Friday, June 29, 2007

are you sure people actually care about the NBA anymore?

did you watch the NBA Draft last night? yeah me neither. so much for all that Kobe Bryant getting some help in the form of Kevin Garnett or Jermaine O'Neal hype. a whole fuck of a lot of talk from the evil masters at ESPN trying to create stories that don't actualy exist (isn't that what put Fox News on the map?) blah blah blah Oden goes to Portland, Durrant to Seatle and who gives a shit about everyone else. as has been the case the past few drafts the Hawks passed up on the best point guard in the draft, this year being Ohio State's Mike Connely Jr., and instead added another fucking Forward, in the form of Florida's Al Horford, to their mix. i think that brings the grand total to about 11 or 12 on the roster and then they took Acie Law with their second 1st round pick finally adding a point guard to pass the ball to all those forwards and swingmen. glad to see they were at least smart enough to stay away from any of the trades that would surely brought an aging dickhead superstar who would just opt out of his contract after one year to Hotlanta.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


oh sweet sweet lord. it's that time of the year when a borderline suicidal personality like myself can feel at ease and everything seems rosey and perfect because my favorite college football team (read: Auburn Tigers in case you weren't paying attention) has yet to take the field and fail to live up to the lofty expectations i have put upon them.

that's right kids, The Athlon pre-season mags are out and thankfully my Tigers are right where i want them to be...ranked, yet ranked low, number 21 to be exact. whenever the team falls outside of the top 10 i usually feel like our chances are good at having an excellent season. although the last time they were ranked this low it ended up fucking the team out of a chance at the National Championship in 2004, but still i'll take an undefeated season over getting destroyed by USC like Oklahoma did.

as is normally the case Athlon picked USC to win it all....not that it's very hard to reason with such logic. they are returning 80% of a very talented team that pretty much destroyed Michigan, Cal, and Notre Dame last year. USC is probably the most talented team in the country by leaps and bounds and it wouldn't be much of a stretch to assume that at least 10 players from this years team will go in the first 2 rounds of next year's NFL Draft, but all that said....i see this USC team tripping up on their way to the alter. right now i have a funny little feeling that we might get a West Virginia vs SEC Champ National Title or maybe Texas Vs. Michigan (if Michigan can ever figure out how to beat Ohio State)...regardless it feels like it's gonna be another crazy fucking year in college football. i mean who outside of Gainsville had the Gators winning it all last year? not many. if i have learned one thing from last years season is that i know nothing. or not nearly as i pretend.

with all that being said, i have a few not so bold predictions. i see Virginia Tech upestting LSU early to which much will be made about the VT football team being some sort of a healing force for the victims of the campus massacre blah blah blah. i see Miami making a comeback and returning to the top 10 this season, just cuz they the 'Canes and they can bring da ruckus. and i see BAMA getting beaten by my Tigers for a sixth straight season ending with my friend Mike (life long 'Tide fan) tossing his TV out the window and swearing off college football forever.

my preseason top 25 is gonna have to wait as it helps to know about a few weeks before the season actually starts which star players will be suspended, arrested, flunked out, or shot at a stip club and will have a significant effect on their schools ability to beat an upstart Arizona squad at home or whatever. so anyways that's coming.