Sunday, September 21, 2008

Auburn Dynasty Mode: Week 4

Auburn and LSU. EA Sports has them ranked #15 and #5. the two best defenses in college football, video game or otherwise. if there's one thing i know about playing those Bayou Bengals it's that they aren't gonna be givin' up many yards on the ground and their defensive backs are killers.

and so it was, this game was a complete and total defensive stand for the 1st 3 quarters of the game. LSU refused to let me run the ball holding Auburn to 30 yards rushing in the first half. whenever i tried to take off on QB sneaks with Kodi Burns i was usually met by a defensive end or a safety and lit up. if i tried to throw deep they made me pay as well, Burns had 2 picks in the first half and just 80 yards passing total. offense was a nonfactor. neither team could get any momentum. both trips to the redzone for Auburn resulted in turnovers. LSU on the other hand couldn't even get the ball past the 50 yard line. both sides were sack crazy. Auburn getting 9 in all against Andrew Hatch including 4 from Antonio Coleman. after 3 quarters of play we were all tied up at 0-0.

then finally i was able to make something happen. on a 4th down play at the start of the 4th quarter i faked the option before dropping back and bombing a 40 yard strike to Montez Billings, who beat his defender and took it in for a touchdown. LSU quickly responded with a 60 yard kick return by Trindon Holliday, this was followed by a bomb pass to Brandon LaFell to get the ball down to the 10, but Auburn's defense stepped it up by sacking Hatch twice inside the 10 and forcing LSU to kick a field goal.

when i got the ball back on the next possession i wasted no time sending Brad Lester out of the backfield on a deep route and launching it to him for a huge 50+ yard gain. then on the very next play from 20 yards out i lined up five receivers and took off running for a touchdown with Kodi Burns giving me a 14-3 lead.

LSU was able to take the ball down the field one more time and scored a touchdown but failed to get the 2 point conversion making it 14-9. then after recovering the oneside kick attempt i ran out the clock with Brad Lester and Kodi Burns, with Lester taking if for a 15 yard touchdown in the closing seconds to put the nail in LSU's coffin 21-9.

now if only reality had worked out so well.

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