Tuesday, June 30, 2009

so wait, did Michael Jackson die?

how sick am i of Micheal Jackson on the fucking news? well obviously not sick enough to keep me from listen to "Say Say Say" by Paul McCartney and the now dead King O' Pop this morning. Michael has the top 7 albums on Itunes right now. what the hell? he doesn't even have 7 good records....and who the fuck didn't already own Thriller and Off the Wall or a Jackson 5 Hits comp?

it was a busy last few weeks for me, but now Athfest is over and i'm healed up from Saturday night...thanks to anyone who came out to CINE' and watched me flail around and sweat my ass off. had a great time and got a nice review from the Flagpole. so yay to that. my profanity fueled sportsblogging will return in full now.

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Kirk Lazarus said...

i saw MJ getting a Slurpie at the 7/11 today