Friday, June 18, 2010

Random Bo Jacksoness on Friday


my old Bo Jackson jersey still fits.

in serious need of an old NES and Tecmo Super Bowl. it's been far too long since i rushed for 1000 yards and 11 touchdowns in a single game with Bo Jackson.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

why aren't the teabaggers protesting the World Cup?

So ESPN 's ratings for the World Cup are up like 50% or some shit like that. You know what that means? There are a shitload more illegal immigrants in this country than there were 4 years ago. Glenn Beck, why the fuck isn't your crazy ass all over this?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well that was no big deal after all.

So a lot of hype and worry and all we get are a 12 team Big 10, a likely 12 team Pac 10 (once Utah jumps ship), and a 10 team Big 12. Math is hard. Oh yeah and Boise State joined the Mountain West...who should possibly think about adding Houston as well...just sayin. Anyways the SEC gets to stay as is, which I think is mostly a relief to all of us. As fun as the thought of getting Texas A&M kind of was, i'd rather not add another school to fuck shit up for Auburn if we can help it.

Regardless of Texas saving what's left of the Big 12 I still imagine we will see Big Ten expansion to 16 teams in the next five years and the same from the Pac 10/12 and the SEC as well. Greed is the real power in college football and the dollar signs were just lighting up everyone's eyes last week.

3 thoughts on the conference realignments.
1. Nebraska is going to be able to kick some serious ass in the Big Ten. I predict at least 5 or 6 matchups with Ohio State in the Big 10 title game over this next decade...assuming they hold at 12 teams.

2. Colorado and Utah will both be middle of the pack schools in the Pac 12 at best and likely near the bottom of the standings every season. This is no big change for Colorado lately, but I think Utah is going to regret leaving the Mountain West where it was a lot easier to go undefeated and get to BCS games. Utah will be lucky to go 8-4 vs. the likes of USC (probation or not), UCLA, Oregon, Oregon State, and improving Washington, Stanford, Cal, and the Arizona schools. The only real teams I think they'll be better than on a year to year basis will be Washington State and Colorado.

3. Boise State will step in to the Mountain West and keep kicking ass like they always do. Sure BYU and TCU will offer tougher challenges than Nevada and Fresno...but still I see BCS bowls in the Smurfs' future.

Monday, June 14, 2010

East Bound & Down?

So it's looking more and more like Texas A&M is about to become the 13th member of the SEC. Rumored targets for that 14th spot seem to be the usual suspects of Clemson, Georgia Tech (my vote), Miami, FSU (my 2nd choice), Virginia Tech (boring), and possibly even Big 12 leftovers Kansas (huh?) or Missouri (another fucking Tiger!) The addition of Mizzou kind of makes the most sense as far as expanding the leagues footprint into new markets goes. It would give the league a midwestern team with two large tv markets (Kansas City & St. Louis). Where Texas A&M seems like a perfect fit, it's hard to imagine Missouri as a member of the conference...but then again Arkansas doesn't really make much sense either. One thing that can be certain is that if the SEC adds two Big 12 schools then Auburn is gonna be the SEC West school sent packing to the East.

Auburn moving the Eastern Division and back to yearly rivalry games with Florida and Tennessee would fire up oldschool fans, despite the fact we'd lose our yearly matchups with LSU that most of us love so much. and the lighter competition near the bottom of the league with Kentucky and Vandy would be nice (not that recent matchups should prove that to be a fact). Also the dream scenario of possibly facing Alabama in an SEC title game some day would suddenly be a possibility. And who doesn't want to see that?

Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm pretty sure (insert team name here) needs a QB

it's the perfect chance for Mitch Mustain to finally get to play QB somewhere for a season. the NCAA will let any USC junior or senior transfer without having to sit out. i'm pretty sure there's some sick talent on that squad that might be itching to get out of town right now. UCLA should clean house on the Trojans. (Having been too lazy to read the whole article the 1st time I now realize transferring to another Pac 10 team still means you gotta sit for a year...but yeah Tennessee could seriously use a good QB, Mr. Mustain. Or Ole Miss or UGA or Clemson, etc...)

every time i read something about USC's probation i laugh at what Lane Kiffin must be going through. couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Still talking about 2004 (like an asshole)

Forfeit. What an ugly word.

So the hammer is finally coming for USC and at least the possibility exists that they may be stripped of wins during the 2004 season...a season that some team you may or may not have ever heard from some town in Alabama got royally screwed. This is going to of course rile up a fanbase that has been hanging on to this feeling of being cheated for the last 5 years to the point that it's starting to be like Auburn is that dude who won't shut the fuck up abput that ex girlfriend who cheated on him and married some other dude. Noone cares anymore but you dude. And you were just starting to get over it AND then suddenly that bitch is getting a divorce and all those old scars are rearing their ugly head........and so what does this now mean regarding the 2004 season? Should Auburn be retroactively awarded the BCS championship despite the fact they didn't play in the game? Technically shouldn't it fall to Oklahoma? Oklahoma did get crushed on national tv in the most one sided beatdown in a title game of the last decade and Auburn DID go undefeated. What about Utah? this is making my head hurt.

Auburn fans be a crazy (some would say whiny, overly sensitive, borderline insane) group and they are gonna want a piece of that 2004 title no matter what. My solution for what should become of the 2004 title would be an old fashioned split. Auburn could be retroactively awarded the 2004 AP National Title by the sportswriters who I think would all agree were a better team than the Sooners and Oklahoma would be the default BCS champs since they will have technically had the title game forfeited to them. Some Auburn fans will cry "fuck that bullshit!" but I think it is the most logical way to resolve an issue that really doesn't even fucking matter anymore. I mean it was 6 years ago. All the players and coaches are gone now anyways. But yeah, I'm just sayin' it's probably not the worst idea in the world. Besides getting an AP title kinda feels like the more respectable of the two anyways.

But honestly I say fuck it. Noone needs a goddamn trophy or AP poll to tell Auburn fans that the 2004 Tigers were awesome. It's time to let go of the past.

As far as that Heisman goes in 2005....send that shit to Vince Young now! He deserved it more back then anyways.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

RIP Big 12

There's a serial killer on the loose named the Big 10 and you are next, Big East. Watch out!

The fact that all it took was for Nebraska to say adios to the BIG 12 to give Texas the justification it needed to jump ship is probably a telling sign that they didn't deserve to survive. I really just feel bad for the schools like Baylor and Iowa State who noone wants. Kansas and Kansas State I assume you join the Mountain West (not a bad deal really, they would both be more competitive with those schools anyways). I just wonder how long the SEC waits before robbing the heart of the ACC? A year...maybe two?

If all this bullshit actually results in a playoff then I'm fine with it...but if it's just a case where the Big 10 and Pac 10 gain more power...well then fucking this noise.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Auburn lands another QB who spells his name weird.

what is it about Auburn signing QBs with unusual spellings? Kodi, Tyrik, and now a Kiehl. hopefully this one works out better than the other two. so yeah i've been out of the loop a bit of late but stud recruit Kiehl Frazier committed to the Tigers this weekend. he was Auburn's #1 target and is ranked in the top 4 QBs in the nation. he's a dual threat and seems like a natural fit for the Auburn offense. Gus Malzahn was the key factor in Frazier picking Auburn over home state Arkansas and about 30 other DI schools (including LSU, Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, Texas Tech, UCLA, and way more than i feel like naming). so again, keeping Malzahn around for another season will also be key for Auburn holding onto Frazier because if Gus skips town after the season for a head coaching job (seriously this is gonna be a source of anxiety every year regarding our offensive guru) then all bets are off. but right now we've got him.