album tracks missing from the UK version. honestly it's just better to buy the US one and download all the missing tracks from the British version.

7. The Birthday Party- Prayers On Fire

take the Stooges noisey freakouts...add an even darker and crazier frontman (a young Nick Cave), stick it in a meatgrinder, crank the murder/sex/death/rock up to 11 and then you've got the Birthday Party. this is as punk as goth ever got.

8. The Misfits- Static Age

sounding like a scary version of the Undertones and Ramones...Static Age is the ultimate Misfits album. horror cartoon punk. the soundtrack for any high school kid worth a shit's night on the town. EVERY SONG IS A CLASSIC. "attitude", "hybrid moments", "last caress", etc....

9. The Gun Club- Fire Of Love

swamped out hill billy punk...like of Creedence Clearwater Revival had grown up Black Flag fans. this is LA roots punk at it's finest. better than anything X ever recorded by a mile. this album had a huge influence on the coming Alt.country scene as well as The Meat Puppets, The Flaming Lips, & the Pixies....plus the White Stripes owe them a dept as well. "sex beat" (which has maybe the best line ever: "we can fuck forever but you'll never get my soul."), "she's like heroin to me", and "for the love of ivy" are the choice cuts.

10. Bad Brains- Bad Brains

the holy grail of hardcore punk was created by four black kids from Washinton DC who decided to take their jazz chops and play the fastest punk rock music ever at the time...and with some little reggae numbers thrown in to change things up a bit. Bad Brains moved to New York and basically changed the punk scene to hardcore overnight. LA metal and thrash owe a huge dept to Bad Brains as well. "attitude", "banned in DC" & "pay to cum" are the hits.

11. The Damned- Damned Damned Damned

the first UK punk band to hit the airwaves and easily one of the best. thrashy rock and roll and Stooges influenced garage rock. "Neat Neat Neat", "New Rose", and "Stab Your Back" are classics. they also do a Stooges cover for good measure.

12. The Nation Of Ulysses- Plays Pretty For Baby!

teenage rebellion as a political manifesto. the band's 2nd album took their love of the MC5, free jazz, artrock, and hardcore punk and then just took the whole thing up about 20 notches. angry, witty, and full of passion. Image isn't everything...it's the only thing. listen to "shakedown"...if you don't get it after that then you never will.

13. New York Dolls- New York Dolls

predating the punk scene by a few years, this American glam band took what T.Rex and Bowie were doing in England and made it seem dangerous. Rolling Stones and Chuck Berry riffs being played over songs about sex, decadence, drugs all done sloppy and violent. THIS IS THE MOST ROCK AND ROLL ALBUM EVER. The Dolls were New York's first and their finest. "personality crisis", "lookin' for a kiss", "trash", "jet boy"...every single song is perfection.

14. Ramones- Rocket To Russia

the 3rd and the best of all the Ramones albums. cleaner production and more hooks plus the best songwriting to date. iot's the perfect combo of their love of 60s girl group pop, surf rock, and chuck berry. "rockaway beach", "sheena is a punk rocker", and "teenage lobotomy" standout...but every single song is a classic.

15. Black Flag- Damaged

the band's debut album with Henry Rollins as it's full time vocalists. their sound now was perfected after years of writing and touring. the strongest lineup the group ever had with 2 guitarists and a killer rhythm section. every song is like an angry man balling up his fist and then fighting in a blind rage anything that comes near it. "gimmie gimmie gimmie", "tv party", & "rise above" can peel paint off the wall and "depression" is the birth of noise rock.

16. The Wipers- Is This Real?

mostly unheralded Oregon punks whose first 3 albums are basically the sound of Grunge being invented. Seattle was paying attention. this album is their first and best. tons of great songs, "Return of the Rat" and "D-7" (both covered by Nirvana) are the best known, and "Mystery" is a perfect little power pop love song that clocks in under 2 minutes.

17. Stiff Little Fingers- Inflammable Material

Belfast punks who took the Sex Pistols sound and cranked up the political unrest 20 notches with their debut record. probably the angriest UK punk record of the 70s. "Suspect Device" and "Alternative Ulster" are the hits, but every song is a classic. "Barbed Wire Love" being my personal favorite.

18. Mudhoney- SuperFuzz BigMuff

combining Mudhoney's first EP with their early singles, Sub Pop released the definitive grunge record of all time. Mudhoney combined their love of the Stooges, Northwestern garage (the Sonics), and hardcore punk into a fuzzed out, primitive, feedback drenched sound. 12 songs of perfect rock and roll...with "Touch Me I'm Sick", "In and Out of Grace", and "Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More" being the most well known. this is the album that made me fall in love with garage punk.

19. The Saints- Eternally Yours

the Saints 1st record is a classic of punk rock/garage energy, but it's the follow up that shows off that they could do equal parts oldschool rhythm & blues and even shameless power pop. the song "This Perfect Day" may very well be the greatest punk anthem ever written. "Lost & Found" is a pure garage burner and "Know Your Product" sounds like a soul record on speed with big horns and mighty hooks. Nevermind the Sex Pistols...it's the Saints who showed punks how to rock and roll.

20. The Cramps- Bad Music For Bad People

most people would probably pick their debut album as the place to start but for me this collection of singles and b-sides released in 1984 is the perfect intro to the kings of garage trash punk....it probably has something to do with me hearing this first. it's just 31 minutes and full of debauchery and everything is a fucking gem. the Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valetnine, The Dwarves, the Horrors, and every band who ever played garage trash afterwards owes this band a lot. classic cuts "human fly", "garbage man", and "new kind of kick" all fucking rule.

Bonus Pick:

21. The Zeros- Don't Push Me Around

i hate to put a compilation cd on this list but for The Mexican Ramones i will make an exception. Bomp records collected this comp of Zeros recordings from 1978-1980. if this isn't the best pop punk of all time then it's right up there with anything the Undertones, Buzzcocks, or Ramones ever committed to tape. includes the classic cuts "Don't Push Me Around", "Wild Weekend", and my personal favorite..."She's Just A Girl On The Block"

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hawks doing some dealing before the Draft

The Hawks and Golden State Warriors are set to trade for Jamal Crawford in exchange for Acie Law and Speedy Claxton. Crawford would more than likely mean the end of any possible deal to bring Mike Bibby back to Atlanta...or that's my guess. it also ends Acie Law's chances of becoming the future point guard for Atlanta.

Crawford is a nice piece player (averaged 19.7 ppg and 4.4 assists) but he isn't a true point guard. it does give the Hawks another scorer to go with Joe Johnson, but i don't see this as a move that greatly improves Atlanta's chances...also Crawford was once a Knick...which makes him tainted in my eyes for all time. i'm still hoping for them to package either their draft pick and another player (say Marvin Williams) and move up in the first round...or what i really would like to see is for them to deal Josh Smith for some bench help and make a play for a big name free agent.

This Could Be The Greatest Kid's Show Of All Time

file this one under: YES!!!

Andrew WK likes to Party Hard and also apparently blow stuff the hell up with 10 year olds. he has a new kid's show on Cartoon Network where he helps kids build stuff and then destory it. FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!

i wanna be on this show.

random true story: many years ago while my band was on tour we played this show somewhere in Virginia (sorry i forgot the exact town...hell i could even be wrong about the state) and it was a pretty lame show, but we ended up going to some house party with these kids we met at the show. the house was packed, but kind of lame and i'm pretty sure they were listening to like Belle & Sebastian or something of equal non-partiness. then one of the kids at the house asked us to DJ so that people would dance. instead we took out the Andrew WK CD and put it on the stereo and within 2 minutes of the opening track "It's Time To Party!" beer was flying in the air, a mosh pit broke out in the living room, someone tore down all the curtains, and a table got smashed in half. then the cops showed up. so yeah, Andrew WK kinda rules.

USA is going to a soccer final?

The USA just beat Spain 2-0!? I mean I don't pretend to care about soccer outside of World Cup play, but this is kind of amazing. They didn't get lucky either...they just went out and outplayed them. I'd go ahead and say that even casual fans of the sport are SHOCKED. This victory is made all the sweater after listening to Cowherd's douchey song about how bad Spain was gonna smoke the US. It's 1 thing to assume the team had no chance but its pretty lame to openly mock your own country on your radioshow...but he's Colin Cowherd, so this is to be expected.

Anyway, way to go Team USA! Now blow everyone's mind and win this whole fucking thing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


so, that Tommy Hanson kid is kinda good.

someone needs to teach him proper beard growing techniques though.

We Have a Quarterback

according to this rivals.com article Tyrik Rollison is on campus at Auburn, has been cleared by the NCAA, and is now focusing on his upcoming freshman season on the Plains.

apparently he and Clint Mosely are going to be roommates and he says "It's been really good. I'm just ready to get to work."


so yeah...anybody want to take bets on how many games it takes next year before Rollison is the starter? i'm still not ready to say Auburn should give up on Kodi or Caudle but if Rollison is really all he's said to be i kinda doubt Coach Malzhan is gonna waste a year of his time with a redshirt. heck Baylor, LSU, and Ohio State all played their talented athletic QBs last year as true freshmen...no reason to think Auburn won't do the same thing in 09.

Tyrik still hasn't posted anything new on his facebook about this...but i'll let you folks know if that changes.

hey let's celebrate:

Monday, June 22, 2009

2009 SEC Predictions

so i've inspected all the preseason college football mags and ingested their often highly inaccurate predictions and now i feel like it's my turn to throw out some bullshit that won't be right and will change my mind about a week before the season starts anyways.

based on all the mags Florida is the out and out favorite not only to win the league but also to win the national title...and why wouldn't they be? they've got almost there entire team returning, the best QB in the SEC...and probably the nation, an offense that can't be stopped, and a defense full of 4 and 5 star depth, and a pretty cushy schedule to boot. if Florida can't go undefeated this season then it's never gonna happen for the Gators.

Ole Miss is the trendy pick to win the West and be a top 10 team based on the way they dismantled Texas Tech and knocked off LSU at the end of last year. Ole Miss was a sleeper team for me last season who i thought would probably win 8 games...they exceeded those expectations. this year anything less than 10 wins will be a disappointment for the Rebels. people are looking for a top 10 finish, a New Years Bowl, and maybe even an outside shot at a National title. they've got a couple of darkhorse Heisman candidates in QB Jevan Sneed and WR/Returner/Wild Rebel QB Dexter McCluster. this is it, this is there year....which means they're probably gonna struggle to win 8 games and end up in the Music City Bowl. i mean this is Ole Miss we are talking about, they couldn't win an SEC title with Eli Manning...plus Houston Nutt, despite being a good coach, is never one who delivers on expectations.

Alabama and LSU seem like Florida's to REAL contenders for the SEC. LSU had a bit of a nightmare season last year, for them but the pick-six machine Jarrett Lee is no longer behind center and instead the athletic Jordan Jefferson will be leading the Tigers this season...assuming he can hold off the 5 star freshman Russell Sheppard. LSU has the best runningback in the league in Charles Scott and a wealth of speedsters at receiver and runningback. last year their defense was worthless, but with all the talent they've recruited and with a new defensive coordinator it seems unlikely that trend will continue. still Les Miles is a bit of a retard, so i could see LSU fucking up and losing to some teams that they've got no business losing to and missing that trip to Atlanta.

Alabama has a young and talented defense, a number of quality runningbacks, and one of the two best wide receivers in the SEC in Julio Jones. the Tide do have to replace a number of offensive linemen and will have a brandnew QB...but it's not like Nick Saban asks his QBs to do very much anyways. i assume this years Bama will just run the ball even more than last year's team and try to shutdown everyone they play with good defense....VERY boring, yet effective. it's like Big 10 football but with Southern accents!

Georgia is getting the also-ran treatment from most everyone...which is to be expected when you lose the talent they did. still The Dawgs have probably one of the 2 best offensive lines in the SEC, some talent at tailback, a superstar wide receiver, and a senior QB with some experience. this looks a lot like that 2005 Georgia team that came out of nowhere to win the SEC. now Georgia's schedule is fucking brutal with a murderous 3 game start that could easily have UGA at 1-2 or even 0-3, and then they've got trips to LSU, Jacksonville, and don't forget those rivalry games against Auburn (who will be looking to end UGA's 3 game winning streak) and Georgia Tech (who'll be looking to get a streak going of their own). this Georgia team could end up being 11-2 or 7-5...its anybody's guess.

the most obvious Darkhorse this season has gotta be Arkansas. after looking like a trainwreck at the beginning of the year the Hawgs suddenly turned into a competent team thanks to runningback Michael Smith. Arkansas had upsets over Auburn and LSU and just missed out on a bowl game. now with former Michigan QB Ryan Mallett as the QB, coach Bobby "Pussyface" Petrino has a talented signal caller to lead his very productive offense. i see Arkansas knocking off UGA and then upsetting one of the top 3 teams in the West of Ole Miss, Alabama, or LSU and finishing up with an 8-4 or 9-3 record and a trip to the Peach or Cotton Bowl and a 3rd place finish in the West and a top 25 ranking.

South Carolina, Vanderbilt (can you imagine Vandy making 2 straight bowls?!), Tennessee, and Auburn all should be able to put together enough wins to make it to Bowl games...but i don't see any of them realistically challenging of the SEC. Kentucky will probably scare a few teams but i think their recent bowl streak comes to an end and if Mississippi State wins more than 1 game this year in the league then i will be shocked.

Standing Predictions


South Carolina


Ole Miss
Mississippi State

Champ: Florida


Sunday, June 21, 2009


to the guy who ruined my life by making me an Auburn fan. the guy who took me to see rated R movies when i was a kid. the guy who let me cuss in the basement while he was working out. the guy who took me to my first baseball game. the guy who bought all my baseball cards and comic books. who taught me to throw, coached my shitty little league team, bought my car, loaned me endless amounts of money that i'll never pay back, put up with me as an obnoxious teenager, bought me Nirvana's Nevermind on tape, sends me bad jokes via email on a daily basis, let's me use his Rivals.com account, accepted the fact that his son had delusions of being a rockstar instead of playing centerfield for the Atlanta Braves (damn lack of talent passed the age of 13) and never gave me shit about it, and in general is a pretty cool dude...

thanks for being awesome and stuff.

Happy Father's Day

Friday, June 19, 2009

Negative Vibes Friday: The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire

the Georgia Theater is burning down...or should say has burned down. now where are the hippie jam bands going to play?

my band was actually supposed to be playing a festival there in September, but looks like that isn't happening anymore.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Auburn Will Still Be Runningback U...i think

Smart Football has an interesting post about Gus Malzahn/Auburn's running game...or what it should be like. this should help ease the minds of some of the fans who think this whole crazy spread thing isn't gonna work this time either. honestly when i was watching the Spring game the running game looked like it might be pretty fucking awesome (even if it was against 2nd and 3rd string defenders).


I'm sorry, did I get sucked into some time portal that took me back in time to the mid 80s when the Braves were the worst fucking team in baseball? No...that can't be, because I'm using the internets. So what the fuck is going on? How does a team that dominated it's division for 15 years turn into a clueless franchise in just 3 short years? The answer....there is no one single answer. Call it a combination of a limited payroll, bad front office moves, a lack of talent in the organization, our old reliable pitchers all moved on, and nobody will fire Bobby Cox. Sometimes life is just a bitch.

The Braves are about to embark on a stretch of games where they'll face the Redsox, Yankees, & Phillies...after that they should be dead and buried. Fuck it! Fire Bobby Cox, trade everyone not named Tommy Hanson, & feed Frank Wren to a pack of wild dogs for assembling this flaming pile of suck.

Who would've ever guessed that of Atlanta's 3 big teams that The Braves would be the biggest trainwreck? (I have heard rumors of a hockey team in the ATL but that can't be true because noone knows what hockey is in the South).

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tom Brady's Knee Destroyed The Denver Broncos

who could've predicted that during week 1 of the 2008 season when Tom Brady went down with his season ending injury that the butterfly effect would result in the Denver Broncos turning into one of the worst teams in the NFL?

in the aftermath of Brady's injury we saw the emergence of Matt Lienart's backup QB at USC, Matt Cassell, morphing into a competent NFL signal caller (thanks to having the greatest wide receiver in NFL history to throw to, a veteran offensive line blocking for him, & explosive playmakers surrounding him) which in turn made Patriots' offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels seem like some kind of genius (despite the fact that the Patriots haven't skipped a beat no matter who is calling plays) and making both of them the hottest commodities in the NFL this offseason, because the NFL is much like a 12 year old girl who gets crushes on the next hot boy at the drop of a hat.

elsewhere the Denver Broncos, after having a disappointing collapse at the end of the season that resulted in them missing the playoffs, decided to fire their longtime headcoach who'd won them TWO FUCKING SUPERBOWLS just a decade ago because they were sick of him always trading away their draft picks and trying to turn guys off the street into 1000 yard rushers instead of just getting a real runningback.

so with the Broncos now minus a future Hall Of Fame coach they decided to hire the HotShit McDaniels and have him bring his explosive Patriots offense to Denver...despite the fact that Denver already had a good offense and it was their lousy defense that kept them out of the playoffs. but hey...the Broncos were set to be great on offense with a Pro-Bowl Quarterback in Jay Cutler and a Pro-Bowl wide receiver in Brandon Marshall...so bringing in McDaniels would probably just make this lethal offense like SUPERFUCKING WOLVERINE LEVEL LETHAL. but then, like all true geniuses, Josh McDaniel decided he'd try and secretly make a trade for his system backup QB because obviously Matt Cassell is a better QB than Jay Cutler. sadly this trade didn't not work out and much DRAMA ensued and instead McDaniels was left with this fucking guy as his franchise QB:

but hey, at least they've still got Brandon Marshall. right? No. what? he wants a trade out of Denver too? hmmmm....well look on the bright side, at least Oakland isn't the laughing stock of the AFC West anymore.

20 Underrated Albums of the 21st Century

20 Albums that are a bit overlooked, underrated, or just didn't get the love they deserved and have been a little forgotten....but each one is an indie rock gem for a music lover to enjoy.

1. The Strokes- Room On Fire

the 2nd Strokes record is far superior to the 1st in both song writing, production, and quality...yet the hype from the 1st album and backlash buried any chance this album had of being a huge success.

2. The Icarus Line- Penance Soiree

this is the album that reminded me how fucking awesome rock and roll could be. a perfect combination of The Stooges, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Jesus Lizard rolled into one nice big fuck you of a record. the sound of sex, drugs, and rock n roll.

3. The Stills- Logic Will Break Your Heart

the Canadian answer the Interpol...only with a better pop sensibility. when you listen to the singles "Still In Love Song" and "Lola, Star and Stripes" you can only scratch your head and wonder how these guys weren't fucking huge.

4. Shocking Pinks- Shocking Pinks

this is a compilation CD to introduce this fantastic New Zealand band to the United States but most people i know who would be into them have never even heard of Shocking Pinks. a perfect combo of Clean and Verlaines styled Kiwi Pop and My Bloody Valentine shoegaze...with some dance punk thrown in for good measure.

5. The Radio Dept.- Pet Grief

shoegaze is alive and well in the form of this Swedish band. like if New Order, My Bloody Valentine, and the Pet Shop Boys decided to start a band together. lush and beautiful...the perfect music for a mixtape for your girlfriend.

6. The Warlocks- Phoenix
the only band i hear get compared to the Velvet Underground that i actually agree with. perfect drugged out drone rock.

7. The Lilys- Precollection
one of the under rated indie bands of all time finally released their most solid record.

8. Dead Meadow- Shivering King & Others
this makes me wanna start smoking pot again.

9. The Black Lips- Let It Bloom
the best album by the best garage band of this decade. Atlanta represent.

10. Pleasure Forever- Pleasure Forever
coming out of the San Diego hardcore scene, Pleasure Forever dropped this dark, sexy, and creepy rock album that sounds like Black Heart Procession doing their best Birthday Party impression.

11. Pissed Jeans- Shallow
the return of noise rock. the next best thing to the real The Jesus Lizard.

12. Death From Above 1978- You're A Woman, I'm a Machine
snotty and dancey Canadian dance-punk duo unleash sonic pop assault, date Kelly Osbourne, tour with Nine Inch Nails, and then break up...typical.

13. Hot Snakes- Suicide Invoice
the best album by the best hardrock band of this decade.

14. Q and Not U- No Kill, No Beep Beep
the last great Dischord band. i thought these kids were gonna be huge...but like most things i was wrong. like if Fugazi decided to make a disco record. handclaps, woo hoos, and catchy fucking songs.

15. The Kills- Keep On Your Mean Side
Pj Harvey and the Jesus & Mary Chain making a secret record together that makes you wanna fuck.

16. The Ponys- Laced With Romance
full on ripping off Richard Hell and The Voidoids....but i love it. excellent guitar rock.

17. Radio 4- Gotham!
dancepunks with a message. like a combo of The Clash, Gang Of Four, and Mission of Burma. a political album that you can party to. one of my top 10 albums of this decade.

18. Grinderman- Grinderman
Nick Cave and a few of his Bad Seeds rediscover the punk rock youth with this noisey garage record that's about 8 thousand times better than what most bands half their age are trying to pull off.

19. The Rapture- Pieces Of The People We Love
the 2nd Rapture record expands on the promise of the 1st album with more solid song writing and a ton of catchy dance songs...too bad dance punk never happened.

20. Out hud- Let Us Never Speak Of This Again
after releasing their instrumental funk rock debut, Out Hud decided to make an album that sounded like Liquid Liquid backing up the girls of ESG. if you can't shake your ass to this then you're probably dead.