Friday, June 5, 2009

Karma is a Bitch

so Tom Glavine has spoken out about getting cut by the Braves and says he feels like he was "betrayed" by the franchise and blah blah fucking blah.

you mean like that time when you were still worth a shit and took the money and ran to a fucking divisional rival? that kind of betrayed?

yeah screw you, Tom. you aren't John Smoltz and anyone who thinks the Braves made a stupid mistake letting Glavine go are either stuck in the 90s or don't /doesn't live in reality. Glavine said that a couple of teams are interested in him, let's hope one of those happens to be the Phillies so he can bring his 80 mile an hour fastball into the Ted and get lit up by the Braves.

in other positive Braves news: word on the street is that a deal is cooking between the Braves and the Red Sox that would finally rid Atlanta of useless/overrated Jeff Francoeur!!! in exchange for veteran pitcher Brad Penny (5-1 on the year). obviously if Penny could be added to the starting rotation then The Braves could move Kenshin Kawakami back to the bullpen (along with recently moved Kris Medlen) giving Atlanta some more strength in the pen and improving an already solid starting rotation. i'm sure the Gwinnett County/Parkview fans will be sad that their hero is being sent off to New England...but as an actual Braves fan nothing could make me happier. i always assumed the best thing Atlanta would be able to get for Frenchy would be a bag of balls and a sack of nickles...the chance that the Braves could add an actual major leaguer to help out the team makes this a no-brainer type deal to me.

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