Friday, September 5, 2008

V is for Vandy! V is for Victory!!!

Ball Coach, you just got Vandy! Again! oh sweet mercy!

last night in a drunken haze i watched Vanderbilt rattle off 21 straight points to knock off #24 ranked South Carolina and set the wheels of the Steve Spurrier "I'm sick of this losing bullshit, I'm gonna retire after this season." scenario into motion. this was Vanderbilt's first home win against a ranked team since 1992. Jesus! this is the 2nd year in a row that Vandy has beaten South Carolina while they've been a top 25 team. i guess this is just more proof that god is punishing Spurrier for all those years of running up the score against SEC teams.

apparently there must be something to this BLACK OUT business as the Commodores called for one last night. watching that sea of nerds dressed in all black and cheering for their sorry ass football team in the overrated highschool stadium is the sort of thing that makes you realize why you love College Football more than your friends or family.

Right now though the day belongs to the gold and black. is there a better shitty team in the country than those loveable scamps in Nashville? if they just moved to the ACC they could be champions. is this gonna be the year that Vandy gets bowl eligible? probably not, but for at least one week they get to be the undefeated SEC East leaders.

one assumes that the Stephen Garcia era begins next week for South Carolina, but how long before he gets arrested? my early bet for number of QBs who will play this season for the 'Cocks is 6.

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