Thursday, January 31, 2008

Superbowl Sunday = Super Monday Hangover

when are they gonna just move to Superbowl to a Saturday? College football doesn't play the National Title game on a Saturday, so why is the NFL so hungup on keeping the Superbowl on Sunday? it's fucking stupid and cuts American productivity in half on the Monday afterwards. blah blah blah, this argument has been made a thousand times and will be made a thousand more. i'll just be glad when this NFL season is behind us. after the Pats finish off this perfect run on Sunday then i can look forward to something i actually care about. the Draft. the lack of posts on this site are directly linked to the fact that i don't care who wins the Superbowl and i'm just sitting around waiting for National signing day so i can speculate on Auburn's incoming class. anyways, enjoy this song about getting high with dinosaurs.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

There's no such thing as the Northeast media bias

no, it's all a myth created by the little people not lucky enough to live in the cities of Boston or New York. that being said ESPN interrupted nearly every story they were doing on Sportscenter to let us all know that Johan Santana was being traded to the Mets. i'm sure they would have given just as much coverage if Santana had been traded to the Mariners. i'm sure.

that being said, the Braves are fucked. The Mets just got that best pitcher in baseball and all the Braves did was add an ancient pitcher (Tom Glavine) and a washed up catcher (Javy Lopez) who are passed their prime and are getting a second chance with the Braves mostly because they were fan favorites. that money could have probably been better spent. oh well. i don't care about baseball anymore anyways.

Monday, January 28, 2008

football withdrawl

it's still nearly a week to the Superbowl and it's a superbowl that i could largely give a fuck about, National signing day is still a few weeks away and i' starting to pray openly for a time machine or a worm hole that will open a portal into next August. how did i become that dude? the guy who obsesses about recruiting and buys every single preseason magazine and subscribes to college football podcasts and spends more time studying the spread option than he ever did any subjects in school? i used to be into shit like movies and music and shit like that. now i'm like a crazed old man living in a shack doing blood rituals to help Auburn's production in the redzone improve. i used to have a life. now it's gone. only 7 months till next season.

superbowl week is the most boring week of the year

this is Lula, don't be fooled by that sweet face...she's a vicious beast bent on the destruction on all of my socks and/or underwear..she also is picking the Giants to upset the Patriots in the superbowl. she's a risk taker. what can i say?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hot Senior Bowl Action

things are gearing up for my second favorite time of the year, NFL Draft season. the Senior Bowl this weekend gathers together the best senior players around the nation (except for the ones who are too big of pussies to be involved, I'm looking at you Brian Brohm, Matt Ryan, Glenn Dorsey, and Quentin Groves) to play a game of football that's really just an exercise in helping or hurting each other's draft stock.

it makes sense to me that if you are a projected top 5 pick then you are better off just sitting this one out and waiting for the NFL combine. but honestly as a fan of football I'd like to see the best players actually play. even if it's just a useless scrimmage game to help kids become millionaires.

this year actually is a pretty weak crop of seniors, with the majority of the excellent skill position players being juniors, but we will get a chance to get a look at a bunch of USC players (9 of them actually. Holy Fuck!) and some of the QBs including Chad Henne, Colt Brennan, Andre Woodson, John David Booty, and Eric Ainge (my sleeper pick of the 2008 QB crop) other words the future of the Atlanta Falcons will probably be throwing some picks in this game and it's always fun to get a look at your team's future salary cap killer now while he's still a loveable kid who tons of potential.

here's a list of both the North and South's rosters.


Pos. Name School Height Weight Arms Hands

S Jamar Adams Michigan 6-2 1/4 209 32 7/8 8 5/8
LB Xavier Adibi Virginia Tech 6-1 5/8 220 34 9 5/8
DE Cliff Avril Purdue 6-3 252 33 3/4 8 1/2
OT Sam Baker USC 6-4 1/2 308 32 3/8 8 1/4
DT Kentwan Balmer North Carolina 6-4 1/2 308 32 1/2 9 3/4
OT Kirk Barton Ohio State 6-4 3/8 303 33 1/4 9 1/8
LB Beau Bell UNLV 6-1 5/8 243 31 3/8 9
QB John David Booty USC 6-2 3/8 213 31 1/8 8 3/8
WR Adarius Bowman Oklahoma State 6-2 7/8 220 33 3/8 8 1/2
WR Dorien Bryant Purdue 5-9 5/8 169 31 5/8 8 5/8
LS Tim Bugg Indiana 6-0 255 31 7/8 9
OT Gosder Cherilus Boston College 6-6 5/8 315 35 5/8 11 1/2
LB Dan Connor Penn State 6-2 5/8 233 31 1/2 8 1/8
LB Shawn Crable Michigan 6-5 1/8 241 34 1/4 9 7/8
DE Bruce Davis UCLA 6-2 5/8 231 33 3/4 9 1/2
TE Fred Davis USC 6-2 5/8 250 33 1/4 9 1/2
TE Kellen Davis Michigan State 6-6 1/4 259 33 1/4 9 1/2
S Thomas DeCoud Cal 6-1 1/2 196 32 1/4 8 7/8
LB Jordon Dizon Colorado 5-11 7/8 228 31 8 1/4
P Mike Dragosavich No. Dakota State 6-5 1/4 207 32 1/4 7 3/4
DE Chris Ellis Virginia Tech 6-4 1/4 260 31 3/4 9 1/8
DT Sedrick Ellis USC 6-0 7/8 308 32 1/2 8 3/8
QB Joe Flacco Delaware 6-6 1/4 232 32 7/8 9 1/2
RB Justin Forsett Cal 5-7 3/4 190 30 1/4 10 1/2
DB Charles Godfrey Iowa 5-11 3/4 207 31 8 7/8
WR Lavelle Hawkins Cal 5-11 1/8 187 30 9 1/4
QB Chad Henne Michigan 6-2 7/8 228 31 1/4 8 1/4
DE Lawrence Jackson USC 6-4 3/8 261 33 3/4 8 1/2
RB Chris Johnson East Carolina 5-10 1/2 195 30 1/4 7 1/2
DE Jason Jones Eastern Mich. 6-5 1/8 272 34 7/8 9 1/8
DL Trevor Laws Notre Dame 6-0 7/8 297 32 1/2 9 3/4
WR Jordy Nelson Kansas State 6-2 5/8 215 32 9 1/8
OT Carl Nicks Nebraska 6-4 7/8 343 35 9 1/4
C Mike Pollak Arizona State 6-3 3/8 299 31 1/4 9 1/8
DT DeMario Pressley NC State 6-3 1/4 300 34 9 3/4
OT Drew Radovich USC 6-4 3/8 302 33 1/2 9
OT Chad Rinehart Northern Iowa 6-5 1/4 317 33 1/8 9 1/4
LB Keith Rivers USC 6-1 7/8 236 33 10 3/8
WR Eddie Royal Virginia Tech 5-9 5/8 182 30 1/2 8 1/4
TE Martin Rucker Missouri 6-4 3/4 248 34 1/8 9
RB Dantrell Savage Oklahoma St. 5-8 1/4 187 30 1/4 7 7/8
FB Owen Schmitt West Virginia 6-1 3/4 247 31 1/4 9 1/4
OL Roy Schuening Oregon State 6-3 5/8 308 32 7/8 8 5/8
WR Marcus Smith New Mexico 6-0 7/8 214 31 1/8 8 3/4
C John Sullivan Notre Dame 6-3 3/8 294 31 1/8 9 3/4
CB Terrell Thomas USC 6-0 3/8 197 33 3/8 8 1/4
CB DeJuan Tribble Boston College 5-8 1/2 190 30 1/2 9 5/8
RB Chauncey Washington USC 5-11 1/4 215 30 1/2 9 5/8
CB Terrence Wheatley Colorado 5-9 3/8 187 29 5/8 8 3/4
S Tom Zbikowski Notre Dame 5-11 1/8 209 29 5/8 8 3/4


Pos. Name School Height Weight Arms Hands

QB Erik Ainge Tennessee 6-5 1/2 225 32 5/8 9 1/4
WR Donnie Avery Houston 5-11 186 33 1/2 8 3/4
OT Heath Benedict Newberry 6-4 3/4 321 33 1/2 9 5/8
TE Cole Bennett Auburn 6-4 1/8 246 33 7/8 9
QB Colt Brennan Hawaii 6-2 1/4 185 35 1/2 9 3/8
P Durant Brooks Georgia Tech 6-0 205 30 9 1/2
DE Titus Brown Miss. State 6-2 5/8 239 32 1/2 9
DT Red Bryant Texas A&M 6-4 3/4 326 34 8 1/8
WR Andre Caldwell Florida 6-0 1/2 207 32 1/4 8 5/8
CB Simeon Castille Alabama 5-11 7/8 190 31 1/2 8
RB Tashard Choice Georgia Tech 5-10 5/8 210 30 1/4 9 1/8
TE Brad Cottam Tennessee 6-7 5/8 271 34 9 1/2
OT Oniel Cousins UTEP 6-4 1/8 301 34 7/8 9
K Brandon Coutu Georgia 5-11 1/4 187 28 1/2 8 1/4
S Quintin Demps UTEP 5-11 3/4 203 31 1/8 8 1/2
WR Early Doucet LSU 5-11 7/8 211 30 3/4 8 7/8
WR Harry Douglas Louisville 5-11 1/8 170 32 1/8 7 3/4
OG Robert Felton Arkansas 6-3 7/8 313 34 9 5/8
DT Andre Fluellen Florida State 6-1 7/8 285 32 1/2 9 1/2
RB Matt Forte Tulane 6-1 1/8 221 31 3/4 9 3/8
DE Wallace Gilberry Alabama 6-2 1/2 263 33 8 7/8
LB Tavares Gooden Miami 6-1 1/8 233 32 1/8 7 3/4
S Marcus Griffin Texas 5-10 1/8 198 29 7/8 9 1/8
WR DJ Hall Alabama 6-2 1/4 190 31 1/8 8
DT Marcus Harrison Arkansas 6-2 3/4 310 33 1/2 8 7/8
RB Jacob Hester LSU 5-10 5/8 230 30 1/8 8 7/8
LB Ali Highsmith LSU 5-11 5/8 229 31 3/8 9 5/8
FB Peyton Hillis Arkansas 6-0 7/8 240 31 1/8 8
CB Chevis Jackson LSU 5-11 1/2 188 32 3/8 8 1/4
C Steve Justice Wake Forest 6-3 1/4 289 31 1/2 8 3/4
LB Kendall Langford Hampton 6-5 3/8 275 33 1/2 8 1/8
CB Patrick Lee Auburn 5-11 7/8 194 30 1/2 8 1/8
C Kory Lichtensteiger Bowling Green 6-2 3/8 296 30 7/8 8 5/8
RB Rafael Little Kentucky 5-8 7/8 194 30 1/2 8 5/8
OT Mike McGlynn Pittsburgh 6-4 3/8 309 32 7/8 8 5/8
CB Leodis McKelvin Troy 5-10 5/8 190 30 1/4 8 1/2
LB Ben Moffitt South Florida 6-1 231 31 3/4 8 5/8
DT Dre Moore Maryland 6-4 1/8 307 33 3/8 10 1/4
OT Barry Richardson Clemson 6-6 3/8 331 34 1/2 8 7/8
DE Darrell Robertson Georgia Tech 6-3 7/8 247 33 9 1/4
CB Dom Rodgers-Cromartie Tenn. State 6-1 3/8 183 31 1/8 8 1/8
LS Garrison Sanborn Florida State 5-11 7/8 239 31 5/8 9 3/4
WR Limas Sweed Texas 6-4 212 33 1/4 9
TE Jacob Tamme Kentucky 6-3 3/4 234 32 8 1/4
DE Jeremy Thompson Wake Fores 6-4 3/8 264 34 3/4 9 3/4
C Cody Wallace Texas A&M 6-4 1/8 290 33 3/8 9
LB Philip Wheeler Georgia Tech 6-2 245 33 1/4 9 1/4
OT Chris Williams Vanderbilt 6-6 1/8 320 32 7/8 9 7/8
S D.J. Wolfe Oklahoma 5-10 3/4 200 29 7/8 8
QB Andre' Woodson Kentucky 6-4 1/4 234 32 1/2 9 3/4
LB Wesley Woodyard Kentucky 6-0 5/8 219 32 7/8 9 1/4

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

if i'd only been 6 inches taller i coulda been a football player

...instead i spent my teen years listening to rock music, growing my hair long, and trying to figure out different skills that i could attain that would help me get laid. Rock band singer might have been my most/least successful endeavor...look there's even youtube videos to prove it.

okay blah blah, enough self promoting of shit i did 4 years ago, let's talk about what i have been doing lately...okay, sadly the answer to that question is nothing, especially with college football being over and done with. mostly it's been allot of getting home from work and watching ESPN classic, hoping to catch a college football game of yore. unfortunately i am often greeted by poker, bowling, or classic boxing...three things i could 100% do without...which got me thinking, why doesn't ESPN or some other enterprising network come up with a channel that shows nothing but classic college football games. honestly i could spend hours just watching games of Auburn teams from the 1980s when noone could throw a pass and the whole offense was built around "Run Bo Run!" and i'm sure other fans would totally agree. someone should get on that, and soon. blah, this was a completely pointless post meant to take up 10 minutes of my time at work.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Eli? Superbowl? REALLY?!?!?!?!

for serious dude, Eli Manning is going to the fucking Superbowl after beating Favre in Greenbay in Arctic could really say Favre beat himself with a pick in overtime, but that oversimplifies the whole thing. really all you need to know is Eli is going to the Superbowl. Eli!!! Eli??? Eli!!! oh yeah the New York media can now officially shut the fuck up. and Tiki can go suck a dick.

the Giants have no chance against the Patriots. i don't give a shit what they did in the final week of the season, that was at home, this is gonna be in nice warm weather with the PATRIOTS having had two weeks to prepare for a team they already beat once. i'm guessing it's a blowout on the level of that 49ers/Broncos Superbowl. but still, Eli is in the Superbowl and your team's shitty overrated QB isn't.

Friday, January 18, 2008

My First and LAST Chess Post...EVER

The search for Bobby Fischer has ended friends...and looks like he's dead. i know nothing about chess, but i really liked that movie when it came out. Bobby Fischer beat the Russians, so that means he goes up there with Rocky and the Patrick Swayze lead Wolverines in the pantheon of great Americans. Fischer died in a Reykjavik hospital on Thursday of kidney failure. poor a 40 out for your brother while you are drinking and celebrating your freedom tonight fool.

a week with nothing to write about

it's been too busy in the land of justin, what with all the art house movies and 500 dollar vacuum cleaners currently taking up time in my life. many thoughts on juniors declaring themselves for the NFL draft and what sort of bust level each of them has is coming shortly. saw Control again last night. if you forgot how much Joy Division ruled cuz you got burnt out on all of the Interpol/Stills/She Wants Revenge clones then you should probably bust your copy of Unknown Pleasures out today and give her a good listen. it's in the top 5 greatest debut albums of all time.

Monday, January 14, 2008

THE NFLs (Divisional Playoff Edition aka T.O.'s sweet tears of defeat)

-man the Patriots are so fucking good that I've stopped rooting against them. sometimes you must put your personal hatred for a team aside and just appreciate their awesomeness......oh fuck that! Rodney Harrison is too much of a douchebag to ever stop hating the Pats. unfortunately...
-they'll be playing the Chargers in the AFC title game, a team that i hate even more than the Patriots. The Chargers are the ultimate Paper Champions, but with L.T. and Rivers on the bench they pulled a victory out of their ass against the Colts. poor Peyton. good thing he won that Superbowl last year, cuz people would be talking about his ability to pulloff massive choke jobs with ease again, something that he did in nearly every loss the Colts suffered this season. maybe if the Colts didn't make Marvin Harrison sit on the sidelines during their potential game winning drive then they might have pulled out the victory. in the long run who cares. neither of those teams could beat the Patriots. i fully expect the Chargers to get beaten by about 30. which means...
-Help us Brett Favre. your our only hope. you and your scrappy band of rebels just got done defeating the Seahawks on Hoth and now it's time to get your asses back to the Superbowl and crush those fucking Patrtiots. and luckily you get to defend the ice fortress of Hoth AGAIN. cuz America's team went down...
-so i guess Tony Romo should've spent less time titty fucking Jessica Simpson and more time learning not to throw game killing interceptions into the endzone on game winning drives against the Giants. that's two straight years that a mistake by Romo has caused the Cowboys a playoff win. it's been 12 years since the Boys won a playoff game for all you kids scoring at home. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! and T.O. cried like a girl afterwards? fag.
-this of course means Eli Manning is one game closer to the Superbowl. yeah read that again, ELI FUCKING MANNING is gonna be in the NFC Championship game while his brother sits at home watching the game on his Sony HDTV. on a team full of total douchebags it's hard not to root for Eli. i'd much rather see the Packers win next week just because i think Favre might be the only one who could take out the Pats, but still i'll be rooting for Eli to play well.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

RUN DMC is going pro...yeah, No fucking shit.

in a move that surprised no one on the planet, Darren McFadden is declaring himself eligible for the 2008 NFL draft. now, if only the Falcons can work some kinda miracle and actually land him. and this is even more exciting news for the nerds who play in fantasy football keeper leagues and came in last place, now you got something to look forward to instead of trying to decide between which under performing wide receiver you wanna waste your top pick on.

Friday, January 11, 2008

New Dawn Fades

no thoughts on sports today. instead i only have the Ian Curtis biopic on my mind. it starts tonight at Athens' Cine'.

okay some random sports thoughts.
the NFL playoff games are all gonna be blowouts...well maybe. the favorites will all probably win for sure.
Auburn basketball is a depressing site. i might be able to get some minutes on that team.
when's spring practice start?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

HE'S HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have you seen this creature? his name is Kenny George and he's 7 foot 8, weighs 360 pounds with a size 26 shoe and plays center for the University of North Carolina-Asheville. i have no fucking clue if he's any good, if i was taking bets i'd go with No. but honestly who cares? he's a fucking monster. hell he looks like a bear that escaped from the zoo and put on some basketball shorts to hide. i'm sure some NBA team will draft him just as an experiment, but honestly this kids real future is in the world of pro wrestling. holy fucking Christ. they could call him Godzilla or something. it would be rad. i might even start watching wrestling again.

here's a youtube clip of him in action. dude has no ball skill whatsoever, but he can dunk without jumping...and that's something to behold.

Pete Carroll ain't comin' to Hotlanta....

....but even if he wanted to Herbie-bot and Corso would do everything in their power to sabotage it. i mean would they even be able to do an entire season of College Football Gameday without being able to give Coach Carroll oral pleasures? what would Colin Cowherd even talk about on his radio show? and honestly why would Carrol wanna coach the Falcons? he's got a more talented team at Southern Cal than he would as boss in Atlanta. this is one of those stories that i fully expect to die by the end of the day. and even if he really does come to Atlanta do i even care? not really. being able to recruit insane amounts of talent to come play for you in LA and then dominate a fairly average conference every single year doesn't mean you can turn a terrible NFL team into a winner. if he turned down the Chargers and Dolphins last year then there is no fucking way he'd wanna coach the Falcons....UNLESS he thinks USC is about to get put on probation for all the Reggie Bush shit. whatever. this story doesn't even really interest me that much. i could care less about the Falcons unless they draft Darren McFadden. and watching Pete Carroll go 5-11 for 2 years before deciding he'd rather go back to college and "win forever". Arthur Blank needs to fucking hire a good NFL assistant coach and quit trying to make a big splash with his next hire. that's the problem with him as owner of the Falcons...he's way too concerned with making BIG MOVES instead of just having a solid football team.

and let's be honest, how could you ever leave the Song Girls behind?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Does Anybody Need A 6 foot 6, 247 pound Quarterback?

Michigan super recruit/manbeast Ryan Mallett has decided he'd rather not waste his next 3 years of college trying to run a spread attack under Rich he's probably gonna be playing in the ol' NFL and would be better served in some one's more traditional offense. so yeah he's set to tranfer to another school. when a reporter asked Rodriguez what Mallett's plans were RichRod told them he didn't care because he wasn't playing at Michigan anymore...or something like that. no word yet as to where Mallett will take his giant frame and rocket arm...with any luck it's not Alabama or another SEC school. i think he'd look pretty good in a Texas Tech uniform running that insane pass happy attack of Mike Leach, but that's just me dreaming of using him on NCAA Football 2010 and winning some more virtual HeismanZ. or in a move that makes no sense at all but would still be kinda rad he could transfer to SMU now that June Jones is running the show and help resurrect a once proud Texas football program...but that ain't happening.

Cry Me A River....Again

so, Georgia President Michael Adams has went and declared all out Jihad on the BCS, leaking stories to the AJC, throwing news conferences, and calling for an eight team playoff to decide the national champ because the BCS is "undercutting the sportsmanship and integrity of the game." you can read that as "undercutting UGA's chances at winning a national title cuz you know they ain't winning the SEC next year...but 2nd place sounds like it might get you in". now i completely 100% agree that we need some kind of a playoff...probably more like 4 teams instead of 8 (because in most non-insane years it's usually easier to figure out who the top 4 teams are) but when you issue a challenge like this in a year when your school was the team left on the outside looking in, it all just wreaks of bullshit. Adams has been against a playoff for 20 fucking years and now that the Dawgs got left high and dry he's gonna do something about it (read that as do nothing about it because everybody knows the Big 10 and Pac 10 and Rose Bowl will never let this happen). now in 2004 when Auburn (a team that ACTUALLY won the SEC, AND went Undefeated...2 things UGA wouldn't know anything about this year) everyone said they were being crybabies....of course that was before Florida destroyed Ohio State in a National title game and ESPN became obsessed with SEC speed and dominance...but hey, those are the breaks when you're a life long Tigers fan.

anyways, although i fully support what Adams is trying to accomplish, it's hard for me to ACTUALLY take it seriously when the motivations are going to be looked at as completely self serving and not really for the "integrity of the game" or what the fuck ever. i'd much rather see the presidents of Big 12 or ACC schools leading this charge so that it wasn't so fucking transparent. all in all though this is allot of wasted time and effort because until the Big 10 and Pac 10 get left feeling the burn of being spurned for BCS titles when they felt they were deserving of them then nothing is ever really gonna happen, but everybody knows that if Michigan or Ohio State are sitting there with one loss in a wide open year like this one, then that healthy "East Coast Media Bias" backed by the Big 10 Homers at ESPN will get them into that title game. until you can fix that problem, then no playoff will ever have a shot.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


college football is FINALLY FUCKING OVER. all i really have to look forward to the next few months is the Senior Bowl and then the NFL draft. IT'S A LONG WAY until September '08, but here's a WAY TOO EARLY prediction at next season's Pre-Season top 10.

1. USC
2. Georgia
3. Florida
4. Oklahoma
5. Ohio State
6. West Virginia
7. Texas
8. Missouri
9. LSU
10. Auburn

The Final Useless Blogpoll

A Lifetime of Defeats Final top 25

1. LSU
2. USC
3. Georgia
4. West Fucking Virginia
5. Missouri
6. Kansas
7. Ohio State
8. Oklahoma
9. Texas
10. Virginia Tech
11. Auburn
12. Boston College
13. Tennessee
14. BYU
15. Florida
16. Arizona State
17. Cincinatti
18. Michigan
19. Clemson
20. Texas Tech
21. Oregon
22. Hawaii
23. Illinois
24. Oregon State
25. Mississippi State/Kentucky (tied)

LSU are the Champs/ Ohio State still fucking sucks

-Corso and Herbibot spent the whole pregame drinking massive amounts of hatorade on LSU. Corso said Dorsey would fake an injury to protect his draft stock. what a fucking douche.
-Bennie Wells is NOT overrated.
-LSU fucked around a little too much. i guess drinking that National Champ koolaide will get your ass.
-oh they woke up, never mind.
-i guess SEC speed really does kill.
-Glenn Dorsey should go ahead and crank that number one pick.
-Ohio State should be banned from playing in any national title games for at least 4 years.

-i'm glad this stupid season of college football is finally over. way to go LSU, SEC wins back to back titles.

the final AP poll is out. GEORGIA number 2?!?! over USC?!?! okay. i guess that's more of a nod to how tough the SEC is. Auburn finished #15, behind Florida. Bullshit. that's called media bias bitches. here's the final poll.
1. LSU (60) 12-2 1,620
2. Georgia (3) 11-2 1,515
3. USC (1) 11-2 1,500
4. Missouri 12-2 1,347
5. Ohio State 11-2 1,346
6. West Virginia 11-2 1,342
7. Kansas (1) 12-1 1,303
8. Oklahoma 11-3 1,139
9. Virginia Tech 11-3 1,096
10. Texas 10-3 962
10. Boston College 11-3 962
12. Tennessee 10-4 904
13. Florida 9-4 685
14. Brigham Young 11-2 654
15. Auburn 9-4 648
16. Arizona State 10-3 587
17. Cincinnati 10-3 566
18. Michigan 9-4 508
19. Hawaii 12-1 460
20. Illinois 9-4 443
21. Clemson 9-4 353
22. Texas Tech 9-4 308
23. Oregon 9-4 253
24. Wisconsin 9-4 202
25. Oregon State 9-4 110

Monday, January 7, 2008

THE NFLs (Playoff Wild Card Round)

-my defacto team, The Washington Redskins, fell short. after coming back from 13-0 and taking control the Seahawks suddenly remembered they were in a playoff game and ended up running away with the game in the 4th quarter. props to the Redskins. Meast would be proud.
-Eli Manning gets to get off the short bus for now by winning a playoff game. The Bucs totally suck. did the NFC South really deserve to have a team in the playoffs? my guess is that either the Saints or Panthers will be winning that division again next year. The Giants on the other hand have all the talent in the world to beat Dallas...they're my darkhorse Superbowl pick...even though i fucking hate them.
-The Jags roll into the Pittsburgh and beat the Stealers AGAIN. congratulations, now you get to go lose to the Patriots next week.
-The Chargers just sorta fucked around for a half before beating the crippled Titans. i fucking hate the Chargers. i hope Indy beats them by about 30 points. bunch of shit talking crybabies with a douchebag for a QB. i think you can call the Madden Curse officially broken though. Vince Young played well despite not winning or throwing any touchdowns. the Titans are gonna be awesome in like 2 years.
-i fully expect all the teams with homegames to win, but i won't be surprised if the Chargers beat Indy and if New York takes out Dallas with T.O., this might be the least interesting playoffs i can ever remember.

BCS National Title Drinking Game

1. everytime "SEC speed" is brought up take a shot. (you'll be dead by halftime)
2. everytime Glenn Dorsey's chop block injury is brought up drink a beer.
3. everytime Ohio State's shitty schedule is brought up take a shot.
4. everytime they talk about James Laurinaitis' dad being a pro wrestler drink a PBR.
5. everytime Ohio State gets picked off do a dance and drink a beer.
6. everytime Jacob Hester picks up a 1st down on a crucial play take a shot.
7. everytime you wanna ram hot pokers into your ear drums to make the horrible sounds of the Fox announcers go away take a shot.
8. if the Ohio State Buckeyes should somehow win and crush your SEC loving spirit you should drink a bottle of Wild Turkey and burn a car in honor of the Big 10.

Friday, January 4, 2008

2008 Wishlist

1. Auburn wins a fucking National Title.
2. Auburn at least wins an SEC title.
3. Auburn at the very least wins the SEC West.
4. Falcons land Darren McFadden....somehow.
5. Braves win one final World Series. Smoltz Wins Cy Young. he and Cox retire and ride off into the sunset. Atlanta burns the city to the ground. all is well.
6. i rack up 800 yards a game on NCAA 2009 for XBoX 360 with Auburn's new wide open spread attack resulting in a virtual Heisman for Kodi Burns.
7. The Red Sox and Yankees both miss the playoffs.
8. I win my NCAA Basketball Tournament pool.
9. The Patriots get beaten in the playoffs by anyone except the fucking Cowboys.
10. this fucking writer's strike would end and we get more than 8 episodes of Lost.

Gimme Back My Mushchamp!

my hero of the 2007 football season, Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp is apparently bolting for the greener pastures of Texas football. the Longhorns (who stole Auburn's last defensive coordinator) have offered him a job...and considering that Texas is a better launching pad for a headcoaching position, he's probably gonna take it. this fucking blows. I LOVE MUSCHAMP! he's an insane badass who fires up his players, blitzes like a maniac, and headbutts people. i'm sure Tuberville will find a good coordinator somewhere, cuz that's what he does...but fuck, it'll be sad not to see Muschamp on the sidelines next year yelling "Boom! Motherfucker!" at his players.

Did You Watch The Orange Bowl?

apparently not many people did. i sure as hell didn't. i got better things to do like watch some show about Super Models and shit. i mean that's exciting for Kansas fans that they're team finished 12-1 and actually beat a halfway descent/crappy ACC team in Virginia Tech (sorry Hokies, your sympathy meter ran out when the new year rolled over), but seriously been the least interesting BCS match up since Utah played Pitt back in 2004. i watched the highlights this morning on the ol' World Wide Leader and looks to me like this was a pretty ugly game...unless you like interceptions allot. i never thought i'd say this, but i'm ready for this fucking college football season to be over. all this waiting around a week for the National title game after the new year's bowls is totally fucking bullshit.

War Eagle Top 10 for 2007

some dude did this Auburn Top 10 Plays of 2007 for the youtube. looking back on this i realize that there really weren't that many awesome moments from this season, but i'm a big fan of the top 5 for sure.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Noel Devine is fucking sick

if you saw any of the game last night you know this statement to be fact. and just for further proof i present you this youtube highlight video. man where was youtube when Bo Jackson was in highschool? damn it...if only Al Gore had invented the internet sooner.

Some Random Thoughts About the New Year's Bowls

watching the Sugar Bowl was more like watching a snuff film than a football game. it wasn't even fun after about the end of the 1st quarter. Mark Richt showed his true FSU colors by going for it on 4th down during the 4th quarter in a route. Colt Brennan got his brains knocked out, as well as his draft stock knocked down. and the Fox commentators pretty much made it sound like Hawaii were some nice elves from a magic land who had come to bring us all love and cookies and the run and gun, and instead they were brutally attacked and raped by the savage manbeasts of UGA. Knowshon continues to dance. if you ask a Georgia fan they'll tell you he's better than Darren McFadden and he's winning the Heisman next year. i fucking hate Georgia. black jerseys are totally gay.

Joe McKnight is fucking sick. after emerging from the 10 player backfield he'd been part of all year, he exploded for 2006 all purpose yards in the Rose Bowl. i don't know if he's the next Reggie Bush, but he might just be the best freshman runningback in one of the best freshman classes in years. Georgia looked impressive against an over matched Hawaii, but USC looked downright unstoppable against Illinois. they coulda hung 100 on the Zookers if they'd wanted to. a UGA vs USC Rose Bowl really would have been a much better matchup. fuck the Rose Bowl in it's ass for following the Big 10 vs Pac 10 tradition.

other thoughts
-i totally expected Arkansas to lose their matchup with Missouri, but i didn't expect them to get completely demolished. forget all the negative things i said about Mizzou. those kids can play.
-Florida went and fucked up and SEC's bragging rights by losing to Michigan's lousy ass. at the end of the day Florida really aren't as good as everyone thinks they are. their best wins this season were against FSU, Tennessee, and Kentucky. they don't play any fucking defense, and if you can stop Tebow then you can pretty much beat them. they'll go into next season as a top 5 team...but i'm not so sure they deserve it.
-Tennessee beat Wisconsin in the most boring of bowl games. who watched this shit besides fans of those two schools?


Oh Shit! Bob Stoops, you can't win a BCS game to save your life. West Fucking Virginia (aka my favorite team to play as on NCAA Football 2008) just straight thugged it's way past the always underachieving Oklahoma Sooners. let's just go ahead and take them out of the 2008 National Title discussion because we ALL know that they're gonna lose some inexplicable games next season, not to mention get spanked and/or embarrassed in their fucking bowl game next year. but seriously you gotta feel good for those kids in West Virginia. they've got the BCS title game in their grasp and then lose to a SHITTY Pitt team, then their coach bolts for the BIG HOUSE...which leads to much ugliness (lawsuits, crying, lawsuits). Everyone had them written off. and how do they respond? they don't just beat the Sooners, they straight fucking kicked their motherfucking ass! wow, i think Noel Devine just scored another 60 yard touchdown. i sure as shit am not looking forward to Auburn playing these guys next year.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008 Tastes Like Chicken

i spent New Years eve with my dad and 70 thousand plus drunk rednecks enjoying the Chick-Fil-A Bowl in Atlanta as my Auburn Tigers unleashed the spread attack on those other Tigers who wear Orange, Clemson.

i'll admit that i was giddy with excitement when Auburn took the field in a 5 receiver set on their first possession of the game. i appreciate what Al Borges helped the Tigers pull off in 2004, but i'm glad to see the West Coast offense go. if i had to watch another play action pass my fucking head was gonna explode.

"hope springs eternal" would be the theme of the evening. Mario Fannin and Kodi Burns both look like THE FUTURE of this new spread offense. Fannin is as lethal a receiver as Auburn has had from the Runningback position in years...or at least he was New Year's eve. and Burns looks like he could end up being the best threat we've at QB since Dameuyne Craig. the young receiving corp should thrive in this new passing attack, as long as Kodi is half the passer he is the runner. all in all I'm hanging my hat on these two freshman as the best building blocks for a possible return to the SEC title game in the next few years.

the offense ran something like 90 plays....which was like 2 games worth of offense compared the rest of this season. the young o-line has really gelled together well and they are chop blocking like true champions. (watch your ACL motherfucker...we iz coming 4 yr ass). Tate, Lester, and Fannin all looked go running toss sweeps and taking the handoff out of the shotgun formation. hopefully incoming freshman Enrique Davis can add some explosiveness to an already solid backfield. but it was Burns that really stole the show. playing a significant amount and keeping Clemson's defense off balance. he did most of his damage on the ground with 69 yards rushing but he also tossed a touchdown pass to Fannin, but it was the game winning run in overtime that really has me dreaming big things for the Tigers next year. never have i felt so euphoric after an Auburn victory in a meaningless bowl game in a non-championship year as i did after this one. with the best defense in the SEC coming back and a new spread offense with a athlete like Burns running it, 2008 is set to be a big year.

as for senior QB Brandon Cox, thanks for the wins against Florida and Bama and for 4th and forever against UGA in '05, you were a true warrior and you leave the school with 27 wins as a 3 year starter. great stat and all, but don't let the door hit you on the way out. i've never hated and loved a Qb so much as you.

so Auburn closes the book on '07 with a big win.