Sunday, June 7, 2009

Me Like Funny

to use Internet terminology that i don't quiet understand, this movie is best summed up in leet speak with- FTW!

but if that's too vague i will perform the pathetic attempt of reviewing the best comedy of 2009 with simple human words...when really firing a gun into the air and punching my own self in the face while laughing is the only true way i could convey the pleasure derived from my viewing experience.

ah humor, there's never a time when you aren't welcome in my world. and so this weekend i was more than happy to receive some much needed humor from The Hangover. i'm willing to call it one of the 5 funniest movies of this decade and dare i say that it's even better than director Todd Phillip's comedy masterpiece Old School.

first of all, ANY movie that opens with a motherfucking Danzig song is going to be a movie that is going to rule...there's just no way any other result can be possible. no sense in arguing with that logic because it is fuckin' flawless. ok on with the film itself. the plot is about a group of friends who take a trip to Vegas for a bachelor party that of course does not go as planned....but you already knew that from the previews. really the movie is like Memento meets The Wedding Crashers...but like way better than both. Judd Apatow better recognize that he is not the king of comedy because he has nothing on Phillip's style...the pacing is perfect, the jokes are nonstop, the site gags are fucking hilarious, and it's got some amazing lines to quote...and the final credits might actually be the funniest part of the entire damn movie. the cast is exactly what a good comedy needs...Bradley Cooper & Ed Helms are perfect as the asshole and the wimp respectively, but it's Zack Galifianakis who owns the film as the idiotic/well meaning man-child who just wants to be part of a group of friends...his Lonewolf/Wolfpack speech was the stuff of pure comedy gold. every scene he's in let's you know that he's about to be a star.

this is the kind of comedy that i truly enjoy...absurdest and lowbrow without dipping into the stupid and annoying kind of comedy that only drooling idiots enjoy. after watching this movie all i wanted to do was get fucking wasted and steal a cop yeah, maybe i shouldn't be too high on my comedy horse.

seriously...go see the Hangover. if you are a dude or just a human that enjoys insane laughter and offensive...yet genius humor then you CAN NOT BE DISAPPOINTED by this movie.

"Remember what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Except for herpes. That shit'll come back with you."


J.D. said...


"I think masturbating on an airplane was legal, at least before 9/11. Fucking Bin Laden."

I must say, the ending (or at least where they eventually found the groom) was pretty disappointing. For as wild as the shit they went through to try to find him, that they found him where they did (no spoilers for folks who haven't seen it) kinda bummed me out. I was hoping he'd be "face down in a ditch getting his carcass ass-raped by a meth head" or something equivalent (paraphrase again). Oh well, I certainly laughed my ass off, and other than that little quibble, I thought it was excellent.

jrsuicide said...

yeah i had a friend make the same complaint. i can see where you are coming from but to me the friend is pretty much like the brief case in Pulp doesn't matter what's in it...just that it exists. same thing for the missing groom, where he eventually was didn't matter...just that the hunt existed.

J.D. said...

Good point, although the Pulp Fiction comparison may not be 100% apt. Say the contents of the briefcase were revealed to be Marcellus Wallace's dirty underwear. That would be a tremendous letdown, regardless of the other crazy shit that went with the briefcase adventures.

But like I said originally, this is all splitting hairs. I thought the movie was great.