Sunday, June 28, 2009

CHOKE, American Style

Wow, the US had a 2-0 lead with about 45 mins to go and gave up 3 goals. I mean to be honest, they choked...which is kind of amazing that America would ever even be in any kind of position to choke in a world tournament final against a team like Brazil...but still a choke is a choke. What sucks even more is that it's pretty unlikely that they'll ever get an opportunity to do this again. i mean i know NEVER is a long time, but yeah it's just NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Not when our best athletes play football and basketball and the interest level for Soccer ranks behind pretty much every single other sport on television.

Its sad, this was Team USA's moment and they blew it. it reminded me of the Falcons getting into the Superbowl, you knew that when they lost it they were never ever going back.

Still I think people might actually pretend to give a shit when the World Cup rolls back around. Let's hope all these extremely lucky and flukish breaks mean something other than they got extremely lucky with some flukes.

Ok, back to not caring about soccer.

one random question for the universe: so when the US was up 2-0 were soccer fans all over the world rooting for America to pull off the upset against THE world power of soccer in the same way people would be rooting against Team USA in Olympic basketball? or is the world naturally just set on hating America and getting any kind of joy they can out of one of our failures? my guess is yes for option two.

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