Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It Must Be Braves Day Or Something

right after letting Tom Glavine go the Atlanta Braves made a huge trade and acquired Pirates outfielder Nate McLouth. and all they had to give up is minor league prospects, outfielder Gorkys Hernandez and pitcher Charlie Morton...neither of who were likely to join the club this season. i'm not even gonna pretend i know much about McLouth but i do know he won a Gold Glove last season. he was also an All Star last year for Pittsburgh and i do remember the awesome throw he made in the 10th get out the potential game winning run. he lead the NL in doubles last season and he's 57 for 62 in he adds an instand speed threat and a legit leadoff man to the Braves lineup. he's also got some power with 9 homers this season (more than anyone on Atlanta) and a .470 slugging %. best of all he's only 27 years old and he's just beginning a 4 year deal, so no need to worry about him leaving town via free agency next season. besides bringing in Derek Lowe, this is the best move the Braves have made this season. now if only they could get rid of Francoeur.... but seriously with Mclouth hitting leadoff and Escobar 2nd, Atlanta finally has some guys for Chipper and McCann to drive in.

even bigger news to me is the fact that Atlanta is moving Kris Medlen into the bullpen and calling up Mr. Future Cy Young winner Tommy Hanson to make his major league debut on Saturday. this is some exciting shit! The Braves haven'y had a pitching prospect this well thought of in years and he should be able to sure up that final rotation spot giving Atlanta 5 dependable and respectable starters and some more strength in the pen with Medlen moving back. the biggest question is what to do with Tim Hudson when he comes back...but i guess that's a problem worth having.

with this new and improved lineup and the solid staff i don't see why Atlanta can't win the division or at least get a Wild Card. just when i give the Braves up for dead they suck me back again. yay BASEBALL interest! something to do while i wait for Fall.

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