Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ESPN: a place for mediocre ex-players to get their hate on

if you are like me and spend your afternoons watching ESPN's NFL LIVE then you are pretty familiar with the fact that Mark Schlereth and Trent Dilfer hate everyone in the NFL other than Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and like 5 or 6 other defensive players who could kick their asses.

it's like a daily battle between these assholes as to who can take some random QB to task more for "not being a team guy" and "not having what it takes to be a player in this league". Schlabach was a fucking guard...aka the position the NFL that noone truly gives a shit about and is mostly made up of guys who can't play tackle. yeah he was a good player, but he spends so much time talking about all his injuries and letting you know how tough he was that i don't even care. as for Dilfer...is there a more mediocre QB who won a Super Bowl? ANSWER: nope. not even close. listening to these fucking turds everyday usually sends me into a rage for about 10 minutes after the show and often i wish that i had the power to blow their heads up like the guy in Scanners.

i know i can't be the only one out there who hates these guys...the only real question is which of them is a bigger shit talking douche? i've posted a poll on my blog over to the side and i ask everyone who drops by and reads it to vote on which of these two guys you hate more.


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