Friday, April 30, 2010

Atlanta, You're Fucking Out!

well at this point in the season the Braves look pretty good and fucked. i think it's about time they brought Kenny Powers back to help this team pull their heads out of their asses.

any thoughts on the matter Mr. Powers?

maybe not.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

so much for ATL optimism

So the Hawks are about to get bounced in the 1st round by the lousy Bucks and the Braves have been playing like total dogshit. The Falcons drafted a bunch of stiffs and will probably go 5-11. I hate being an Atlanta Sports fan.

Cam Newton named Auburn's #1 QB

As a surprise to exactly nobody, Coach Chizik named Cam Newton as Auburn's #1 QB post-Spring...which basically means he's gonna be the starting QB for 2010 unless he suddenly can't throw a football forwards or suffers some injury during fall practices.

this is yours now Auburn. be happy.

Hey Augusta

The Agenda and our friends Turf War will be rocking the Soul Bar in Augusta, GA on Saturday May 8th. it's our first time back to the Garden City since August. looking forward to this one.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tiger Prowl '10

good to see the Tigers are keeping shit low-key this time around.

My Super Sweet 16 Football Conference

first a word from the WU Tang Clan:

so the hot topic the last few weeks in college football has been the idea that the Big 10 will possibly expand to become the Big 10 + 5 (i wonder if they'll actually change their name this time?) by adding some combination of Big East schools like Rutgers, Pitt, Syracuse, and UConn or Notre Dame or Big 12 schools like Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and the very far fetched Texas. the SEC already says if it's a Super Conference war the Big 10 wants then it's a Super Conference War that they'll get. the likely hood that the Pac 10 would also swoop in and add some more schools as well seems probable too. the Big 12 and Big East would get fucked big time and the ACC would probably lose a few schools but also be able to hold themselves somewhat together. in the end we could end up with 4 Super Conferences of the Pac 16, SEC, Big 16, and a lesser powerful ACC. so let's play fantasy conference draft and guess who or what they might look like.

the Big 10 becoming the Big 16.
schools they most would want: Notre Dame, Texas, and Rutgers (for the TV market)Syracuse, Pitt, Missouri, Nebraska, or Kansas.

i can't see Texas joining for regional reasons and Notre Dame will stay independents until NBC quits paying them to be.

the new look Big 16

Michigan State

Ohio State
Penn State

The SEC would of course have a pick of the litter from either the under siege Big 12 or even the weaker ACC.
schools that would be on the radar: Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, FSU, Miami, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Louisville, & maybe even North Carolina...but that seems unlikely.

i think complaints from Florida and Georgia would keep Georgia Tech or any of the other Florida schools from joining the temptation to add Oklahoma and Texas would just be too damn big...and adding those schools state rivals probably would make the most sense, so OK State and Texas A&M get added on for good measure. i could however see South Carolina being replaced by Clemson...which is something old school Georgia fans might get excited about. in my universe that is exactly what would happen. also moving Auburn and Alabama to the east where most of their natural rivals reside would also be a likely mood basically turning the SEC East into the most rabid football divsion in all of college football and a fucking son of a bitch to ever win. also adding the Big 12 schools might lead to an alternating of SEC championship games between Atlanta and Dallas every other year....which could be fucking cool.

the new look SEC


Ole Miss
Mississippi State
Texas A&M
Oklahoma State

The ACC would be happy that they were able to hold onto Miami and Florida State and not really care that much about replacing South Carolina with Clemson. they'd swoop in on the ashes of the Big East and go ahead and make their standing as the nation's best basketball conference official by picking off UConn, Louisville, West Virginia, and then have to choose between South Florida or Cincinnati for that final spot. my guess is that Cincinnati being an Ohio school and not wanting to piss off FSU and Miami would give the Bearcats the edge.

new look ACC

Boston College
NC State
Wake Forest
South Carolina

Georgia Tech
North Carolina
Virginia Tech
West Virginia

With the Pac 10 being left to pick off Colorado from the corpse of the Big 12 and grab up the up and coming schools in the WAC and Mountain West they'd be able to strengthen what has slowly become a pretty average football conference.

the new look Pac 16

Oregon State
Washington State
Boise State

Arizona State
Fresno State

the completely destroyed Big 12 would do it's best to carry on with it's flagship basketball school Kansas and then nabbing as many of the leftover Texas schools as possible. the Big 12 becomes little more than mid major in the new world order.

Kansas State
Iowa State
Colorado State
Air Force

Texas Tech
LA Tech

the rest of the teams in the Moutain West would likely absorb whatever was left of the WAC and you might even see some schools decide to give up football all together knowing that they just can't manage to compete in this climate. the MAC would continue running as they always have, and whatever was left of Conference USA would likely merge with the Sunbelt forming a South Eastern version of the MAC. with 4 Super conferences and a 5th pretender you'd have every major football school together in a way that moving to a real 8 to 16 team playoff seems inevitable. Notre Dame of course being the pricks they are would still somehow remain included in this.

i don't know...this kinda seems like it will probably happen in the next 10 years. i'd be more shocked if it didn't.

Enemy of the State

don't let the lack of browness fool you. he's a foreigner. Arizona police will be arresting Steve Nash and shipping his ass back to Canada for stealing American jobs with the quickness.

(all rants should be directed to my "who gives a fuck what you think?" box. even my republican friends think that bill is racist as shit.)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Can't Believe I Watched The Entire 4th-7th rounds


-if you need another reason to pile on the "Tuberville can go fuck himself" bandwagon, only 2 fucking players getting drafted is all you need to say about the talent gap that was facing the 2008/2009 Tigers vs LSU, Bama, and the Floridas of the SEC. Hell Kentucky sent more players to the league this year. Auburn had the same number of players get drafted as fucking Vandy! I guess it should be no real shocker that those two teams beat us the last 2 years.

-that being said, how does Antonio Coleman go undrafted? Seriously. There were some pointless reaches in the 7th round on QBs who will never see a fucking snap in the NFL and a guy like Coleman who was an All-SEC player ends up as an undrafted free agent pick up for someone's practice squad? Ugggh.

-speaking of pointless draft picks and QBs...Jonathan Crompton was drafted!!! Are you people on crack? The guy was easily one of the worst QBs in the conference who was able to pad his stats against bad teams at the end of the year. Just further proof that noone in the NFL is watching college football.

-on the QBs who should've never left school front, Jevan Sneed...dude, what the hell were you thinking? There's nothing worse than being an undrafted underclassmen. Remember when Todd McShay said he would be a 1st round pick? Seriously how is that guy anymore qualified to spout bullshit on tv than you or me are?

-Mel Kiper wants to eat McShay's soul.

-the Falcons put together the most boring collection of "who the fuck are these guys?" That I can remember in years. Goddamn guys but this draft class fucking sucks. Way to fire up the fanbase. You could've at least drafted a Jonathan Dwyer for the hometown folks. Fucking Falcons.

-watching Jimmy Clausen's free fall was by far the most entertaining this about this year's draft. Hating Notre Dame will never be out of style.

-with Clausen and Josh Freeman in the NFC South I kind of feel like it's Atlanta and New Orleans division to duke it out for every year for the forseeable future.

-moving the draft to Thursday sucked...not so much for the 1st round but for the 2nd and 3rd rounds of Friday night. What kind of a dork sat at home on a Friday night and watched the draft? Friday nights are for nerd shut ins who watch sci fi shows. Duh.

-I'm so ready for college football season.


Listening to Trent Dilfer talk about what makes a good NFL QB will give you brain damage.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Josh McDaniels' Secret Revenge Plot to Destroy The Broncos

So is it just me or do you ever get the feeling that Josh McDaniels is secretly involving himself in a drawnout revenge plot against the Denver Broncos? Like maybe he's secretly a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan who never got over getting beaten by those Elway teams back in the 80s (like most Browns fans haven't...that was your best team ever) and so McDaniels worked hard and became a hotshot offensive coordinator so he'd one day be able become Denver's headcoach and then slowly but surely would trade away their two best players in Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshal and then shockingly draft Tim "I love jesus a lot but can't really throw a football properly" Tebow to sink the franchise into the sort of misery that only the Browns and Lions can understand. Maybe I'm wrong...but it's my theory. Call me nuts but It honestly makes way more sense than what is going on.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear Falcons,

Draft some dudes who rule.


your loyal friend in pain and misery,


Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Game 2010

so i attended Auburn's 2010 A-Day game last weekend and it was probably my most pleasant experience ever for an Auburn Spring game. fist of all, the weather was absolutely perfect in Auburn which may or may not have contributed to the record crowd. And the atmosphere (at least in the 1st half) was pretty far as Spring games go. there's definitely a since of anticipation surrounding these 2010 Tigers that you wouldn't have guessed would be possible last summer. the star of the game was Cam Newton, who received the loudest ovation of any player on the team and showed everyone that there is little doubt he's going to be the team's starting QB. Mario Fannin also seemed to solidify himself as Auburn's number 1 tailback for next season.

the A Day was basically a QB expo with the real show being a dual between Neil Caudle and Barrett Trotter for the backup behind Newton. both QBs looked sharp...with the slight edge, in my opinion, going to Trotter. he seems a little more athletic and has a slightly stronger arm. either way i feel a lot better about Auburn's QB situation in 2010 than i have since Brandon Cox's junior season.

also we got a treat at half time when members of the Auburn All Decade like Jason Campbell, Cadillac and Ronnie, Marcus McNeil, Ben Grubbs, Courtney Taylor, and several other stars of the Tuberville era were honored.

all in all it was the sort of Spring game that makes you proud of your team and gives you hope for the future.

special bonus was after the game i got to go inside and check out the brand new Auburn Basketball Arena. shit looks fucking sweet! camera phone pics to follow...

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Auburn All Decade Team

QB - Jason Campbell
RB - Carnell Williams
RB - Ronnie Brown
WR - Ben Obomanu
WR - Courtney Taylor
OT - Marcus McNeill
OG - Ben Grubbs
OC - Danny Lindsey
OG - Monreko Crittenden
OT - Kendall Simmons
TE - Cooper Wallace

DE - Quentin Groves
DT - DeMarco McNeil
DT - Sen'Derrick Marks
DE - Antonio Coleman
LB - Karlos Dansby
LB - Dontarrious Thomas
LB - Travis Williams
CB - Carlos Rogers
CB - Jerraud Powers
S - Junior Rosegreen
S - Will Herring

K - John Vaughn
P - Kody Bliss
RS - Tristan Davis

A Day 2010 2morrow

War Eagle, fuckers.


just remember....

i'll be there at Jordan-Hare taking notes, checking out co-eds, take crappy pics, complaining about how everyone wears too much orange and is too fat to pull it off, eating lots of overpriced stadium food, and eventually falling asleep in the shade because i'm bored to tears by the walk-ons getting all the reps in the 4th quarter. it should be a grand day of fun on the Plains. hopefully the weather is as nice in Auburn as it has been in Athens all week.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quick Thoughts about The NFL Draft

For the first time in years I have paid almost zero attention to the offseason and I have a general idea of who the top prospects are but I am truly clueless as to who my Falcons are thinking about drafting next week. All I really know is that the Dirty Birds need to get someone to sack the QB and so I am guessing DE is gonna be a top need. Also linebacker is pretty thin and so with that in mind I can only assume either an LB or DE will come off the board first. Some other holes I hope they address would be finding a suitable backup for Michael Turner. I love Norwood's big play capability but I just don't think he's shown the ability to be an every down back if Turner should go down with a major injury. So if Ben Tate is sitting there in round 3 i'd like to see Atlanta pull that trigger...or really in good runningback available. Also finding some players who can actually cover people in the secondary would be nice. It seems like every year the Falcons take a cornerback or two and none of them stick. Finally i'd be very happy if Atlanta took a wide receiver somewhere in the middle rounds to start grooming a replacement for Michael Jenkins. Anyways those are my thoughts. I doubt I'm even gonna watch much of the draft since I watch actual TV shows on Thursday, will have something better to do on Friday, and Saturday is just late rounds. So good luck Dirty Birds, we got a Super Bowl to win next year.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Saturday = A Day

i'll be in Auburn this weekend for the 2010 A-Day game with my old man. looking forward to getting an early look at the new QB and hopefully some of the new talent that will be making an impact this year.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

BRAVES 2-0, can we just skip ahead to the World Series?

So after ACTUALLY watching two whole Braves games i can say that i am mostly fucking thrilled about this year's team...more so than i can remember being in years...shit maybe even a decade. sure i'm not in love with Melky Cabrera and Troy Glaus and would've much rather seen Matt Diaz in leftfield...but that being said the way Cox has situated the lineup this team should be able to score a lot of runs, something that hasn't always been the team's forte of late. assuming Glaus can regain any of his pre-2008 form where he was a legit power threat and assuming both Escobar and Heyward can produce in the 6 and 7 spots, there's no reason not to assume that Atlanta could be one of the higher scoring teams in MLB. the pitching staff is probably the best and deepest it's been since some guys named Smoltz, Glavine, Maddux, and Avery were the rotation. The Phillies may be most of the experts pick to win the East and possibly go the World Series but i fully expect Atlanta to take back the Division this year...or be the NL Wild Card team at the very least. of course if injuries hit the lineup or pitching staff then shit could be over real quick for Bobby Cox's final run. but i'm choosing to be optimistic.

hell, with the Braves seemingly returning to their status as one of Baseball's elite teams, the Atlanta Hawks emerging as one of the best young teams in the NBA, and the Falcons having a foundation for their future we could be looking at a coming golden age for Atlanta sports. i don't wanna be ridiculous and predict championships, but there's no reason not to believe that at least one of those 3 teams will win a title in the coming years. shit, if they all won championships it might ruin my entire relationship with my sports teams....but then again i'd trade a decade of losing seasons for the Braves, Hawks, and Falcons for just one national championship for Auburn. but that goes without saying.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's His Town Now

enjoy this clip while you can before MLB comes in yanks it off youtube (which will probably be by the end of the day). Jason Heyward in his first Major League at bat totally crushed it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Future is NOW

Jason Fucking Heyward...aka the reason i will be actually watching the Braves this season with some pure excitement behind it instead of out of habit.


In Defense Of Jason Campbell (and all young NFL QBs)

well that's probably that for former Auburn QB and one time 1st round draft pick Jason Campbell. just call it another young NFL QB that gets thrown onto the trash heap because he can't overcome his team's shortcomings, poor drafting, bad free agent moves, and lousy coaching. why teams even bother drafting quarterbacks in the 1st round anymore is kind of beyond me. if you look at all the 1st round QB picks of the last decade less than half of them made it as a starter and of that half most aren't even with their original team. Campbell will now be strapped with the BUST tag even if he showed steady improvement (despite not having much of a line or receiving corp) but he just doesn't have that IT quality to be a super star in a league and division obsessed with quarterbacks. when Washington hired Mike Shanahan i thought finally Campbell would have the coach who could take him and turn him into the type of QB that i have long imagined he could be...but the temptation of the quick fix of landing an aging (and often injured) veteran like McNabb was just too much to pass up. sure i may be biased as an Auburn fan but i really doubt this move is going to do more than make the Redskins a .500 team for a couple of seasons. more than likely Campbell is going to get cut or traded before the draft and then Washington will be just a McNabb injury (which you and i both know will happen) away from having Sexy Rexy Grossman as their starting QB.

with some luck on Campbell's part he'll end up getting picked up by a team with a solid veteran QB who needs a quality backup with some NFL starting experience and a stable coaching staff and he can learn for a few more seasons and then get his shot again in a few years...but considering the way the NFL views former 1st round QBs who didn't stick around with the team that drafted them it could be the end of his career. what a bunch of bullshit. i hate the NFL.