Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hawks doing some dealing before the Draft

The Hawks and Golden State Warriors are set to trade for Jamal Crawford in exchange for Acie Law and Speedy Claxton. Crawford would more than likely mean the end of any possible deal to bring Mike Bibby back to Atlanta...or that's my guess. it also ends Acie Law's chances of becoming the future point guard for Atlanta.

Crawford is a nice piece player (averaged 19.7 ppg and 4.4 assists) but he isn't a true point guard. it does give the Hawks another scorer to go with Joe Johnson, but i don't see this as a move that greatly improves Atlanta's chances...also Crawford was once a Knick...which makes him tainted in my eyes for all time. i'm still hoping for them to package either their draft pick and another player (say Marvin Williams) and move up in the first round...or what i really would like to see is for them to deal Josh Smith for some bench help and make a play for a big name free agent.

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