Sunday, September 21, 2008


Well that sucked....

oh LSU, how i fucking hate playing you.

when i watch a game like that, i wonder to myself. is it better to just get blown the fuck out by the other team or is it better to lose a close one and know that if you're goddamn defensive backs could cover for shit or if your punter didn't shank the ball every damn time that maybe you could have won the game?

I had nightmares about Charles Scott crashing through the defensive line all fucking night. so much for Auburn's front seven, this does not bode well in those upcoming games against Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama.

Is it okay if i officially retract my love of Lee Ziemba? dude, is fucking overrated. he's been by far the least reliable linemen this season and has cost Auburn tons of yards in penalties and blown assignments. that sack he gave up on the final drive killed any chance Auburn had at scoring.

I guess we knocked the wrong fucking QB out of the game. Mr. Harvard can run, for sure...but he's got no damn arm. once the freshman was in there LSu stopped being pussies and exploited the one matchup that Auburn couldn't counter, their receivers speed vs. our defensive backs inability to cover. the 2nd half of that game was possibly the most frustrating performance i've seen since the 2nd half of the Georgia game last year.

i guess there were some positives. i was happy to see that once we had the ball in a goalline situation that Todd went under center and we stuck a fullback in the backfield. War Damn Power I! also i was happy to discover that Rod Smith, Tim Hawthorne, and Robert Dunn all learned how to catch the football. and i gues moving Gabe McKenzie from tight end to defensive end was a good idea. the offense looked better this week (how could they honestly have looked worse than last week) but the lack of a running game killed us. i'm sure lots of positive things will be said about Chris Todd and his ability to move the ball down the field and blah fucking blah, but i still say fuck that dude and play Kodi Burns. watching him float the ball all night just made me realize that he's probably gonna toss more picks than Brandon Cox (is that even possible?). and the play calling still confuses the hell out of me. i mean what the fuck was up with that play action pass at the end of the game when we just needed a yard. that's the perfect situation to put Burns into the game and stick Eric Smith and Ben Tate into the backfield and either run a Qb sneak or pound it for a first down with Tate. if you like creative offenses then you got to see one last night. it was LSU's.

top 3 Auburn players that i could care less if they played another down this season.
-Lee Ziemba
-Ryan Shoemaker
-Chris Todd

top 3 Auburn players that stepped up for this game.
-Robert Dunn
-Sen'Derrick Marks
-Rod Smith

and so it goes. Auburn loses their first big game of the season. up next Tennessee who looks even more woeful than that probably means they'll blow us out next weekedn on national tv. fucking college football, i really hate you sometimes.

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