Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random Thoughts On The Olympics That I Told Everyone I Was Too Fucking Cool to Watch

maybe it's the fact there are 27 former or current Auburn Tigers competing this year. maybe it's the fact that it's summer and nothing is on TV and i still haven't gotten season 5 of the Wire on DVD yet. maybe it's the fact that i don't have any money because gas is so expensive. but I've been watching a shit ton of the Olympics. which is of course ironic because all i did was talk about how lame i thought the Olympics were and mock people i worked with who were excited about them. anyways...

i can't remember an American Olympic athlete that I've ever thought was more annoying than Alicia Sacramone and her pouting act. i mean i get it, you've trained your whole life for this moment and you go and fuck it up for the whole team by constantly falling off shit and stepping out of bounds...but walking around with that constant frown on your face is no way to endure yourself to all the Americans sitting back home on their fat asses who are cursing your name. loveable loser is not a term one would apply to her. and yes i realize that making fun of a young girl who was crying because she fucked up on the biggest stage of her life and cost her team a chance at the Gold Medal makes me an asshole. i'm okay with that.

unrelated to all that choking the Women's team did last night, i think Nastia Liukin might be in fact the first female gymnast i've ever wanted to do it with.

luckily i could give a shit about women's gymnastics and instead am far more interested in watching the women's beach volley ball team dominate everyone and look hot while doing it. President Bush approves. seriously Bush is living it up over in China now that he doesn't care about his job anymore. not even the Russians invading Georgia will keep W. from having a good ole' time. he looks more stoked than if he was clearing some brush.

as much as i think Michael Phelps rules, i wish he'd hurry up and win all those fucking Golds so i can stop hearing about what a douchebag/crybaby Mark Spitz is being about not getting invited to the Olympics to see Phelps break his record. dude, you have money. get on a fucking plane and go, nobody has to invite you.

and finally a shout out to the Lollipop guild for bringing home the bronze for team USA in men's gymnastics.

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