Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm sorry, did I get sucked into some time portal that took me back in time to the mid 80s when the Braves were the worst fucking team in baseball? No...that can't be, because I'm using the internets. So what the fuck is going on? How does a team that dominated it's division for 15 years turn into a clueless franchise in just 3 short years? The answer....there is no one single answer. Call it a combination of a limited payroll, bad front office moves, a lack of talent in the organization, our old reliable pitchers all moved on, and nobody will fire Bobby Cox. Sometimes life is just a bitch.

The Braves are about to embark on a stretch of games where they'll face the Redsox, Yankees, & Phillies...after that they should be dead and buried. Fuck it! Fire Bobby Cox, trade everyone not named Tommy Hanson, & feed Frank Wren to a pack of wild dogs for assembling this flaming pile of suck.

Who would've ever guessed that of Atlanta's 3 big teams that The Braves would be the biggest trainwreck? (I have heard rumors of a hockey team in the ATL but that can't be true because noone knows what hockey is in the South).

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