Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fuck The Saints. I Hope Your City Floods Again.

take that statement as a joke. i would never actually wish death and destruction on a city, even one as shitty as New Orleans. aka the most overrated city in america. what you can't get drunk in your own town?

anyways the loss last night was sort of a sickening one. Mike Smith made poor choices and left me feeling like there is no way that guy can win a Super Bowl. Michael Turner ran like shit and makes me wonder if the Falcons should dump him in the offseason and find a pair of younger legs. Matt Ryan tried to do everything and got very little help from anyone not named Roddy White. the Falcons #1 draft priority needs to be a fucking WR...that was painfully obvious when Michael Jenkins is dropping passes that hit him in the arms when he's wide fucking open. the mystique of the Georgia Dome is all but gone. Atlanta should be able to wrap up homefield by beating the Panthers on Sunday (never a given no matter how shitty they look) but do you really feel as confidant that Atlanta can defend the Dome should they have to face the Packers or Saints in a few weeks? i don't.

in other words: I AM IN PANIC MODE!!!!!

the defense played well and i think are still the most underrated unit in the NFL. holding Drew Brees to 17 points should be enough, it was the offense that lost that fucking game. hopefully Atlanta can lay a nice asswhipping on Carolina and get some of their swagger back because after the game last night i don't think anyone believes the Falcons are the best team in the NFC anymore.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear Texas,

Fuck off! Stay away from our offensive coordinator.

Auburn can't fix your fucking team everytime you need to hire someone you fucking dickheads. Go raid someone elses's pantry. You guys are starting to remind me of the damn New York Yankees. Give that Applewhite dude a try. I hear Rich Rodriguez may be looking for work soon. Go recruit another QB who can actually run.

Your pal, Justin.

P.S. love me some Austin, see you this spring at SXSW.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Infinite Lulz!!!

Meyer quit again, no for real this time.

hahahahahahaha x forever. fuck that guy.

to borrow a phrase from a blog i hate, BOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!

sadly Florida is probably better off with Dan Mullen anyways. oh well, no joy in hate.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Nick Fairley was named Defensive Player of the Year
Cam Newton was named Offensive Player of the Year
Gene Chizik was named Coach of the Year

ONLY 4 Auburn players made the ALL-SEC 1st and 2nd teams (all were 1st teamers.) Newton, Fairly, as well as offensive linemen Ryan Pugh and Lee Ziemba. Darvin Adams gets snubbed again...but to be fair WR was a loaded position this season in the SEC so it's hard to argue about him getting left off despite over 900 yards recieving. i would've liked to have seen Mike Berry get some love and Josh Bynes, and how the hell is Michael Dyer not on here? he was way more deserving than Mark Ingram or Trent Richardson...but it's all about big names with this sorta thing. way too many Bama players on here for a team that essentially finished 4th in the SEC West.

TE D.J. Williams Arkansas 6-2 251 Sr. Little Rock, Ark.
OL Derek Sherrod Mississippi State (T) 6-6 305 Sr. Columbus, Miss.
OL Lee Ziemba Auburn 6-8 319 Sr. Rogers, Ark.
OL DeMarcus Love Arkansas (T) 6-5 315 Sr. Lancaster, Texas
*OL James Carpenter Alabama (T) 6-5 300 Sr. Augusta, Ga.
*OL Clint Boling Georgia (T) 6-5 315 Sr. Alpharetta, Ga.
C Ryan Pugh Auburn (C) 6-4 297 Sr. Hoover, Ala.
WR Alshon Jeffery South Carolina 6-4 233 So. St. Matthews, S.C.
WR Julio Jones Alabama 6-4 220 Jr. Foley, Ala.
QB Cam Newton Auburn 6-6 250 Jr. College Park, Ga.
RB Marcus Lattimore South Carolina 6-0 218 Fr. Duncan, S.C.
RB Stevan Ridley LSU 6-0 226 Jr. Natchez, Miss.
AP Randall Cobb Kentucky 5-11 186 Jr. Alcoa, Tenn.

TE Orson Charles Georgia 6-3 240 So. Tampa, Fla.
OL Larry Warford Kentucky (G) 6-3 329 So. Richmond, Ky.
OL Barrett Jones Alabama (G) 6-4 301 So. Memphis, Tenn.
OL Garrett Chisolm South Carolina (G) 6-6 303 Sr. Charleston, S.C.
OL Joseph Barksdale LSU (T) 6-6 318 Sr. Detroit, Mich.
C William Vlachos Alabama (C) 6-1 289 Jr. Birmingham, Ala.
WR A.J. Green Georgia 6-4 212 Jr. Summerville, S.C.
WR Randall Cobb Kentucky 5-11 186 Jr. Alcoa, Tenn.
QB Ryan Mallett Arkansas 6-6 238 Jr. Texarkana, Ark.
RB Knile Davis Arkansas 6-0 220 So. Missouri City, Texas
RB Mark Ingram Alabama 5-10 215 Jr. Flint, Mich.
AP Trent Richardson Alabama 5-11 220 So. Pensacola, Fla.

DL Drake Nevis LSU 6-2 285 Sr. Marrero, La.
DL Marcell Dareus Alabama 6-4 306 Jr. Birmingham, Ala.
DL Nick Fairley Auburn 6-5 298 Jr. Mobile, Ala.
DL Pernell McPhee Mississippi State 6-4 285 Sr. Pahokee, Fla.
LB Danny Trevathan Kentucky 6-1 223 Jr. Leesburg, Fla.
LB Kelvin Sheppard LSU 6-3 240 Sr. Stone Mountain, Ga.
LB Justin Houston Georgia 6-3 258 Jr. Statesboro, Ga.
DB Patrick Peterson LSU (CB) 6-1 222 Jr. Pompano Beach, Fla.
DB Mark Barron Alabama (S) 6-2 210 Jr. Mobile, Ala.
DB Ahmad Black Florida (S) 5-9 190 Sr. Lakeland, Fla.
DB Stephon Gilmore South Carolina (CB) 6-1 189 So. Rock Hill, S.C.

DL Jake Bequette Arkansas 6-5 271 Jr. Little Rock, Ark.
DL Cliff Matthews South Carolina 6-4 268 Sr. Cheraw, S.C.
DL Devin Taylor South Carolina 6-7 249 So. Beaufort, S.C.
DL Jerrell Powe Ole Miss 6-2 320 Sr. Waynesboro, Miss.
LB Dont’a Hightower Alabama 6-4 260 So. Lewisburg, Tenn.
LB Chris White Mississippi State 6-4 245 Sr. Vancleave, Miss.
*LB Chris Marve Vanderbilt 6-0 235 Jr. Memphis, Tenn.
*LB Jerry Franklin Arkansas 6-1 241 Jr. Marion, Ark.
DB Robert Lester Alabama (S) 6-2 206 So. Foley, Ala.
DB Janoris Jenkins Florida (CB) 5-11 184 Jr. Pahokee, Fla.
DB Casey Hayward Vanderbilt 5-11 188 Jr. Perry, Ga.
*DB Janzen Jackson Tennessee 6-0 187 So. Lake Charles, La.
*DB Dre Kirkpatrick Alabama (CB) 6-3 190 So. Gadsden, Ala.
*DB Morris Claiborne LSU (CB) 6-0 177 So. Shreveport, La.

PK Blair Walsh Georgia 5-10 183 Jr. Boca Raton, Fla.
P Chas Henry Florida 6-3 215 Sr. Dallas, Ga.
RS Patrick Peterson LSU 6-1 222 Jr. Pompano Beach, Fla.

PK Josh Jasper LSU 5-11 171 Sr. Memphis, Tenn.
P Drew Butler Georgia 6-2 210 Jr. Duluth, Ga.
RS Trent Richardson Alabama 5-11 220 So. Pensacola, Fla.

DE Nick Bell Mississippi State 6-3 265 So. Bessemer, Ala.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Pointless Top 10 List About Music On A Blog About Sports

i used to really love making my year end top 10s...but as i have become old and no longer as obsessed with KNOWING about everything i have fallen into a pattern of only getting albums by bands that i've heard good things about from people i really trust. (i also realized i only listen to new music that sounds like old shit i already liked as a teenager). anyways 2010 might be the least active i have ever been in my whole life when it comes to discovering new music...regardless here are a list of albums that i liked a lot, listened to a lot, and will probably still like around this time next year.

1. Harlem - Hippies
probably the best power pop/garage rock band since The Strokes unleashed their first two albums on the hipster population of the United States is Austin, Texas' Harlem. this album is so fucking catchy it might as well have been called Herpes.

2. The Walkmen - Lisbon
my favorite band of the last 10 years just keeps chugging along with album after album of solid material. easily their best record since Bows & Arrows.

3. Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest
the best band from Atlanta, GA also happens to be one of the best bands in all of indie rock. Deerhunter are falling into their place as the Sonic Youth of the new generation.

4. Grinderman - Grinderman 2
my love for Nick Cave can not be understated. the man is truly one of my musical heroes and i consider him one of the great songwriters of all time in league with Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen...but it's still pretty awesome to see him cut loose in his 50s with a band whose music can best be described as dirty old man rock.

5. Zola Jesus - Stridulum EP
i always have and always will have a soft spot in my heart for weird goth chicks.

6. Dum Dum Girls - I Will Be
two of my favorite kinds of music are 60s girl group stuff like the Shangri-Las and Ronettes and 1990s indie pop. apparently that is also the chicks in Dum Dum Girls favorite two genres as well.

7. Beach Fossils - Beach Fossils
sounds like a 90s shoegaze band trying to sound like the Beach Boys. Surfgaze. solid.

8. No Age - Everything In Between
No Age are here to remind us that Husker Du and Sebadoh are fucking awesome.

9. Crocodiles - Sleep Forever
The Jesus and Mary Chain aren't just a band from the 80s who wrote "Just Like Honey" and had awesome haircuts, they are also an entire genre of music...or you'd think they were based on the amount of bands who have ripped them off the last 25 years. Crocodiles do it a lot better than most.

10. Best Coast - Crazy For You
summer music by chicks who just wanna smoke pot and go to the beach. good vibes rock and roll.

(BONUS pick) The Black Ryder - Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
sounds like Mazzy Star. i loved Mazzy Star.

(double BONUS pick) Surf City - Kudos
all the best indie pop comes out of New Zealand. The Clean, the Verlaines, The Chills, Tall Dwarfs, Shocking Pinks, and now you can add Surf City to the list.

i’m sure i’m forgetting something i got this year that i really enjoyed. but anyways that’s my boring ass mostly indie rock favorite records of 2010.

Ranking The Top 10 Bowl Matchups I Will Actually Want to Watch

1. Auburn vs. Oregon in the BCS Championship

duh. Auburn all the way.

2. Arkansas vs. Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl

i have a feeling that if Ohio State is EVER gonna beat an SEC team then this is their best chance yet. if the Hawgs win then i fully expect Petrino to weasel his way out of Arkansas and onto a bigger stage (assuming Miami hasn't hired a coach yet).

my early lean is on the Buckeyes.

3. Alabama vs. Michigan State in the Capital One Bowl

Saban vs one of his old teams, Michigan State. 1 team that started the year thinking they were a lock to repeat as champs vs. the most surprising 1 loss team in the country that will have a huge chip on it's shoulder after getting left out of the BCS. this is the best non-BCS matchup of all.

if Bama's players are actually focused and not thinking about their draft stock then i think the Tide takes care of business.

4. LSU vs. Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl

the hottest team in the Big 12 vs. LSU in the Jerry Dome. this could be a preview of a future SEC rivalry game whenever the hell the Big 12 minus 2 finally dies and A&M jumps into the South Eastern Conference.

i think A&M could knock off LSU, but why would you ever pick against Les Miles?

5. Boise State vs. Utah in the Las Vegas Bowl

this is a matchup i've wanted to see for the last few years. the two most successful non-BCS schools of the BCS era vs. one another to let us know who is the best upstart program in the land. this game comes a few years too late for me, especially since Utah is now off the big leagues as a member of the Pac 12 and Boise State is stepping in to take the Ute's place as the Mountain West's top dog.

Boise is the better team and will probably want to send a message to the country with an epic beatdown.

6. South Carolina vs. FSU in the Chick-Fila bowl

Ol' Ball Coach vs. his old rival FSU! sure, Bobby isn't on the sidelines anymore...but it's hard not to imagine that Spurrier doesn't wanna put a whooping on FSU anyways. old hates die hard.

7. Georgia Tech vs. Air Force in the Independence Bowl

for 80s fans this is the game for you! who isn't pumped about a matchup of the two best option attack teams in the country?! the over/under for total passes thrown in this game is probably around 13. this game will be about 1 hour long and full of option madness. i can't fucking wait! Tech all the way.

8. Mississippi State vs. Michigan in the Gator Bowl

this game intrigues me because i'm not sure if either team's headcoach will even be coaching in this game. assuming RichRod isn't fired and Dan Mullen doesn't bolt for Miami then we could see a really great showdown. i'm interested how Denard Robinson can do vs. a SEC defense. my thought is pretty damn well. i'm leaning with Michigan here even though i know they won't be able to stop Mississippi State from scoring at will. i think Robinson has a big day and gets his Heisman candidacy for next year cranked up.

(a random thought) what if RichRod does get fired and Michigan is able to hire Jim Harbaugh from Stanford? will Denard stick around and try and play in a pro style offense or will he transfer and sit out a year. if he does transfer i would hope the coaches at some school called Auburn would like to show him a reel of Cam Newton's Heisman material.

9. The Rose Bowl and Orange Bowl

i have basically the same feeling about both of these games. i will watch them, but these aren't matchups i want to see. i really would rather see Stanford vs. Wisconsin and Va Tech vs TCU. i think both of those would be better more competitive matchups, instead i'm expecting blowouts by both Wisconsin and Stanford.

10. Notre Dame vs. Miami in the Sun Bowl

not really a very compelling match up but still i was such a big fan of this rivalry when i was a kid and always rooted for the U to take out the Irish. i will be watching out of nostalgia's sake.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


The Dirty Birds are like good at winning close games or something. between the Falcons and Auburn this has been the season that's tried to push me into cardiac arrest. dare i believe both my NCAA and NFL football teams could win championships in the same season?! it makes me feel greedy, but if this actually happens i may just have to change the name or my blog altogether.

Top 25

Auburn jumped Oregon to #1 in the AP after crushing South Carolina. good to see some sportswriters have finally started paying attention. regardless being 1 or 2 doesn't matter, it just matters that Auburn is finally going to get to play for a BCS National Championship for the 1st time ever. that still hasn't sunken in yet. i am going to watch that stupid selection show just to make sure it is in fact real.

anyways, here's my top 25


1. Auburn
2. Oregon
3. TCU
4. Wisconsin
5. Standford
6. Ohio State
7. Michigan State
8. Arkansas
9. LSU
10. Virginia Tech
11. Oklahoma
12. Nevada
13. Boise State
14. Missouri
15. Alabama
16. Oklahoma State
17. Texas A&M
18. Nebraska
19. Utah
20. South Carolina
21. UCF
22. West Fucking Virginia
23. Mississippi State
24. Florida State
25. Hawaii

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Did you ever believe this would happen?

Just one more win and we all get to live forever! War Eagle! War Damn Eagle! War Motherfucking Damn Eagle Forever and Ever and Ever!

I am getting wasted tonight!

SEC champs! Heisman Trophy! Maybe a National Title. It is great to be an Auburn Tiger!

Friday, December 3, 2010

please let me get what i want this time

my name is Justin Stephen Robinson. i was born August 2nd, 1978 in the shitty northern Alabama town of Fort Payne during the reign of terror of Bear Bryant. the year i was born Bama were champs and even early baby pictures depict a young Justin in Alabama baby clothes given to my folks by my mother's family...all die hard Tide fans. to be honest the entire northern part of Alabama were Tide fans...well most of it, my father on the other hand being a contrary sort of person had long ago pledged his allegiance to Auburn University. like any good son, i took up my father's team as my own as soon as i was old enough to understand what the fuck football was.

luckily for me becoming aware of football also happened to coincide with some guy named Bo Jackson coming to Auburn and things like SEC championships and beating the Tide on a regular basis. my first live Auburn game was the 1987 season opener where the Tigers destroyed Texas. that moment pretty much made me a Tiger for life.

in 1989 i can remember crying from happiness when Auburn defeated Bama for the 4th time in a row and giving them a win at Jordan-Hare for the 1st time the game was ever played there. that might always be my favorite Auburn moment of all time. i was still young and not yet broken and jaded from years of disappointment to understand just how special that moment was. but as i got older disappointment is what i learned to expect as a fan of Auburn. i always remembered my dad being pissed about Auburn being screwed in favor of Miami in 1983 but i didn't care about such things. well of course probation came along and robbed me of the 1993 season and any chance at a national title. it wasn't fair. flash forward to 2004 and another crushing blow. now i could relate to the old man. rooting for Auburn meant you'd win some big games...but in the end you are gonna get fucked by the Powers That Be.

when the Tuberville era came crashing down and Alabama re-established themselves i began to resign myself to the fact that i was probably NEVER going to see Auburn win a national championship. it just didn't seem even remotely likely.

...and yet here we are, just one more win away from having a shot for a BCS title. and that's all i've ever wanted for Auburn. a motherfucking chance. if they lose to Oregon then so be it...but just give them the chance. some of my friends have been quick to tell me that if Auburn wins the title then it's probably going to be taken away, something i could honestly give a fuck about. you can strip away a title but you can't take away my memories. just give me some memories Auburn. that's all i'm asking.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ESPN, The New York Times, Dan Mullen, and that douchebag at Foxsports.com can all eat a bag of dicks


give the man his Heisman trophy, Maxwell Award, and all that other shit cause our boy Camzilla is clear to play.


regardless a big fuck you to Cam's dad. what a dick.