Monday, November 29, 2010

TOP 25

1. Auburn
2. Oregon
3. TCU
4. Wisconsin
5. Stanford
6. Ohio State
7. Arkansas
8. Michigan State
9. Oklahoma
10. LSU
11. South Carolina
12. Nebraska
13. Virginia Tech
14. Oklahoma State
15. Missouri
16. Nevada
17. Boise State
18. Alabama
19. Texas A&M
20. FSU
21. Utah
22. Mississippi State
23. West Virginia
24. Maryland
25. Hawaii

also of note, TCU is leaving the Mountain West to join the Big Least. looks like Boise is still gonna be going undefeated every year. so the Mountain West is losing BYU, Utah, and TCU and they are adding Hawaii, Nevade, Boise State, and Fresno State. and why aren't they just calling themselves the WAC? all this realignment shit is stupid. the Moutain West went from up and coming conference that had a strong argument for a BCS at large bid to a less shitty version of the WAC. i'm sure Boise State is thrilled with their move. if i was the Mountain West i'd make a play for Houston, SMU, and Tulsa...if only to make their league at least competitive.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

i am still in joyous shock

i just woke up in the middle of the night and had to check just to make sure what i witnessed was real. after watching Bama go up 21-0 i contemplated going shopping rather than witnessing my Tigers be annihilated on national tv...but this 2010 Tiger squad has proven again and again that they WILL NOT LOSE. do we even doubt that this is finally Auburn's year to win it all? i don't see how you can not think this is a team of destiny. War Damn Eagle, indeed.

and now some random images from the greatest Iron Bowl of all time.

Friday, November 26, 2010

GREATEST IRON BOWL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well that turned out pretty good.




now i am getting fucking wasted.

oh well

fucking Bama.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

it's not thanksgiving unless the Lions lose.

For all my bitching and complaining about why being a Falcons fan sucks , I must take this time of the year to be be thankful I wasn't born a Lions fan. What a fucking bummer it must be to have your franchise get it's ass kicked for all the nation to see on a yearly basis. I'd like to think Stafford, Johnson, and Suh are gonna turn things around in the Motor City but that's probably wishful thinking.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Most Important Iron Bowl Ever?

The answer to that question would be a big fat Yes if you are an Auburn fans. This one isn't about winning the first ever game at Jordan-Hare, or setting an all-time win streak vs. Alabama, but this would is going to decide if Auburn plays for it's first national title since 1958.

If the Tigers lose to Bama you'd think strength of schedule would count for something, but thanks to a Yankee Media crush on Boise State and an SEC hangover by the national media (not to mention the chance Auburn might have a title stripped from them at some point in the future) it's pretty safe to say Auburn needs to be 13-0 after these next 2 games. Is that fair? Fuck no. LSU was gifted a trip to the title game when they lost to Arkansas at this point in the season. Oklahoma got to play for the title after losing their fucking conference championship! (Not to mention the overall sketchiness of them getting in over Texas a few seasons back). But hey, we are Auburn, nothing ever comes to us easy. So just keep winning Tigers and everyone else can kiss your ass.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Is Not Going To End Well

being someone who has suffered from depression most of his adult life i get rather annoyed when i watch the ESPN talking heads rail on Vince Young and his lack of maturity and his lack of mental toughness. i think it's pretty obvious that the dude suffers from some form of depression and yet the NFL (like most super macho things) doesn't confront problems like that and instead wants to label the guy a quitter. dude needs to get help, not have his coach throw him under the bus constantly.

on a related note, Why the fuck is Jeff Fisher considered some untouchable among the NFL coaches? the Titans have been to 1 Super Bowl over a decade ago and never really been consistent playoff team ever. the fact that his ass isn't on the hotseat is sort of bullshit. if i was the Titans owner i'd be getting rid of Fisher and not Vince after this season.

Hey, who is Auburn playing this week anyways?

so you may or may not have heard this 800 times the last week or so, but for the 3rd time in a row the Iron Bowl will feature an undefeated national title contending school from the great state of Alabama...yet this time it's the boys in blue who wear the target on their chest. Auburn comes into the game needing just two wins to get to Arizona...that's it. a 2 game season. they are lead by an unstoppable QB crippling in Nick Fairly, a tandem of talented runningbacks, a senior offensive line, and the best player to put on the AU helmet since Pat Dye was paying Bo Jackson. THIS IS THE REASON WE LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL. An Iron Bowl for the ages.

i will admit that i DO wish Bama hadn't lost to LSU and that this game was for EVERYTHING for both teams, but i guess it's comforting that at worst the Tigers will be able to play for the SEC Championship and a trip to the Sugar Bowl (likely to face off against Ohio State).

Friday, November 19, 2010

Well, They Can't Take Cam's Virtual Heisman Away

i just finished up my regular season on NCAA 2011 with Auburn by destroying the Florida Gators in the SEC Title Game (take that Urban Meyer) giving my virtual Tigers a perfect 13-0 record as they get ready for the BCS title game (vs. Oregon, no less. EA Sports Knows!!!). Virtual Cam is pretty much just as awesome as Real Life Cam...but with even more retarded stats. 3187 yards passing and 35 touchdown combined with 1725 yards rushing and 34 touchdowns (not to mention i had 20 touchdowns with Dyer and 11 with McCalebb).

Crushing opponents in a pretend reality has been a nice distraction from actual frightening reality. Now off to kill the Ducks and get started recruiting for next season.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i think i'm just gonna stop going on the internet. forever.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Georgia Fans

Biggest Pussies Ever or Biggest Pussies Possible?

Having spent the majority of my 32 years in the state of Georgia surrounded by Dawgs fans I can say with some level of expertise that they are a miserable and unlikeable bunch. Fuck this mutual respect bullshit between the two schools. Georgia fans can eat a dick. Of all the Big Six in the conference they have the least passionate, least interested, least involved fans. All most of them care about is getting drunk or going to St. Simon's. Watching their program go to shit has been almost as enjoyable as Auburn's undefeated season (no matter how it all turns out.)

You'd think based on the amount of crying coming out of Athens this weekend that Auburn jumped the Georgia team getting off the bus and beat them with lead pipes. Auburn is a dirty team? Hey, we might pay our players but at least one of our runningbacks didn't threaten to put a sex tape of a girl on the Internet to get out of paying her 500 dollars back.

Fuck Georgia, I hope Tech kills them and sends Mark Richt out as a loser.

maybe they'll find a coach who knows how to beat Tommy Tuberville.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Top 25

A Lifetime of Defeats Top 25

1. Auburn
2. Oregon
3. Boise State
4. TCU
5. LSU
6. Wisconsin
7. Standford
8. Nebraska
9. OK State
10. Ohio State
11. Alabama
12. Michigan State
13. Arkansas
14. Oklahoma
15. Mizzou
16. Va Tech
17. South Carolina
18. Texas A&M
19. Nevada
20. USC
21. Mississippi State
22. Utah
23. NC State
24. FSU
25. Iowa


No matter what happens, it sure feels good to beat those fucking Dawgs. The amount of bitching and crying coming out of Athens right now will bring me comfort and joy for months even if the NCAA takes the T-Bird away.

Cam Newton 4ever!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hey Augusta Friends! Next Friday

5 bands, 5 bucks. Turf War, The Agenda, Grape Soda, Mermaids, & Five Eight. a night of rock and roll mayhem in the Garden City.

Dear Auburn, Win One For Me

a world of shit hangs over Auburn right now but none of that matters tomorrow. just beat those fucking Bulldogs. 4 fucking years is too damn long.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You

have a happy and safe Veteran's Day

a random thought about Camgate

(i just posted this on WarblogEagle but figured i should post it here too)

this has nothing to do with Newton being guilty or not...

is it just me or is ESPN's overzealous reporting in the Cam Newton saga seem to be a reaction to the fact it wasn't the WWL but some bloggers who broke the Reggie Bush and Brett Favre scandals? actually what's the last big story you can remember ESPN actually breaking on their own? i think all you have to do is read the dozen or so stories that they've posted on the basically just recite the exact same info over and over again (minus any of the contradictory reports against their information) and you start to get the feeling that ESPN is making this THEIR story no matter what. this isn't me saying they've created a conspiracy against Cam Newton but i think they really feel that once they got wind of the investigation that they were gonna make it their top priority to be at the center of the story.

for some humor, click here.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

it's as if Jack Kirby could see my future.

well if anything can be said about this scandal it's that it awoke the anger and hate inside me that had been dying down this year.

I also root for the Falcons, so at least i've got that going for me.

lost in my glee (which has now turned into panic and dread) about the 2010 Auburn Tigers is the fact my Atlanta Falcons are also in first place and looking like a real Super Bowl contender. with Atlanta taking care of Tampa Bay and giving themselves a little breathing room...not to mention the fact the 3 toughest games on their schedule (Ravens, Packers, Saints) are ALL at home. at 6-2, it's hard to imagine that Atlanta finishes worse then 10-6 with a wild card spot...but with games against the Rams, Seahawks, Panthers (twice) and those home games (where the Falcons have been nearly unbeatable) 12-4/ the divsion title/ and a 1st round bye is a very real chance. hell, 12-4 might just get you best record in the NFC this year...and if Atlanta wants to make it to the Super Bowl then they NEED homefield advantage. there's no way i want to see Atlanta taking a trip to New York or Philly for the NFC title game, because that sort of thing normally ends ugly for the Dirty Birds.

at the beginning of the year i thought Atlanta would win the division...but my optimism usually turns to shit once i see the Falcons play a few times. i thought losing to the Steelers in overtime (minus Rapey Cocklessburger) was a sign of bad things to come, but the Birds have been pretty solid ever since. the sluggish game vs the 49ers and the ass kicking by the Eagles aside, this team looks just as Super Bowl ready as anyone else in the NFC. they've got an elite wide receiver, a great tandem of running backs, a good/tough offensive line, a defense that can get after the QB, and Matt Ryan, although not putting up the MVP type numbers i was hoping for) is a solid quarterback.

a little bit more about Matt Ryan. my belief that he was going to be the next guy to join the elite ranks of NFL QBs had died down a good bit, i'm more of the opinion now that he's better than MOST starters in the NFL. if i'm giving him a fair ranking then i'd put him around number 10 in the league, right now. Peyton, Brady, Brees, Big Ben, and Rivers being those 5 elite guys, Rodgers, Schaub, Flacco, Sanchez, and Eli being all closer to his level...and if i'm being totally honest, i think i'd take Ryan over any of those next level guys (besides maybe Rodgers).

my team spent 200k on a national title chance and all we got was this lousy probation

it feels like i'm the only Auburn blogger on the internet today

please ignore this sad bastard rant as it was made under the influence of drugs and sorrow.

after the twitter rumors hit that the NCAA was set to suspend Newton this afternoon (rumors that were later shot down) it made me long for the days of Tuberville. yeah, the dude couldn't get shit out of his offenses, but cheating was never an issue. sometimes you don't know what you got til it's gone.

remember when 2008 was considered the Season Of DEATH? well those are gonna feel like the good ole' days when the NCAA finally drops their Nuke on the Auburn football program. After the NCAA's heavy handedness (that will probably result in the firing of everyone with even the slightest connection to this team) it could be a long dark winter from which it may take a decade or so to emerge. fuck, that'll put me in my 40s by the time Auburn will be competitive again. whatever sanctions USC got, Auburn's will be twice as bad...if not 10 fold.

at this point i don't give a shit if Newton did or didn't get paid, i just don't want the Tigers to get caught. that's really all i am asking. i could give a fuck about ethics when it's my team.

when you start to believe your team's best case scenario is that you get away with everything this season and it takes 3 years or so for the NCAA to punish you, then you know you have a warped mind.

but honestly, i just really hope it isn't true...but it's really hard to believe when bullshit just keeps rolling down the hill.

Fuck College Football.

how many more Cam Newton stories do you think will come out before the UGA game?

Mississippi State sure has a lot of unnamed sources, don't they? In all of Fox Sports, The New York Times, and ESPN's reports about Newton I've yet to see them report that John Bond admitted on a radio show that he never actually talked to Kenny Rogers...nor have they mentioned a report that charges were never brought before the Florida Student Council...or even mentioned that leaking that info was illegal. But you know, BIG STORIES, don't come with retractions when juicy gossip is more interesting.

Anyways, today's fun new info claims that the Newtons DID get paid by Auburn and talked about it on the phone. Did anyone record these conversations? Can we just stop saying "unnamed sources" and call these people what they really are? Aka Mississippi State boosters. Oh well. I guess that means Auburn is gonna be getting investigated soon.

I'm not naive enough to think none of this is true, I'm more hopeful than most of it isn't true for the sake of my college football fandom, cause I've said it to everyone I'm friends with, if Auburn gets in any major trouble and gets put on serious probation that cripples the program and has us looking at 6th place finishes in the West and never ending losing streaks vs the Tide, LSU, and UGA...well then fuck it! I'm out. There are other things in the world that I can love that also make me miserable, like women and music.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So, at this point I'm just waiting for the story to come out that says Newton runs a dog fighting ring out of his apartment....

News broke last night that when Cam was at Florida he apparently was caught cheating on tests. So he basically had the same level of commitment to school as I did at 18. How does this relate to him as Auburn's QB? It doesn't. Does it make him guilty of taking any money from Auburn? No. Does it just stir up more shit and make it even less likely that he wins the Heisman? Yeah, probably.

But really it just tells me that Urban Meyer is one sour grapes/bitter motherfucker that he doesn't have the best toy in college football to play with and he's gonna do his best to throw a monkey wrench into Auburn's season. Seriously, fuck that guy. What are the chances this story ever would've come out if he'd stayed with the Gators or gone on to play for Dan Mullen? None/zero/never. When's that brain cyst gonna kill Urban, anyways?

Monday, November 8, 2010

getting to watch the best 200K anyone ever spent, in person, was pretty rad.

my only trip to the Plains this season was last Saturday during Auburn's complete destruction of Chattanooga. getting to see Cam Newton in person (even against a lousy opponent) was a treat. he really does look like someone taught a Grizzly how to run and throw with a football in it's paw. i only have hazy memories of Bo Jackson at Auburn. most of my love for him came on Sundays and Royals games on TV...but Auburn has had plenty of great players during my lifetime that i've had to opportunity to watch live. from Brent Fullwood and Tracy Rocker, to Takeo Spikes, to Dameyune Craig, to Rudy Johnson, to Jason Campbell, Cadillac Williams, and Ronnie Brown. none of those players seemed as exciting and dominate as Cam Newton. if Auburn and Newton can stay out of NCAA trouble, and 2010 wasn't the year the program got destroyed for 200K, then i'm willing to call Cam Newton the 2nd greatest Auburn football player behind Bo. And if Newton can take us to the promised land and a BCS championship then i'm willing to give him #1 in my heart...even if we only have him for a year.

Friday, November 5, 2010

I'll be at the Auburn game this weekend.

well i picked an interesting week to make my first trip to Auburn this year.

if you see me, this offer stands.

I blame Marvin Austin, The New York Times, ESPN, Bammers, A Talking Snake, and Scientology

so yeah, what was looking like a great season quickly turned into another reason why i fucking hate the media, bloggers, being a fan, pro sports, the NCAA, greed, and humans.

if Auburn is guilty then what can you say? fuck it. i'm fucking done with college football. i have other interests and rooting for Auburn has always been more about having something to talk to with my dad than anything else. my dad likes movies too. we can talk about that.

if the Newtons did nothing wrong, then yeah this is just another reason for me to hate ESPN (yes i get that they are just reporting a story. i am not an idiot, just an irrational human being like everyone else). oh yeah...just for the hell of it, screw Orson.

at this point all i care about is beating Georgia and Alabama. no matter what happens in the aftermath. i hope the team can rally around Cam and kick some ass the rest of November.

being a college football fan is a stupid and pointless task sometimes. i'm just glad i'm too dead inside for this to ruin my day.

i think noted murderer and church burner, Varg, sums up my feelings best.

hey, at least the McRib is back.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fucking Hell

Well Bama fans are having a good night, I'm sure. This has been a crappy week. the local elections already had me down and now this. Ugghh.

I guess the main concern is did Auburn do anything wrong? My guess/hope would be no. Noone at Auburn gave Cam Newton any money and so the chance of being put on probation isn't an option. If that isn't the case and he was paid...WELL I GUESS I'M GOING TO JUST PRETEND COLLEGE FOOTBALL DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE.

The 2nd concern is if Newton will be declared ineligible after some kind of NCAA investigation. Which wouldn't seem likely to come during the season, which means we've still got our best player for the rest of the year.

I've already assumed Newton would go pro after the season and with this cloud now hanging over his head it seems 99% more likely.

All in all this fucking sucks because even if Cam did nothing wrong this is going to be a story that is a distraction for the rest of the year and could end Newton's chances of winning the Heisman as well as hurt Auburn in the polls thanks to self righteous sport writers ready to convict a player and a team before any facts can be proven.

In the end; FUCK MISSISSIPPI STATE! and Urban Meyer.