Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Top 5 Shoe Commercials

first of all i am eliminating Bo Jackson and Michael Jordan from this list because we all know those commercials by heart and instead i am focusing on ones that don't actually matter who or what is in them, just that they are well made moments on advertisement gold.

5. Nike's The Y2K Runner

first off i totally ripped this one from regular commenter JD's blog. i had totally forgotten about this one. it takes me back to the days of millennial dread when some of us were expecting the world to go to shit on the morning of January 1, 2000. this commercial is about a jogger who wakes up on said day and goes for a run as the world collapses around him. totally awesome.

4. Rebook Pumps vs. Nike Air Bungee Jump

this commercial deeply disturbed me as a kid (seriously i had nightmares and still to this day refuse to go bungee jumping)...but it's easily one of the most memorable shoe ads of all time.

3. Nike's Soccer Players vs. Hell

this dream team of world class soccer players vs. the legions of hell is easily the best commercial ever about a sport that i don't give a fuck about.

2. Nike's Briscoe High School Football

everything about this commercial is perfect, from the song choice ("Spirit In the Sky"), to the cameos, to the obvious nod to Friday Night Lights. the first time i saw this commercial i was like "i wish this was a tv show". fucking awesome.

1. Nike's Female Runner vs. Psycho Killer

this is the commercial equivalent of Quentin Tarantino's movie DEATH PROOF. it's the ultimate turning a genre cliche on it's head. this commercial got banned because feminist groups thought it was perpetuating violence towards women...something my girlfriend who is a pretty rational feminist noted as being "fucking stupid to protest" because the woman gets away from the killer by outrunning him and not looking back or falling down or any of the other stupid things that happen in horror movies making this commercial actually about female empowerment...but whatever, that would require people to know anything about pop culture. it's easier just to get angry at something. regardless of all that, i think this commercial is awesome.

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J.D. said...

Thanks for the nod, I like the list. This commercial isn't a shoe commercial, but I'd forgotten about it when I did my commercial list. It'd probably be around 2 or 3:

I may love this commercial so much because I love Albert Pujols (and I don't care who knows it!)