Monday, June 15, 2009

My Atlanta Hawks Free Agent Pick-up Wishlist

Hey Hawks. if you wanna turn yourself from an also ran into a team on the rise then trade Josh Smith for a sharpshooter and sign Hedo Turkoglu. he's a big man who can play powerforward and handle the ball like a pointguard. he's got an outside shot and most importantly he's a star on the rise. chances he ends up in Atlanta are probably next to none, but hey...i can dream.

speaking of dreaming, here are my top 5 other free agents that i'd like to see Atlanta make a run at this offseason.

1. Carlos Boozer- again the Hawks would need to trade Josh Smith and then replace him with an ACTUAL power forward who can give them 3 much needed things: rebounds, leadership, and star power. most likely Boozer is gonna join a team like The Cavs, Lakers, or The Heat (he lives in Miami).

2. Shawn Marion- an excellent shooter and defender that fills a position where the Hawks don't have a true NBA starter (small forward). he'd give Atlanta a guy to go along with Joe Johnson where Joe was no longer forced to be Atlanta's go-to option.

3. Andre Miller- with Bibby most likely leaving, Atlanta needs a point guard and Miller is the best one available in the 09 free agent class.

4. Ron Artest- sure he's crazy as fuck, but when he's on the court he's one of the best defenders in the game. plus he's got playoff experience and he's got star potential. this one is a bit iffy only because he's the kind of player that could come in and kill the roster if things went badly.

5. Lamar Odum- granted the guy is known to be a bit lazy at times, but if he came to Atlanta he'd instantly be the biggest star on the team and in the East a player with his size and skillset could completely dominate.

also Atlanta needs to resign BIGTIME.

5 other unrestricted free agents i wouldn't mind seeing Atlanta make moves on.

Chris "Birdman" Anderson
Rasheed Wallace
Trevor Ariza
Mehmet Okur
Allen Iverson

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