Friday, September 5, 2008

Suicide Watch (2008): Week 2

oh, Southern Mississippi, how i once cringed at the sound of your name. Southern Miss were once upon a time the giant killers of the South Eastern Conference, knocking off Auburn, Alabama, and dominating Mississippi State and Ole' Miss to the point that they quit playing the Golden Eagles. but these are different times. Brett Favre ain't walking through that door. Southern Miss remains about as respectable as a cupcake can get though, especially for an early season matchup with a new offense and a 1st time starter at QB going for Auburn.

the Golden Eagles' are a classic running team that plays good defense who have since switched to a high powered spread attack this season...hmmm, sounds familiar for some reason. the big threat is running back Damion Fletcher who rushed for 1,388 yards last season. last week Southern Miss completely destroyed UL-Lafayette putting up 51 points and gaining over 600 yards. this could be a shootout if Auburn makes dumb turnovers and can't get the passing game going.

Auburn comes into this game ranked in the top 10 in both polls, but the ugly passing game last week has got some of the fans rumbling about the new offense. Auburn needs to go out and light up the fucking scoreboard on Saturday. Kodi Burns isn't likely to play at all because of his leg injury, so it's Chris Todd's team for now. hopefully his much talked about arm is actually as good as advertised and hopefully the receivers have learned how to catch a fucking football. just don't throw it to Robert "Stone Hands" Dunn.

i expect the offense the produce through the air and on the ground and cruise to an easy victory, something in the 35-17 or 48-24 variety. this is the last game for the Tigers to work out the kinks before they start SEC play next week against Mississippi State.

potential for tragedy: 4, talent gap or not, Southern Miss would love nothing more than to remind Auburn that they've beaten them before. they've got a great runningback, and Knowshon Moreno showed everyone last year what can happen if a back gets hot against Auburn.

method of suicide: blow yourself to pieces cuz your new offense is a joke and your season is a gonna be one of those long sucky ones.

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