Sunday, June 21, 2009


to the guy who ruined my life by making me an Auburn fan. the guy who took me to see rated R movies when i was a kid. the guy who let me cuss in the basement while he was working out. the guy who took me to my first baseball game. the guy who bought all my baseball cards and comic books. who taught me to throw, coached my shitty little league team, bought my car, loaned me endless amounts of money that i'll never pay back, put up with me as an obnoxious teenager, bought me Nirvana's Nevermind on tape, sends me bad jokes via email on a daily basis, let's me use his account, accepted the fact that his son had delusions of being a rockstar instead of playing centerfield for the Atlanta Braves (damn lack of talent passed the age of 13) and never gave me shit about it, and in general is a pretty cool dude...

thanks for being awesome and stuff.

Happy Father's Day

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