Thursday, June 25, 2009

Philip Pierre-Louis, we hardly knew ye

so word on the street is that would-be slot receiver, returner, playmaker, mini-me, french name haver...Philip Pierre-Louis and 3 other Auburn players (Cameron Henderson, Jomarcus Savage, and Christian Thompson) are all no longer member's of the Auburn Tigers. HUH??!?! apparenly Gene Chizik is on vacation so there's no official word on this yet. Rivals and Auburn Undercover are reporting that the players are gone but not giving reasons why. could be academics, could be injuries, could be that some of these kids decided to transfer. as far as Philip Pierre-Louis goes, i think most of us are sad because we saw this kid's youtube highlights and he looked like the kind of Trindon Holliday/Brandon James speedster who could be a lethal punt returner and slot guy...but he did fuck his knee up and he didn't practice during the spring (or not much) so there's a good chance he's just not able to play anymore.

Henderson and Savage both hurt because Auburn needs the defensive line depth...losing one guy is bad, but two! that's a nightmare. i won't be surprised if Gabe McKenzie gets moved from Tight End back to Defensive End to help with this new problem. Thompson is maybe the biggest loss of all because he apparently played extremely well during the Spring and was looked gave Auburn some depth at safety...something the team was lacking last year, with Savage lost for the year again (most likely) and now Thompson gone...well the secondary is probably gonna be relying on true freshmen to give the starters relief.

so yeah, i have only one way to react to all of this:


this is why i hate the offseason.

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