Monday, September 8, 2008

Coming To Terms With Chris Todd

the words Junior College Transfer and Starting Quarterback are never really a combination the strikes excitement into the hearts of fans, but looks like those words are likely gonna be what Auburn has for itself this season as Chris Todd pretty much went out this Saturday and won the starting QB job for the Tigers by putting together a very efficient performance against Southern Miss. the Tigers moved the ball with ease and had a pretty good rhythm on offense and if it hadn't have been for the 2 fumbles in the redzone by Tate and Lester, the Tigers would have blown Southern Miss the fuck out. Kodi Burns came in for a few series in the 2nd half and pretty much did nothing, except for a QB sneak touchdown in the redzone. Auburn obviously will still use Burns a lot in rushing situations or as a change of pace, but it looks like Todd is the clear cut choice as the starter. oh well, i had my hopes set on Kodi because he's dynamic...i really hope he doesn't decide to transfer to another school, because i think with more time in this offense he could become a star, in the same way it took a couple of years before Dennis Dixon suddenly exploded onto the scene for Oregon. regardless Todd does give Auburn the best chance to win right now, and with the defense and running game that Auburn has, now is the time to win...not tomorrow.

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