Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Whole Lotta Fuss For Nothin'

so the NCAA handed down it's penalties to BAMA today and pretty much nothing happened...just like i predicted. for all the Auburn, LSU, and Tennessee fans out there who were hoping for the NCAA to pull a 3 guys 1 Hammer on the Tide (WARNING: NEVER WATCH THAT VIDEO!!! EVER!!!! NEVER!!! there are some things you can never un-see.) then you were probably disappointed. they have to vacate some wins and pay a fine and they're on probation for 3 years...but yeah no big deal. being that i'm not one of those psychotic SEC fans who wishes sanctions upon all my rivals i can only say i'm happy for Alabama. the last thing i want as an SEC fan is for another damn school in our conference to be on probation...unless it's Florida (fuck those guys! they need to be humbled.) so if Auburn wants to stop the Bama onslaught then they are gonna have to do it the oldfashioned way, on the field...which is the only place that matters.

i'm sure the average Auburn fan assumed this is what was going to happen and then there are those bunker dwellers who were praying for a death penalty that was never gonna happen...regardless of any of that i will be avoiding all Auburn/Bama related message boards to protect my own sanity and to avoid the jackassery that comes with it.

for something more pleasant...Ted Leo is playing at the 40 Watt tonight in Athens. count me as stoked.

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