Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Top 30 Favorite Auburn Athletes of the last 30 Years

having briefly flirted with Tide-love as a small child (i was apparently quoted as saying, "when i grow up i am gonna play quarterback for Bear Bryant as a 3 year old" also there are pictures of me in Alabama pajamas as a baby) thanks to the efforts of my mother's side of the family; i came to my senses around the age of 4 thanks to my dad's love of Auburn football and some dude named Bo Jackson. over the next 27 years i've been an Auburn fan through and through. even during my most rebellious pot smoking, punk rock loving, long haired having years i still would watch an Auburn game just to see how my Tigers were doing. anyways this is my pointless list of my favorite Auburn players of my lifetime (note i included basketball and baseball as well).

Top 3

duh. was there even a doubt who number 1 would be? i was a little kid when Bo won his Heisman at Auburn and i can only barely remember him playing...but i have very vivid memories of watching him do amazing things as a pro baseball and football player that completely blew my adolescent mind. from running up the outfield wall, the shattering bats over his massive legs, to 90 yard touchdown runs, to be the greatest video game character ever, to hitting that homerun in the All Star game, to crying when he retired from football...Bo isn't just my favorite Auburn athlete ever, he's my favorite athlete period of any time or sport. i'd like to imagine if he hadn't destroyed his hip that we might still be watching him crush the occassional homerun as some teams aging DH right now. and so it goes.

2. Charles Barkley

Bo may be Auburn's folkhero legend but Charles is by far it's most famous former athlete and it's most entertaining. the fact he was a pretty awesome basketball player too doesn't hurt. hell when Phoenix got beat by the Bulls in the NBA finals i was more upset than anything the Hawks ever lost. and Barkley's off the field stuff just adds to my love. between the fighting, the terrible golf swing, the dui arrests, the gambling, etc... Chuck always keeps it interesting and more than any one who ever wore Auburn colors i'd like to meet and hangout with Sir Charles.

3. Stan White

the QB of the 1993 undefeated team and the best QB Auburn has had during my lifetime (you know you'd rather have White over Campbell any day of the week). he started every game for 4 years, owns the all time passing record, and won a shit ton of games. he was named to the ALL DECADE TEAM of the 1990s.

everybody else.

4. Takeo Spikes
5. Brent Fullwood
6. Carnell Williams
7. Tracy Rocker
8. Dameyune Craig
9. Frank Thomas
10. Chuck Person
11. Jason Campbell
12. Ronnie Brown
13. Reggie Slack
14. Kevin Greene
15. Rudi Johnson
16. Aundray Bruce
17. Kenny Irons
18. Tim Hudson
19. Stephen Davis
20. Frank Sanders
21. Karlos Dansby
22. Wesley Person
23. Lawyer Tillman
24. Quentin Groves
25. Carlos Rogers
26. Chris Porter
27. Lionel James
28. Junior "I will knock your ass the fuck out" Rosegreen (why he didn't make it to the NFL I will never understand)
29. James Bostic
30. Brandon Cox (dude never lost to Bama...he's on the list for life).


Marcus said...

How about some love for the big men, Marcus McNeil and Kendall Simmons? I still remember that game where Simmons got flagged (loss of a timeout I think) for having his jersey untucked. WTF? I wonder if they changed that rule. Anyway, I thought he was going to literally bite the ref's head off. And of course McNeil had a lot to do with Caddy and Ronnie's success.

jrsuicide said...

I've def got love for the big guys. Apologies to all Auburn's linemen.

Auburn Elvis said...

Hey! You used my photo without asking... or even giving me credit. That's rude, man.
I'm willing to let you hot-link to the photo on flickr, just give me a byline.

jrsuicide said...

sorry dude, i found it on someone's myspace page many moons ago. i'll gladly give credit where credit is due.