Monday, August 31, 2009

2009 College Football Pick Em: Week 1

it's back. the thing i fail at every fucking week and piss my money away. the College Football Pick Em.

here are my Week 1 picks:

Thursday Sept. 3
1: South Carolina @ NC ST - NC ST
2:Oregon @ Boise State- Boise

Saturday Sept. 5
3: Navy @ Ohio State - OSU
4:Minnesota@ Syracue - Minnesota
5:Kentucky @ Miami (OH) - Kentucky
6:Western Kentucky @ Tennessee - Tennessee
7:Jacksonville State @ Georgia Tech - GA Tech
8:San Jose State @ USC - USC
9: Georgia @ Oklahoma State - UGA
10: Nevada @ Notre Dame - Notre Dame
11: Baylor @ Wake Forest - Baylor
12: Missouri vs Illinois - Illinois
13: Jackson State @ Mississippi State - Miss St
14: Middle Tennesee State University @ Clemson - Clemson
15: Charleston Southern @ Florida - FLA
16: BYU @ Oklahoma- OKlahoma
17: Florida Atlantic @ Nebraska- Nebraska
18: Louisiana Tech @ Auburn- AUBURN
19: Alabama vs Virginia Tech- Bama
20: Stanford @ Washington State- Stanford
21: Maryland @ California- Cal
22: LSU @ Washington- LSU
Sunday Sept. 6
23: Ole Miss @ Memphis- Ole Miss
24:Colorado State @ Colorado- Colorado
Monday Sept. 7
25: Cincinnati @ Rutgers- Rutgers
26: Miami vs Florida State- FSU
Tiebreakers: (Total points) closest average point total wins
A) Alabama vs Virgina Tech - 37 pts
B) B: Georgia @ Oklahoma State- 65 pts
C) C: Oregon @ Boise State- 70 pts

Friday, August 28, 2009



PUNT 4 EVER 2: Electric Boogaloo

opening nationwide next Saturday!!!

War Eagle, Motherfucker.

Positive Vibes Friday: The Ape Of Death

via the world's great television show, THE MIGHTY BOOSH.

I’m the Ape of Death and I don’t care
Cos I’m the monkey with the lovely hair
It’s all fluffy and shiny too
Cos I got that Miracle Wax from Naboo.

Don’t be cynical
It’s a follicle miracle
I said, don’t be cynical
I keep waxing lyrical

He’s the Ape of Death and he don’t care
Cos he’s the monkey with the lovely hair
It’s all fluffy and shiny too
Cos he got that Miracle Wax from Naboo.

Come on, now!

Ah-ah, yeah!
One, two, three, four
Dig that monkey song

Look around at my monkey hair
You can touch it, I don’t care
Used to be that I was ashamed
But now the monkey fluff is tamed.
Come on everybody and walk around my hair!

Don’t be cynical
It’s a follicle miracle
I said, don’t be cynical
I keep waxing lyrical

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


i've been sleep walking through this offseason, barely bloggin about football, not even buying the newest version of EA's NCAA FOOTBALL to help guide my Alternate Reality Auburn Tigers to a string of BCS titles...nope, i've been too busy with my silly band, my new obsession with tumblr, and dare i say...Football Apathy. but all that changes starting next week. i'm gonna Kick Out the Jams and bust out some posts. War Damn Eagle, i'm even gonna be kinda positive... and not "You've got Herpes" positive, No Way! i'm doin' it up KANYE WEST ALL CAPITAL LETTERS STYLE FULL OF EXCITEMENT WE ARE GONNA WIN EVERYGAME SCREW ALL THE DOUBTERS ROCK AND ROLL.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

for no apparent reason: My Top 100 Favorite Songs of the Decade

Pitchfork made their top 500 songs of the decade list...I guess it's safe to assume nothing in these last 4 months is gonna be worthy of inclusion, whatever. Anyways I agreed with some of their picks, others I thought they totally dropped the ball on. Anyways if VH1 asked me to put together a list of the Top 100 songs of the decade then this would be mine.

1. The Walkmen- The Rat
2. The Rapture- House Of Jealous Lovers
3. Outkast- Hey Ya
4. The Strokes- Last Night
5. The White Stripes- Fell In Love With A Girl
6. Spoon- The Way We Get By
7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Maps
8. Phoenix- Too Young
9. Franz Ferdinand- Take Me Out
10. Interpol- PDA
11. TV On The Radio- Staring At The Sun
12. LCD Soundsystem- Losing My Edge
13. R. Kelly- Ignition (remix)
14. M.I.A.- Paper Planes
15. Kanye West- Flashing Lights
16. Radiohead- Idioteque
17. Jay Z- Big Pimpin'
18. Outkast- B.O.B.
19. Youngbloodz- 85
20. The Exploding Hearts- Throwaway Style
21. Bloc Party- Banquet
22. Grinderman- No Pussy Blues
23. No Doubt- Hella Good
24. The Strokes- Hard To Explain
25. The Lilys- Will My Lord Be Gardening
26. The Shins- Kissing the Lipless
27. Arcade Fire- Wake Up
28. Broken Social Scene- Cause = Time
29. Radiohead- All I Need
30. Justin Timberlake- Like I Love You
31. The Killers- When You Were Young
32. MGMT- Time To Pretend
34. Dr. Dre- Still D.R.E.
35. LCD Soundsystem- Someone Great
36. TV On The Radio- Wolf Like Me
37. The Radio Dept.- Pulling Our Weight
38. Silversun Pickups- Lazy Eye
39. Ted Leo & RX- I'm a Ghost
40. Andrew WK- Party Hard
41. Lil Wayne- A Milli
42. Kanye West- Gold Digger
43. Death Cab for Cutie- Soul Meets Body
44. White Stripes- Seven Nation Army
45. M83- Don't Save Us From The Flames
46. Air- Playground Love
47. Yo La Tengo- You Can Have It All
48. Beck- Lost Cause
49. Sonic Youth- Incinerate
50. Morrissey- The First Of the Gang To Die
51. Jay Z- 99 Problems (Dangermouse grey album version)
52. Gnarls Barkley- Crazy
53. Dinosaur Jr.- Almost Ready
54. Bat For Lashes- Daniel
55. Phoenix- 1901
56. David Byrne & Brian Eno- Strange Overtones
57. Wilco- Jesus, Etc.
58. No Age- Teen Creeps
59. Death From Above 1978- Romantic Rights
60. Radio 4- Dance to the Underground
61. Chromatics- In The City
62. LCD Soundsystem- All My Friends (Franz Ferdinand remix)
63. The Faint- Agenda Suicide
64. The Rapture- Out of the Races and Onto The Tracks
65. Jimmy Eat World- The Middle
66. Belle & Sebastian- If She Wants Me
67. Vampire Weekend- Oxford Comma
68. The Strokes- New York City Cops
69. Deerhunter- Nothing Ever Happened
70. Devendra Banhart- Lover
71. The Clientele- We Could Walk Together
72. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Cheated Hearts
73. Broken Social Scene- Lover's Spit
74. MGMT- Kids
75. Mike Jones- Still Tippin'
76. Maximo Park- Apply Some Pressure
77. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead- Another Morning Stoner
78. !!!- Heart of Hearts
79. Spoon- Everything Hits At Once
80. The Icarus Line- Party The Baby Off
81. Shocking Pinks- Emily
82. Jay Reatard- Always Wanting More
83. The Libertines- Don't Look Back Into The Sun
84. Q & Not U- A Line In The Sand
85. The Stills- Lola, Stars and Stripes
86. Modest Mouse- Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
87. Missy Elliott- Get Your Freak On
88. Lil' Scrappy- No Problem
89. The Warlocks- Shake The Dope Out
90. Fugazi- Full Disclosure
91. Interpol- NYC
92. Guided By Voices- Glad Girls
93. Spoon- I Summon You
94. PJ Harvey with Thom Yorke- This Mess We're In
95. Mobb Deep- Get It Twisted
96. The Strokes- Under Control
97. Black Lips- Dirty Hands
98. Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti- For Kate I Wait
99. The Killers- All These Things I've Done
100. Elliott Smith- A Fond Farewell

for Pitchfork's list go here.

Monday, August 24, 2009

NFL 2009 Predictions










Wild cards- Texans & Titans

Champs- Chargers










Wild cards- Bears, Cowboys

Champ- Giants

Superbowl Champion- Giants

MVP- Drew Brees

Poor Crazy Old Man

Dr. Lou wants you to know that Notre Dame is gonna play Florida for the National Title this year. yeah, he actually said that.

is it time for Mark May and Reece Davis to put the ole' Doctor in a home?

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Week And a Day and the Pain Starts

this is everything you'll need for the 2009 college football season, Auburn fans.

positive vibes friday: I'm Feeling Nostalgic for The Blues Explosion

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion performing "2 Kindsa Love" for some tv show. Jon Spencer is easily one of the top 5 frontmen i have ever seen perform in my life right behind Iggy Pop, James Brown, Guy Picciotto of Fugazi, and Ian Svenonius of the Make Up.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Everyone Likes a Darkhorse

okay, so i already wasted my time with a useless pre-season poll. amd now i unleash my even more useless top Darkhorses/Sleepers in the BCS conferences.

1. Arkansas- Arkansas is EVERYONE's sleeper pick this season, so maybe believing the hype isn't the safest bet, but The Hawgs have 8 very winnable games and also they could easily upset a team like LSU or Ole Miss on the road. i predict 9-3 and a 2nd or 3rd place finish in the SEC West and a trip to a New Year's bowl. then they'll be the hyped Top 10 team to fall on their face in 2010.

2. North Carolina State- granted everyone in the ACC probably could qualify as a Darkhorse/Sleeper but i think NC State could be this year's GA Tech. their two toughest home games are North Carolina at the end of the year and the always schizophrenic Clemson. their road slate seems rough on paper with Wake, Va Tech, FSU, & Boston College. NC State also has the league's top QB.

3. Stanford- last year Stanford was 5-7. this year they return almost their entire starting offense and most of their defense. they have a tough schedule for sure but i see 6 or 7 wins including an upset or two. then Jim Harbaugh is gonna start getting talked about as the next coach at Michigan when the Rich Rod flame out finishes in one more year.

4. Texas Tech- noone is talking about The Red Raiders...and i couldn't really tell you why. i mean YES they did lose their record breaking QB and star Wide receiver, but it's never been about the players at Texas Tech. it's the system. they always win 8 or 9 games. they always score a ton of points. they always go to a bowl. they'll probably end up ranked in the top 25. this is why i was excited about the prospects of the Good Captain Leach coming to the Plains....oh well.

5. Kansas- they've got a veteran QB in Todd Reesing and a descent running game. and should be able to build momentum with wins in the first 5 games of the season. granted their schedule is a son-of-a-bitch (Texas & Oklahoma, & Texas Tech from the South...that's just not fair) but they could easily win all the rest of the games on their schedule and win the North division.

6. Illinois- sure their schedule is tough-ish with non-conference games that include Missouri, Cincinnati, & Fresno State (seriously take some pointers from Penn State...load up on cupcakes) but they've got the most talent and speed in Big 10 outside of Ohio State. look for a 3rd place finish and 8 or 9 wins.

7. Auburn- go ahead, call me a homer...but nobody thinks Auburn is gonna do shit this season. 6-6 seems to be the consensus among experts AND despite being a pretty negative blogger i still have fucking faith in my Auburn Tigers. 8-4 and a trip back to the Peach/Chik-Fil-A/Whatever the Fuck Bowl.

A Public Service Announcement

Hey Recruit,

Were you a Husky boy as a child?

Do you consider yourself a 4th mealer or a 5th mealer?

If someone was trying to take your food would you be able to knock that person down with ease?

Do you enjoy the color orange? Does it make you think of Halloween which makes you think of candy?

Would sex with a woman be considered a lethal act?

Would you be able to engage in physical activity for several hours, once a week, without dying?

if you answered YES to most or all of these then Come on down to Auburn, Alabama and become a Tiger. it's in the South, so you know the food is good.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hey Dude, Your List Sucks

the Bleacher Report (some stupid baseball blog written by jerkoffs from the North East) compiled their WORST FANS IN SPORTS list. i'll save you the trouble of clicking over and getting hit with all the spam. their top 10 are....

10. the Cubs for being whiners (agreed)
9. New York Rangers (it's Hockey, who cares)
8. Red Sox for turning into the Yankees(i agree with their inclusion but i'd put them at number 1)
7. The Cardinals for being too nice and not booing (what?)
6. New Jersey Nets for not existing (dude, think outside your tiny Northeastern box. no one knows or cares about the Nets.)
5. Eagles for being evil pricks (yes)
4. Cowboys for not winning a playoff game since Clinton (what does that have to do with their fans?)
3. The Yankees for being snobs (okay. i'm sure you can tell by now that the guy who wrote this is a Mets fan.)
2. Raiders for dressing up in crazy costumes and for their team sucking (i think that qualifies them as diehards...but okay dude, whatever)
1. The Phillies for being violent and crazy (also i would agree, but the Red Sox are still more annoying).

okay first off this list doesn't include a single college fanbase which is not a surprise because people from the city of New York are only aware of things that happen in the North East or things they learn on Sportscenter. noone in New York has ever watched a college football game so they would never know how awful/insane/and retarded things are in THE SEC, Big 10, or Big 12. i mean, what about Texas or Oklahoma? no Red Sox fan has ever ripped off the balls of a Yankees fan, that i am aware of. and where's the hate for the Florida Marlin's non-existant fanbase? they've won TWO FUCKING WORLD SERIES and draw about the same as a Double A baseball team. also any list that leaves off the Duke Blue Devils is completely invalid.

Dear Douchebag,

the Vikings are fucking retarded bringing this hillbilly, attention whore, douchebag onto their team. Super Bowl?! yeah fucking right. Tavaris Jackson had better fucking numbers than Favre did down the stretch to end the season. i wish someone would just Theismann his ass and we'd never have to hear about him playing ever again.

Monday, August 17, 2009


this pictures illustrates how rough of and offseason it's been for the Tigers and how badly they need to get back on the field and play some football. i can't remember a season that i have wanted to just go ahead and start more than this one. although i'm prone to be angry and negative, i'm attempting to remain as optimistic as possible....yeah right.

Friday, August 14, 2009


i took a nap, i woke up, i checked all the blogs and noteworthy Auburn sites and Chris Todd IS ACTUALLY the Auburn QB and it wasn't a dream and Tony Franklin didn't secretly steal Gus Malzahn's identity. so that leaves me with no other choice....

(no, not a coup)






shameless plug for my show tonight. come out tonight if you can. fun times.

it's not like you got shit else to do in Athens tonight.

Positive Vibes Friday: Eaten By Teenage Vampires

This is exactly how i want to die.

for more random awesomeness check out my tumblr. it's like this blog, minus anything about sports and with lots of pictures of hot girls and nerdy stuff.


THIS is amazing.

thanks Plainsman Parking Lot for that serious LOL. i really wish i knew how to use photoshop, damnit.

What Burns Never Returns...

...yeah that's right i made a Don Caballero reference in regards to our former would-be QB savior. what, you weren't into late 90s post-rock?

2 seasons ago when Kodi Burns arrived at Auburn i had visions of Dameyune Craig, Micheal Bishop, Dennis Dixon, Pat White, Charlie Ward, & even Tommie Frazier dancing in my head. too bad Auburn doesn't run the old Nebraska option offense...Burns woulda been perfect for that. sadly for all the kids potential he was just never the #1 thing a QB needs to be....Consistent. i blame the constant changes in the offense more than anything, but at the end of the day the coaches didn't believe in him and so that was that.

Burns best quote about losing the job:
"I just told them that I love each and every one of them," he said. "We work together, we sweat together, we bleed together out there working out. I was the guy last year. And things change. Things change for the better most of the time. And things happen for a reason. Just like I said, Chris Todd is the quarterback and whether they wanted me or wanted another quarterback -- it doesn't matter. Chris is the guy. We have to get behind him. He's going to be a leader of this team. I'm also going to be a leader of this team as well."

word. i will be rooting for the kid...

and so it goes for Kodi Burns. welcome to the fantastic world of Auburn receivers.

video via The Goldmine.

Auburn names a starting QB

The Return Of The One-Armed Man

so at the end of last season, after the wheels completely fell off the Spread Eagle ,and all the blame had been spread around, and the tailspin of failure was completely out of control, and Kodi Burns was finally Auburn's starting QB because it was painfully obvious that he was the ONLY option...i would've never in a MILLION FUCKING YEARS guessed that Chris Todd would ever start another game for the Auburn Tigers. AND YET HE FUCKING LIVES!!!! and by that i mean that the Chizik has named Chris Todd as the Auburn starter for the 09 season opener vs. Louisiana Tech. WTF?!?!?!?!?!

if you asked me to bet on who was gonna win the starting job between Neil Caudle, Kodi Burns, Tyrik Rollison, and Chris Todd i would've picked Todd last. i mean Chris Fucking Todd?!?! are you serious?!?! i lost patience with that dude after the Vandy game. remember how that went down?

yeah just like that.

so yeah, Chris Todd. wrap your motherfucking mind around that shit if you haven't already blown it out of your fucking skull with a shotgun. Season of Death 2: The Re-Deathening should be hella rad, dude.

the battle for the back-up spot is between junior Neil Caudle and freshman Tyrik Rollison. and what about Kodi Burns? oh, he's now the WILDCAT QB and a wide receiver. he says he's not gonna transfer...probably cuz he figures if he can't beat out this collection of stiffs what chance does he have anywhere else? besides with the shitty state of Auburn's receiving corp i wouldn't be surprised if he ends up a starter. i really feel bad for Kodi, he never had a fucking chance. one assumes that if Rollison ends up being the backup then he's probably gonna be the starter at some point in the season whenever things go to shit and Auburn's just playing for 2010. i guess the coaches must just said, "Hey you know what would be really funny? we should take this offense that's supposed to be all about pace and the QB's ability to make plays and then just pick the slowest guy on the team and make him be the QB. you know the guy who drove all the fans nuts and who couldn't throw the ball more than 10 yards down the field. that would be the ultimate lulz."

so i say it one more time just so it sinks into that blackhole i call a brain: CHRIS TODD IS THE STARTING QB FOR AUBURN IN 2010.

Dear Chris Todd,

please be like Matt Ryan and make me eat a big shit sandwich. understand that it's not personal and i just like having shit to be angry about. i will root my ass off for you.


yr friend,


Thursday, August 13, 2009

oh yeah and some dude named Vick is an Eagle now

just as i was eating dinner and getting ready for band practice i heard the news: Mike Vick signed with the motherfucking Eagles. say what? yeah i'm sure this will work out fine. let's take Mike Vick who is a PR nightmare and stick his ass in a racist city like Philly with the biggest bunch of asshole fans in the country (outside of the Red Sox) and let's not forget that you've got a big sulking pussy named McNabb who is starting ahead of him and will no doubt get injured at some point this year and force Vick to have to start. FIREWORKS BABY, FIREWORKS!!!

ugggghhhh. December 6th when the Eagles come to Atlanta is going to be ugly. like in the most dumbass, annoying, and terrible kind of way.

Hey, It's my completely useless Pre-Season College Football poll

Everybody's doin' it...might as well throw mine out there too.

1. Florida
2. Texas
3. USC
4. Oklahoma
5. Ohio State
6. California
7. LSU
8. Alabama
9. Penn State
10. Virginia Tech
11. Ole' Miss
12. Oregon
13. Oklahoma State
14. Florida State
15. Georgia Tech
16. Georgia
17. North Carolina
18. TCU
19. Boise State
20. Iowa
21. BYU
22. Utah
23. Kansas
24. Oregon State
25. Arkansas

no love from me for the Irish. you gotta do more than beat Hawaii in a shitty bowl game to trick me into thinking you're worthy of the top 25.

so yeah my top 25 is pretty much the same as most everyone else's with some switching of positions here and there. i'd like it to be known that i DO NOT think Ole' Miss is going to be a top 25 team this year when the seasons ends. i see them going 4-4 in the SEC with a trip to the Chik-Fil-A bowl or worse. they've got the talent top be in the top 10, i just forsee them being this year's Auburn. my Darkhorse SEC team is going to be Arkansas. they've got a good schedule, their offense should be killer, and someone in the SEC is always a surprise.



1. Florida
2. Georgia
3. Tennessee
3. South Carolina
5. Vanderbilt
6. Kentucky


1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. Arkansas
4. Ole Miss
4. Auburn
6. Miss. St.


BCS Title- Florida over Texas
Rose- USC over Ohio State
Sugar- LSU over Penn State
Fiesta- Oklahoma over Boise State
Orange- Virginia Tech over West Virginia


Tim Tebow
Colt McCoy
Sam Bradford
Terell Pryor
Jevan Sneed

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So Does The BIG EAST still get to keep it's Auto-BCS bid this year?

when i posted the pre-season top 25 last week i totally forgot to note the fact that NOT ONE SINGLE TEAM from the Big East was in the top 25. NOT ONE!!!! Cinci, Pitt, West Virginia, Rutgers, & South Florida all received around the same amount of votes from the Coaches meaning that nobody knows anything about any of those fucking teams. The Bearcats won the Big East last year but they lost a number of their best defensive players. Rutgers lost their QB, Pitt their star running back, West Virginia their greatest player in school history, and South Florida is South Florida....meaning they'll start out hot and then hit the late season fade just like every other year. so yeah what makes them worthy of an automatic BCS bowl bid this season? the Mountain West has 3 teams in the pre-season top 25 and the WAC has Boise State (as per usual). i really think it's time that the powers that be took that bid away and ended that stupid rule that says no more than 2 teams from a conference can go to a BCS bowl.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

War Eagle Angst

Jerry came out with a deeply frightening breakdown of Auburn's current depth woes. hey, at least we've got some good runningbacks! i've got nothing to add other than i'm slowly but surely trying to get my interest level in football back up...but sadly the more and more i think about the 09 season, the more and more i realize i'm gonna be pinning all my hopes on the Falcons this year and not the Tigers.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Help Wanted

i've become a very lazy blogger over the last few months when it comes to the world of sports. it's a combination of there being no football, Auburn's prospects not being that great for the season, me starting my band back up and being all busy with that, my obsession with my tumblr (if you've got one then follow me and i'll follow you and we can be tumblr friends), and just my general boredom during the summer. and so i think i could use a little help from anyone interested in generating some content for A Lifetime Of Defeats.

you don't have to be an Auburn, Falcons, Braves, or Hawks fan (but sharing my love of at least one of my teams would help), you just need to be interested in writing about sports in an off the cuff kind of way and not be afraid to offend anyone by dropping the occasional (or 50) f-bombs during a post and have a descent sense of humor about the pain and misery that rooting for your favorite team can bring you. shoot me an email at if you are interested.

also no lame BAMA jokes and obsession with what the fuck The Tide is doing, that's not my scene...that's what Track Em Tigers and all those stupid messageboards are for.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vintage BO

sweet Uni, Bo. i actually remember this issue of SI laying around the house and being super excited about Bo playing baseball.

and if that isn't enough: SUPER BO!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Positive Vibes Friday: IT'S BACK!!!

preseason or not, the NFL will be on this weekend and just in time, as Shark Week is almost over. :(

to quote my girlfriend, "Football on Sunday? Yay football!" how the hell did i get so lucky?

and so it begins, The Pre Season Coaches Poll Is Out

the coaches poll is out, kids. time to start bitching and complaining. actually i think you'd find it hard to argue with the top 4. Florida is the defending champs with virtually the exact same team coming back, Texas and Oklahoma were the top also rans, and USC is the most consistent team this decade no matter who they replace. but after that it's any one's guess. Bama is too high in my opinion, but i guess the Dark Lord gets more respect from his fellow coaches than Les Miles. Ole Miss is still a phantom top 10 team to me and i see 2008 Auburn or 2007 Arkansas written all over them. Ohio State is Ohio State. Penn State is about where i'd rank them. California and Oregon should be higher. Georgia and Virginia Tech should both be a little lower. Notre Dame is back in the top 25 because they beat Hawaii in the bowl game, whatever. North Carolina is WAY too least for me. i see them as a potential top 10 sleeper. but yeah, mostly it's a list that tells us that we don't know nothing about nothing. so let's play some football.

2009 preseason poll

Rank Team
4.Southern California
6.Ohio State
7.Virginia Tech
8.Penn State
11.Oklahoma State
15.Georgia Tech
16.Boise State
19.Florida State
20.North Carolina
23.Notre Dame
24.Brigham Young
25.Oregon State

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hey Athens, Next Friday Get Your Face Rocked

Friday Aug 14th @ The Caledonia. The Agenda and The Dumps. come for the garage rock and the falling on the ground and silliness. stay for the brutal metal onslaught. for the 10 people in America who ever liked The Agenda, you will be happy to know we've actually written new songs and will be debuting them at said show. should be a fun night, come out and get your rock on.

i know Auburn started practice. i'm sorry i haven't been blogging about football. i promise my profanity laced rants and stupid attempts at humor will return soon.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hey, Who Likes Stupid Arguments?

ESPN created some new poll for college football fans to vote for a BRAND NEW Division 1 A that includes only the top 40 programs in the country for some mythical SUPER LEAGUE. and though i agree that D1 could stand to trim a conference or two (The MAC and Sun Belt, most of the teams in Conference USA, some of the MAC & Mountain West), getting it down to a list of just 40 schools is pretty silly...mostly because you'd have to eliminate a number of state schools who would all be able to produce far better football programs without smaller schools sucking away talent (imagine how much better Texas A&M would be if Houston, UTEP, SMU, & Baylor weren't around). anyways only the top 8 SEC Schools made the cut (Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Auburn).

If there was to be a new Super Division then I think 60 teams would be a better number as you'd be able to include all the traditional powers, the major state schools from all those states who have DI programs, and then include a number of the successful smaller programs like Boise State, BYU, and Utah.

So here would be my Super 60:

The South

Ole Miss
South Carolina
Florida State
North Carolina
Georgia Tech
North Carolina State
Virginia Tech


Ohio State
Notre Dame
Penn State
Michigan State
Boston College
West Virginia
Kansas State

The West

Oregon State
Arizona State
Texas A&M
Texas Tech
Oklahoma State
Boise State

so yeah, 60 teams broken up into either 3 divisions of 20 or 6 divisions of 10 with 8 playoff spots up for grabs.