Monday, June 22, 2009

2009 SEC Predictions

so i've inspected all the preseason college football mags and ingested their often highly inaccurate predictions and now i feel like it's my turn to throw out some bullshit that won't be right and will change my mind about a week before the season starts anyways.

based on all the mags Florida is the out and out favorite not only to win the league but also to win the national title...and why wouldn't they be? they've got almost there entire team returning, the best QB in the SEC...and probably the nation, an offense that can't be stopped, and a defense full of 4 and 5 star depth, and a pretty cushy schedule to boot. if Florida can't go undefeated this season then it's never gonna happen for the Gators.

Ole Miss is the trendy pick to win the West and be a top 10 team based on the way they dismantled Texas Tech and knocked off LSU at the end of last year. Ole Miss was a sleeper team for me last season who i thought would probably win 8 games...they exceeded those expectations. this year anything less than 10 wins will be a disappointment for the Rebels. people are looking for a top 10 finish, a New Years Bowl, and maybe even an outside shot at a National title. they've got a couple of darkhorse Heisman candidates in QB Jevan Sneed and WR/Returner/Wild Rebel QB Dexter McCluster. this is it, this is there year....which means they're probably gonna struggle to win 8 games and end up in the Music City Bowl. i mean this is Ole Miss we are talking about, they couldn't win an SEC title with Eli Houston Nutt, despite being a good coach, is never one who delivers on expectations.

Alabama and LSU seem like Florida's to REAL contenders for the SEC. LSU had a bit of a nightmare season last year, for them but the pick-six machine Jarrett Lee is no longer behind center and instead the athletic Jordan Jefferson will be leading the Tigers this season...assuming he can hold off the 5 star freshman Russell Sheppard. LSU has the best runningback in the league in Charles Scott and a wealth of speedsters at receiver and runningback. last year their defense was worthless, but with all the talent they've recruited and with a new defensive coordinator it seems unlikely that trend will continue. still Les Miles is a bit of a retard, so i could see LSU fucking up and losing to some teams that they've got no business losing to and missing that trip to Atlanta.

Alabama has a young and talented defense, a number of quality runningbacks, and one of the two best wide receivers in the SEC in Julio Jones. the Tide do have to replace a number of offensive linemen and will have a brandnew QB...but it's not like Nick Saban asks his QBs to do very much anyways. i assume this years Bama will just run the ball even more than last year's team and try to shutdown everyone they play with good defense....VERY boring, yet effective. it's like Big 10 football but with Southern accents!

Georgia is getting the also-ran treatment from most everyone...which is to be expected when you lose the talent they did. still The Dawgs have probably one of the 2 best offensive lines in the SEC, some talent at tailback, a superstar wide receiver, and a senior QB with some experience. this looks a lot like that 2005 Georgia team that came out of nowhere to win the SEC. now Georgia's schedule is fucking brutal with a murderous 3 game start that could easily have UGA at 1-2 or even 0-3, and then they've got trips to LSU, Jacksonville, and don't forget those rivalry games against Auburn (who will be looking to end UGA's 3 game winning streak) and Georgia Tech (who'll be looking to get a streak going of their own). this Georgia team could end up being 11-2 or 7-5...its anybody's guess.

the most obvious Darkhorse this season has gotta be Arkansas. after looking like a trainwreck at the beginning of the year the Hawgs suddenly turned into a competent team thanks to runningback Michael Smith. Arkansas had upsets over Auburn and LSU and just missed out on a bowl game. now with former Michigan QB Ryan Mallett as the QB, coach Bobby "Pussyface" Petrino has a talented signal caller to lead his very productive offense. i see Arkansas knocking off UGA and then upsetting one of the top 3 teams in the West of Ole Miss, Alabama, or LSU and finishing up with an 8-4 or 9-3 record and a trip to the Peach or Cotton Bowl and a 3rd place finish in the West and a top 25 ranking.

South Carolina, Vanderbilt (can you imagine Vandy making 2 straight bowls?!), Tennessee, and Auburn all should be able to put together enough wins to make it to Bowl games...but i don't see any of them realistically challenging of the SEC. Kentucky will probably scare a few teams but i think their recent bowl streak comes to an end and if Mississippi State wins more than 1 game this year in the league then i will be shocked.

Standing Predictions


South Carolina


Ole Miss
Mississippi State

Champ: Florida


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