Monday, September 22, 2008

The NFLs Week 3: All Ya'll Haters Can Kiss Ronnie Brown's Black Ass

-i don't care if they are my fantasy defense, watching Ronnie Brown destroy the fucking Patriots on Sunday was awesome. was it the best performance by a former Auburn player in one game ever? maybe, i mean i give the edge to Bo for one of those 90 yards runs he was famous for, but good god, Ronnie...i never knew you had that in you. Why didn't Tommy just play you at QB? this makes me happier than any Falcons win ever could. i guess all those douchebags who play fantasy football that were saying you were done and overrated can eat a nice big bag of dicks. War Eagle Ronnie! you are the king of the NFL for a week.

-in other former Auburn player news, Jason Campbell continues to look like an actual NFL QB for the 2nd week in a row. War Eagle Lionel Richie lookin' boy you.

-last week's king Jay Cutler is on his quest to make the Titans and Cardinals loathe the last names Leinart and Young, as The Broncos won another shoot out over the Saints to go to 3-0. sure they can't play any defense, but right now you have to say that the Broncos are one of the top 3 offenses in the league. Wilford Brimley is stoked for you Jay.

-if the Falcons could only play the Bengals, The 49ers, The Browns, and The Rams then they might be a playoff team

-oh, the close...yet so far way.

-The Cowboys still look like the NFL's best team. The Eagles are #2 till McNabb gets hurt around week 7 and then they are fucked from there.

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