Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tom Brady's Knee Destroyed The Denver Broncos

who could've predicted that during week 1 of the 2008 season when Tom Brady went down with his season ending injury that the butterfly effect would result in the Denver Broncos turning into one of the worst teams in the NFL?

in the aftermath of Brady's injury we saw the emergence of Matt Lienart's backup QB at USC, Matt Cassell, morphing into a competent NFL signal caller (thanks to having the greatest wide receiver in NFL history to throw to, a veteran offensive line blocking for him, & explosive playmakers surrounding him) which in turn made Patriots' offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels seem like some kind of genius (despite the fact that the Patriots haven't skipped a beat no matter who is calling plays) and making both of them the hottest commodities in the NFL this offseason, because the NFL is much like a 12 year old girl who gets crushes on the next hot boy at the drop of a hat.

elsewhere the Denver Broncos, after having a disappointing collapse at the end of the season that resulted in them missing the playoffs, decided to fire their longtime headcoach who'd won them TWO FUCKING SUPERBOWLS just a decade ago because they were sick of him always trading away their draft picks and trying to turn guys off the street into 1000 yard rushers instead of just getting a real runningback.

so with the Broncos now minus a future Hall Of Fame coach they decided to hire the HotShit McDaniels and have him bring his explosive Patriots offense to Denver...despite the fact that Denver already had a good offense and it was their lousy defense that kept them out of the playoffs. but hey...the Broncos were set to be great on offense with a Pro-Bowl Quarterback in Jay Cutler and a Pro-Bowl wide receiver in Brandon bringing in McDaniels would probably just make this lethal offense like SUPERFUCKING WOLVERINE LEVEL LETHAL. but then, like all true geniuses, Josh McDaniel decided he'd try and secretly make a trade for his system backup QB because obviously Matt Cassell is a better QB than Jay Cutler. sadly this trade didn't not work out and much DRAMA ensued and instead McDaniels was left with this fucking guy as his franchise QB:

but hey, at least they've still got Brandon Marshall. right? No. what? he wants a trade out of Denver too? hmmmm....well look on the bright side, at least Oakland isn't the laughing stock of the AFC West anymore.

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