Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Adios Senor Glavine

i guess the Braves got tired of waiting for Tom Glavine to just give up the ghost and retire, so today Atlanta cut the future Hall Of Famer. apparently Glavine still thinks he can pitch and is gonna be looking for another team to join. i could honestly care less, i thought it was stupid that they brought him back this season anyways and with the pitching staff the Braves have right now (plus the prospects they have in AAA) it seemed pretty pointless to keep him.

i hope he realizes that he's better off just retiring and finding himself a nice job at TBS or ESPN but something tells me he'll end up pitching for the Phillies or some other NL team desperate for an arm...whatever, i've got no love for Glavine. he's no Smoltz and he left the Braves for the Mets when we still could've used him...this is just some baseball Karma coming around on his ass.

all that being said, thanks for giving us the World Series title in '95 and for helping build a winner. when you go into the Hall it'll be as a Braves legend.

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