Monday, September 8, 2008

Help Me DMac, You're My Only Hope!

so my fantasy game comes down to tonight. The Thug Apologists are down by 6. Tony Romo and T.O. have done their part, Gates gave us some help, Favre and Roy Williams kept us alive despite an onslaught of points being put up on us by Burner Turner...and now the pride and joy of Arkansas is holding our fantasy victory in his hands. Take that rock Darren McFadden and show us what you were born to do. do it for MB. do it for me. do it for Eazy Motherfucking E. do it for Bo Jackson and Marcus Allen. Do it for America. Do it for Al. Just win, baby.

for some random awesome fantasy foolishness you must view this youtube video of Chris Cooley's fantasy league. i am rooting for the Lionel Richie Looking Boys.

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