Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pour Out a 40 for David Carradine

David Carradine was found dead today in his Bangkok hotel room...apparently from hanging himself, once again proving that if i liked you a lot (Kurt Cobain, Hunter S. Thompson, Elliott Smith, Cleopatra, etc...) then you are probably killing yourself.

Carradine is of course most famous for his role on the show Kung Fu which i watched in rerun with my dad and most recently he was Bill in KILL BILL I & II...but for me his most memorable roll is and will always be as Frankenstein in the sci fi classic DEATH RACE 2000.

if you've never seen it then do yourself a favor and add it to your Netflix Que tonight.

guess i spoke to soon thinking it was a suicide. seems David pulled a Michael Hutchence. let that be lesson for all you masturbaters out there...combining jackin' off with choking yourself never turns out good.

*update again*
Now they're saying it could be a murder. I'm just gonna stop speculating because this shit is more complicated than a good episode of CSI. The man died, it is tragic, he ruled. The end.

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