Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We Have a Quarterback

according to this rivals.com article Tyrik Rollison is on campus at Auburn, has been cleared by the NCAA, and is now focusing on his upcoming freshman season on the Plains.

apparently he and Clint Mosely are going to be roommates and he says "It's been really good. I'm just ready to get to work."


so yeah...anybody want to take bets on how many games it takes next year before Rollison is the starter? i'm still not ready to say Auburn should give up on Kodi or Caudle but if Rollison is really all he's said to be i kinda doubt Coach Malzhan is gonna waste a year of his time with a redshirt. heck Baylor, LSU, and Ohio State all played their talented athletic QBs last year as true freshmen...no reason to think Auburn won't do the same thing in 09.

Tyrik still hasn't posted anything new on his facebook about this...but i'll let you folks know if that changes.

hey let's celebrate:

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