Sunday, September 14, 2008

The NFLs Week 2: This Is Jay Cutler's World just take up space in it.

-so i just wanna go ahead and say i fucking called it that Jay Cutler would be a star and that he'd be a better Pro QB then Vince Young or Matt Leinart before the draft. and now look, 3 seasons later and Cutler is emerging as the next great NFL QB while Leinart is sitting on the bench behind Kurt Warner's old ass and Vince is thinking about offing himself. it's hard not to love a guy like Jay. i mean dude made Vanderbilt respectable his senior year, for that alone i would have drafted him. best SEC QB not named Manning currently residing in the NFL.
-fuck the Chargers. two last second losses two weeks in a row. this team has no killer instinct and L.T. looks like he's finally hit the wall. Paper Champions.
-god the Bengals suck. i mean is it possible for them to just keep getting worse and worse every goddamn year? if i was Carson Palmer i'd be asking to be traded out of that black hole ASAP.
-Al Davis should say he's gonna fire Lane Kiffin every week. The Raiders show us all that there is a team out their worse than them and they are named the Chiefs. oh yeah and Justin Fargas may as well start packing his bags cuz Darren McFadden has arrived. thank you very much. The Raiders Starter jacket is waiting for me to break it out.
-Aaron Rogers blah blah blah blah blah. kid looks good. i'm thinking that the 49ers probably are wishing they could go back and do that draft over again.
-man, nobody chokes away a victory with the same sort of style that the Vikings do.
-was that Jason Campbell throwing for 300+ yards and winning a game? Well War Fucking Eagle me in the ass. he's turned into a real life NFL QB. way to go kid. you are doing the Auburn Tigers proud.

-The Jets still suck. the Patriots will still win that crappy division. Favre can eat a bag of dicks.
-The Unbeatable Juggernaut of The Atlanta Falcons came crashing back to reality and Fucknuts McWhitey began his quest to throw 30+ interceptions this season. The Falcons are not gonna be beating any teams who can stop the run and Ryan finally showed us what happens if he has to throw the ball more than a dozen times....and it's not a pretty sight.
-and finally watching that Steelers at the Browns game made me wish i had just watched Adult Swim instead. being a Browns fan must be the worst thing in the world.

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