Sunday, September 14, 2008

Collision in the...Nevermind

while watching Mississippi State and Auburn engage in a pitching duel may have been the worst experience of my college football watching life, here are some of my thoughts on the rest of Saturday's action.

-although i was flipping back and forth between the AU/Miss St barb burner all night, there's one thing i can say with some assurance, thank god Auburn does not have to play USC this year. The Trojans looked like they could beat a couple of NFL teams the way they just destroyed the Buckeyes last night. my brethren can chant SEC all they want, but USC has the best defense in the country, the best running backs (Knowshon ain't No Joe McKnight), and one of the current Heisman front runners in QB Mark Sanchez. the only question is what lousy Pac 10 team are the Trojans gonna fuck around and lose to this season?
-listening to Musberger and The Herbiebot have to endure the prison style ass reaming that Ohio State took from USC last night was almost more enjoyable that watching the Buckeyes getting ripped to shreds themselves. If Ohio State doesn't drop out of the Top 10 then i really will start believing in the Big 10 Media Bias.
-the real game of the week was South Florida vs. Kansas on Friday night. you gotta love a QB duel between two midgets who'll never play a down in the Pros. why can't Todd Reesing play for Auburn? it'd be like having Flutie back there chucking it up after getting away from four on coming blitzers.
-The Dawgs ARE NOT the #2 team in the nation. not if they can't figure out that you can't just keep trying to cover a 6 foot 5 tight end who has receiver speed with a damn linebacker all game. The Gamecocks choked that game away. they should of beat Georgia for sure. however Knowshon should probably thank Matt Stafford for taking himself out of any Heisman talk with the way he played yesterday. i'm calling it now, Georgia is losing 3 games this season.
-it's looking a lot like 2008 is gonna be a repeat of 2004 the way USC and Oklahoma are playing. does that mean Auburn goes undefeated again and gets shut out of the BCS title game? uhh...did you watch Auburn play last night?
-so much for that big matchup between UGA and Arizona State next weekend. the Sun Devils got upset by UNLV. hahahaha. and yet this is still gonna be ESPN's Game Of The Week next Saturday. whatever. i'll be too busy watching Auburn vs. LSU.
-if you wanna watch a team with a good QB who really knows what the fuck they are doing with a spread offense, then i suggest checking out Missouri any time they are on TV. wow! Chase Daniel is definitely the Heisman front runner right now.
-BYU BYU BYU. holy shit! Those Mormons really know how to embarrass a motherfucker. it's a good thing UCLA got that lucky win over the Vols, because the new coach might have jumped off a bridge after the 59-0 dismantling the Cougars put on his ass.
-California and Rutgers top my list of overrated football programs who ESPN talks up all the time that have never actually won anything and aren't really any good at football. Rutgers got completely creamed by North Carolina and even worse was the way Cal got dominated all game (till some junk scoring in the 4th QT made it close) by Maryland, a team that was beaten by a Sun Belt team the week before.
-so i guess Notre Dame actually learned how to score some points as they win the sissy slap fat of the day. who wants to bet me money the Irish will be ranked in the upcoming AP poll? i couldn't find a youtube video of the hit Charlie Weis took, but it might have been the play of the day.

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